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  1. IMHO sound is subjective, what you want to sound better, sounds better. To be truly objective, not subjective, you need two or three sources, all matched to the Db in volume, playing the same material, at the same bitrate, and have someone else, switching randomly the source. Only then can you see if you really notice the difference. After all that has been sais, I do concur, that Sony devices have a dufferent "sound" than other devices, but unless it it is rigidly controlled, it is hard to say which "sounds" better. JMHO, pardon for the rambling Bob
  2. Hi Patricia You have two options, either something like the NH-700 which will play pretty well anything, and record in real time into your computer, or an RH1/M200, which will transfer pretty well anything digitally, unfortunately thet's pretty well all that you can do Bob
  3. I'm a child of the 60's, used to spending hours putting 45's and album tracks onto 3 1/2 " 05 5 " portable reel to reel so I could have mobile music. So to me anything faster than real time is a bonus. I haven't done any pod cast's, so I can't comment on time to transcode and download, but on my system Acer 20 ghz 3 ghz ram, AMD Athlon running Vista home, using NH 600 or 800, NH1 or RH1, times seem fast, no stop watch, the ones that seem to take longer are to SP to play in my car deck, but with the connect 2, I can put it on HI-MD or use the HD1 or VG1L, and not have to change a disc in 60 to 80 minutes. which is twice around the island if I keep going!
  4. Don't know if it exists, but a blutooth adapter? Bob
  5. bobt

    Sharp MD-R2

    Very nice, price was right too
  6. Hey there, no $ now for the HHB, see l8r maybe, just wondering how the car deck worked out for you? TTFN Bob
  7. The RH1 is the only one that will upload older recordings within limitations, NH1 is still built the best, keep it and get an RH1, you won't regret it
  8. bobt

    Hi-MD Stand alone

    Not sure if the Onkyo's allow it they are the only decks at this time Bob
  9. bobt


    exploring that option, but Sony won't even tell me if it's available< having a second one sort of alleviates the problem, but would still like it fixed. Thanks Bob
  10. Just got my VGF-AP1L VAIO AND NW-HD1 from Maresch, the VAIO is incredible, why Sony never sold millions of these is a mystery, too bad Sony didn't see fit to put a mic input on it, would be perfect then, Same goes for the HD1, put a mic input on it, wow what units they would be Bob
  11. Just got the HD1 and AP1L today, Andreas is great and helpful to deal with, biggest delay was on this end, but got the items, tha AP1L is incredible, looks and feels great, charging it up will let you know on the sound later Bob
  12. Unless you are going to use it as mass storage you have to use Sonic Stage, get 4.2 or 4.3 or Arvin's ultimate. Speed is not a factor, music goes in fast. Bob
  13. Listening to a new box set of Manfred Mann's, it's called Bootleg vol 1 to 5, various concerts from the 70's to fairly recent, interesting piece in the liner notes, the author of the notes talked about methods of recording concerts and minidisc was mentioned. BTW the sound for "Bootleg" is pretty darn good recommend going to the Manfred Mann site and order it, price for a 5 disc package is very reasonable Bob
  14. bobt


    update on finding a display, found a Sony parts and service site, did the internet query, told them what I have, and what I need, got a reply that they needed to speak to me in person, gave them my number, told them to call me, got another reply with more phone numbers, told them that toll free is a pay call here, they then tell me that they cannot ship out of the US, and I need a US address and credit card. So much for customer service, will try looking for an international site.
  15. no, best bet is get an NH 700, or see if someone wants to do a trade with you. Good luck Bob
  16. Would be real nice if Sony let it read MD and other Sony devices. Very nice looking unit Bob
  17. bobt


    Don't you hate it when it happens? I usually leave my HD1 on my console of my van, moved it over to the drivers seat to add water to the engine (Access is by moving the passenger seat up). Got off shift, drove home. Got up in the morning, see HD1 still on drivers seat, saw that I cracked the display by sitting on it, unit plays well, display doesn't work, looks like a 5 minute job to replace, any one know where I can get a display? Will try some of the Sony sites, but wondering if there are any oother choices Thanks Bob
  18. Have you tried to format them, either with your recorder, or Sonic Stage if you are supported? Good luck Bob
  19. Haven't used them, but they should be as good as anything else, have never had a problem with any make, or model of MD Bob
  20. search the forum for TOC cloning, may work for you, sounds like your units record or overwrite head cable is failing, if you have another unit, use it, don't use the 909 till you can get it checked out, you will lose everthing you put into it Bob
  21. Had that a couple of years ago when some bananaquits (very small yellow birds) built a nest in the house and had two babies, one healthy, on not, mom disregarded the unhealth one after the second day, same thing, hard to take, sorry for you, hope something comes to take away the pain Bob
  22. Listening to Nina Simone's Greatest Hits, forgot how good she was, good stuff Bob
  23. Just bought a Vaio AP1l and another HD1 from Maresch, waiting for DHL to do their stuff, have I ever mentioned how much I hate Paypal? Massive screw-up on their part, but funds got arranger, can't wait to see the Vaio, looks great Bob
  24. NAD products have always been a good choice, have you looked through pawn shops etc to see what people may have bought in and forgot about? That would be my first start if I was in an area that had them. Good luck and happy hunting Bob
  25. Happy Birthday Ishyoshi, have a good one Bob
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