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  1. Finally got my Sony 980 deck from Pierre and Phillie, fabulous deck, just getting transformer set up. The delay on getting it here was it was mistakenly sent to Iceland first, but it is here. These gentlemen are easy to deal with, and deliver as promised, hopefully a few people have take time to get in on some good decks Regards Bob
  2. I think this guy decided to go elsewhere and not let us know. He has not had the courtesy to return e-mails, so consider him gone.
  3. you should be able to get the SS 4.3 from the forums, as to your CD's, try running your old hard drive as a slave and see what happens, other solution, use your new hard drive as a slave. Good luck Bob
  4. Good realization, as I and others have pointed out, in the end it is how you perceive and how you like it, rather than the numbers. Numbers may tell us that a $200 a foot interconnect or speaker cable is better, but our ears tell us better. As to headphones, or earphones, everyone's ears, and ear canal, as well as eardrum integrity, and the closeness of the driver tp the ear, and the relationship between frequency and perception of volume, means that liberties have to be taken to make them "sound" good. Bob
  5. mine was subtitled, much preferable to watching the wrong language coming out of their mouths. Read a little history of Jean-Do afterwords, amazing, and to think we complain of a headache, or being tired! No more, each day is lived to the fullest Bob
  6. why not just tag them and import them into a first gen Hi-md or net MD, let the machine do the work for you Bob
  7. Just watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly last night, what an amazing movie about an amazing man, highly recommended
  8. One I will definitely miss, is this another one put on by his foundation that funnels all money to him, and none to the projects that he says it is going too. He and the rest of the Fuggee alumni are another product of media deciding who will and who will not succeed
  9. bobt

    GigaJuke capabilities

    Stephen, glad you like ATRAC CD's, most of us switched to MD to get away from the limitations of CS, their size, fragility etc. Have you tried any of the hard drive Sony units, they hold more music than MD, and still sound good, you just can't record with them, DL only., unfortunately all that means to me is more stuff to buy, could be worse, could be an expensive hobby? Bob
  10. Really! No more than anything else, probably less so. I'm not an angel when it comes to using my equipment, if it withstands my use, anyone else will get exemplary service from theirs Bob
  11. They are getting hard to find, but the connect 2 adapter is wonderful, it connects to the back of the Sony deck, and lets you play any Sony device that the remote plug fits into, try finding one and you will be in heaven. You can also try the sony hard drive machines, sound as good as the MD but hold more. You don't have the recording options of MD though
  12. bobt

    my take on Apple

    who wants that crap, ipad doesn't even come with decent storage space, cheap netbooks come with 120 GB hard drives, stuff in ipad range can be had with 320 or better. Any computer can act as a reader, i can read on my cheap palm or my blackberry.Of course people will buy them by the scads, but alas, not me!
  13. bobt

    NH1s on eBay

    I love these jerks who won't ship international, some international sites are closer than trans USA shipping. What's with these guys, don't they want business?
  14. Just sent some money to France for a JB 980, hopefully the money gets there soon, and hopefully it arrives here soon after, looking forward!
  15. I'm most familiar with the pre 90's stuff, although I have a early 90's CD, that's why my vote is the 84-90, to be honest I haven't heard any bad Paul Hardcastle, just haven't heard much
  16. You're in the minority on that one, mostly the ability to upload just about everything, and cool looks about cover it Bob
  17. bobt

    FS: Mz-M200

    good luck, but you are shooting yourself in the foot with paypal and US only, JMHO Bob
  18. Gimmick is right, he was nominated before he was elected, kicker if he would have lost. As always, they want to fix the world, but forget about their own back yard, talk about atrocities, but use waterboarding. He is no different than any of the others, time will tell.
  19. Try taking the battery out and cleaning both ends so they are shiny, then very carefully, clean the contacts inside the unit that the battery contacts t. If that doesn't work, you may need a new battery. You may have to leave it charging a while to see if it holds. Good luck Bob
  20. Has anyone tried Simple Burner with #7, if it works on 7 I may think of upgrading from Vista, if not ,with Vista I will stay Thanks Bob
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