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  1. Fair enough, Adrian. A little spam relic for us to ponder at like archaeologists
  2. Doesn't look bad at all, very nice actually. Can't comment on the product line, unless you can get me a nice deal on a Yaris so I can test some out.
  3. Sony really does not profit a lot from making so many devices at the same time. Specializing all of their equipment on one player is most profitable, and potentially save you some money. (Since discontinued items sell for less, and it makes the RH1 a little cheaper).
  4. Try a test, Throw a disc in to your recorder, and make sure the record mode is not set to mono. Then throw some headphones on, and hit record with the mic just picking up sounds in your house. If the mic is working correctly, the mic should replace your ears, and both channels will correspond with both of your ears. If it is not working, you'll hear something in the left channel only. Also, Make sure that if you used any other equipment, that it is stereo as well. If you used extra cabling to extend the mic, that could be mono, or any battery boxes/pre amps. It's always good to check those things before looking in to a hardware problem. Look for this on the plug: Stereo: Mono:
  5. GTHD? Neato, did you play? Could you feel the Cells making the game better?
  6. Bananatree

    The Wicked

    This is a lot like Not Pr0n http://www.deathball.net/notpron/ Pretty good, but I have wasted too much time on internet stuff like this before. Too much for me.
  7. Joy Divisin - Substance Flaming Lips - At war with the Mystics MF Doom - Special Herbs Vol 0 - 9
  8. Keen, good find. LION, you've been promoted. Expect a 90% pay increase!
  9. I had very similar issues, I just got a remote to deal with it. It was a flaw, and it sucks.
  10. Great stuff! My dad sometimes mentions that he hates immigrants, but really he's talking about the Europeans who came back in the 1600s He's such a goof. I'm really glad the Canadian government is pretty cool when it comes to immigration, or we wouldn't have the rich and diverse culture we have now!~
  11. I don't get the first joke.
  12. While I love talking about politics, this is not the forum to do so. Sorry mate, while you're selling nothing, this reeks of spam. PM me if you think you can convince me that it is a good to keep this thread alive.
  13. I have that, email me bananatree{{{{{at}}}}}gmail{{{{dot}}}}com
  14. I thought that the M100 could upload to Mac computers only... other than that, I am no help sorry.
  15. The reason that things are cross compat between PC and Mac, is that people spend lots of time cross coding the programs, from PPC to Intel. That's a little different now, but it's the same reason that Xbox360 and Xbox aren't compatible out of the box. Sony didn't see the 5% user base to be a big enough issue to spend a lot of extra money. They didn't, and regret it now. They fixed it, kind of, but is very restrictive due to Sony being in the RIAA.
  16. If they didn't answer your question, just check out the equipment browser. http://minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  17. Stuge, you're very much a super hero to me. Reporting all those spam posts like a Flash. You can be an officially supported Super-Hero of some sort. Except Superman, because that is for Kurisu. (and I get Spiderman)
  18. I'm a very drunken version of Andy French, from Mission Hill, or Nitz from Undergrads.
  19. I'm going to start, as I have really taken a liking to SUSE.
  20. Good disc, a lot like interpol and Joy Division.
  21. For those who dual boot for the use of SS, this may be an alternative Top Cat. However, it really doesn't replace SS, but if you have the goods, and a good software player, it would probably work better (other than the speed).
  22. Closed due to author's request.
  23. Is this the powerstation? because I may have a pink hello kitty, and this one.
  24. I want one so bad, but I think I need a new TV first. My crappy RCA TV barely does S-video. Maybe if I can get some $$$ together so I can buy a new TV, but then I'd be out of money for the player.
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