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  1. What operating noise? (Never heard anything, other than a very small amount when finished and info is being wrote to disc)
  2. May be your computer, I have never stopwatched it, but using the NH1, 800 or 600, or the RH1 files seem to take the same time no matter which I download to, I use the series one machines for a lot of my use because if I record MP3's on the RH1, onlt the RH1 will play them back, if I use the others all the machines will play them back. My machine is an Acer running Vista, 16 GHZ (I think) 3 GB RAM Bob
  3. You will not be able to tell the difference of an mp3 that has been atracted, there is no difference in sound, if you have a chance to get an NH1, get it. I have the RH and NH, same song on both sounds the same, it is your bitrate not thing else, that determines your sound. There is no time difference in transfer. Get the NH1 Bob
  4. Got a demo Minidisc and fabulous set of headphones, Jeremy is a gentleman to deal with, recommend. Bob
  5. Hi Talisin PM me, I have a couple of remotes You will like the 700 Bob
  6. They are the same, the M200 comes with a microphone, the RH1 doesn't. Bob
  7. http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/11/01/what-does-the-world-need/
  8. watched Michael Clayton last night, good movie
  9. bobt


    For the USB cable, you have to squeeze the edges to remove, I believe for your other concern there is a thread about installing a virtual machine in your Vista 64 and installing a 32 bit OS, best to search, Enjoy the NH1, beautiful unit Bob
  10. Just got an Acer V193W LCD Monitor to replace my aging IBM monitor, so nice to be full screen again, seems like a nice basic monitor, goes well with my Acer desktop Bob
  11. Have you tried the disc in another unit? As much as we feel for your loss, you can't blame Sony for something that you may have caused, like blaming Toyota because you fell asleep and hit something, acceptance of responsibility is a start. Unfortunately, you joined the forum late than early, and it isn't circulated enough, but the consensus is you do editing after uploading. Try Avrin's method, and see if another unit uploads. As well, what flavor of Sonic Stage are you using, go to at least 4.2 and see what happens Good luck Bob
  12. may also be the reason that it's not recommended to do editing on the MD, but to upload, and do the editing afterward, too many horror stories. Bob
  13. bobt

    what we all need

    http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=110-439&vReviewShow=1&vReviewRand=2818820 I think I'll order a whack of these for the house, must have copious amounts of unobtanium in them to make them do what they claim. May even make an I-Pod sound good! Bob
  14. AFAIK the DAC is in the input stage of the MD unit, I seem to remember a while back of someone using a MD unit as a DAC to go to another unit, recollection is vague. MD will not work without a DAC in it Bob
  15. Hi Patti, Remembered the site I was thinking of, it's http://www.taperssection.com/ can't explain the operation of a battery box, but as Stephen say's it goes into line in, and acts as a buffer, other forum may explain it better TTFN Bob
  16. Hi Patti It's on my other hard drive, but I think it's called recordersforum.com, or something similar, lots of good stuff. Stephen's mention of the battery box is good advice, there used to be instructions on building one here, but any gear shop should have them. Good luck, and welcome Bob
  17. RH1 for 80 quid, not bad, who knows what will happen in the last minute though! Bob
  18. AFAIK sonicstage needs to see the files as drive C:, I run two hard drives on my puter, if I poin SS to the other drive, , no files found, if I boot into the other drive, everything is there. I think the only way around that is to have your music originally saved to your extra drive, not put there later. Good luck Bob
  19. There is no way to put music onto that machine other than real time from your sound card, as to the LP2, try going into the menu and record options and see Good luck Bob
  20. bobt

    NWZ-W202 Help...

    not familiar with your unit but if I were me I would download sonicstage from here and try that Good Luck Bob
  21. You will need Sonicstage, search the forum, find Avrins ultimate version, if you didn't get one, get a usb cable to connect to your puter, and hope you are running a recent version of windoze, doesn't work as good an a mac for the older recordings. Have fun Bob
  22. Very nice, too bad they didn't offer Hi-MD capability, but new is nice
  23. bobt

    TDK Pro discs

    a fancy case, the innerds are all besically the same, I have cheapo and expensive discs, they all seem to last and play as well in a pretty abusive environment( very high ambient humidity, and a high salt concentration), Live close to the ocean> Bob
  24. bit rate is way overused, you hear what you want to hear, nothing more, nothing less. Case in point, I work in a noisy environment (Power generatin station) with a twelve cylinder Cat diesel 20 feet and a wall away from me. I use my B10 to listen to music, not loud enough to drown out the diesel, but enough to hear the music, quite often I will look at the display, and see the disc has ende, when my mind has been telling me I have been listening to something, try it, don't focus on the job of listening, just listen, and see if it works for you. As I have continually posted through the years, only your ears can tell you what sound good, LP4 is good enough for the plant, for serious listening it may show some defects, but especially with MP3's you won't be able to tell the difference unless you have reference standard headphones, and incredible level matching, if on is even 1 db highr in level it will sound better. Bob
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