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  1. Just got the 4 units from dreamer69, came as advertised, good person to deal with
  2. Just to jump in, I have had far more problems with flash than MD, lost data on 3 flash cards, different makes and sizes, will still stick with MD
  3. Just caution to all, sometimes units that are shipped can get damaged and parts are almost impossible to find
  4. Just got my Sharp from Tim, like new condition, packaged in original box, nice unit, Tim is excellent to deal with
  5. Happy Birthday to BIGHMW, you da king man rock on my friend
  6. I have an MD deck in my Kia Preggio, love it, also have the connect 2 adapter, which allows any Sony device with a remote to be used, so I can listen to my pre-recorded, home grown, Hi-md, or hard drive Sony's, best of all worlds. Make your own choice on the ATRAC cd's, there may be good sound etc, but you still have the frailty of the CD in a car environment, good luck with your choices Bob
  7. All I get right now is the standby light on, a couple of the pinout voltages are low, can't see any connectors not hooked up. Oh well! I'll be in Havana in a couple of weeks, naybe there will be a Sony dealer there!
  8. Let us know how you like yours Chris, looks very nice.
  9. I trust you will enjoy it. it is a beautiful looking machine, I love mine, unfortunately even with a repaired power supply it is still a paperweight. I know Phillipe is still trying, everything on the inside says 940 or 960, so I assume the power supply to be fairly universal, could you see if anyone, particularly Sony in your locale lists a power supply? I'm not ready to dump this yet, but don't want to spend a lot more money on it yet. Once you learn the machine, and try out LP2, you will like it, let us know. Bob
  10. please read the forum on 64b Vista and SS, if you have any more questions after let us know Bob
  11. bobt

    ALO Walkman line out cable

    Nice, but $135.00, tell us how it works
  12. Wouldn't it be nice if Sony or someone else surprised us?
  13. 4.3 should be all you need, welcome back. Be careful with your 707 or any older MD's, they tend to wear the wiring to the record head, then you get random erasures, try finging an NH-700, you won't be disappointed Bob
  14. I could be wrong, but I think SS sees itself as drive c, haven't tried library on another drive though
  15. bobt

    my new JE980

    The problem from my end is that Sony even in a so called international site does not want to sell out of it's jurisdiction, getting anything electronic out of the states is next to impossible unless someone brings it over, their draconian security issues, plenty of terror in a power supply. Japan has refused to answer my e-mails, tres frustrating! Bob
  16. bobt

    my new JE980

    No one around that can check with Sony? weird! Bob
  17. bobt

    my new JE980

    The number on the power supply is MDS JE780PT
  18. bobt

    my new JE980

    Finally got my 980, and a power supply to give me 220, plug it in, disappointment, no action, nothing, took the top off, found the power supply broken into three pieces, box showed no outward signs of shock, deck only had the imperfection that was noted. Pictures show the deck in operation, so somewhere between, France, Iceland, and Cayman, the box was subjected to extreme deceleration and shock. Philippe, Piere, and I are trying for a solution, but I was wondering if anyone stateside, Canadaside, or anywhere else have access to a Sony repair facility on getting a new power supply. The only number on the power supply is JE780ES which tells me supplies are interchangeable, if I could find a 120 volt power supply it would be great, if not, I do have the adapter. You can also e-mail me at bobt@candw.ky Thanks Bob
  19. Thanks Phillipe will check it out Bob
  20. In addition to my post, I should have added that I have the buds that MD's came with as well as some upper end Son's that I got a while ago, model number escapes me, they have the angled ear pieces and open back, very smooth and open sounding, worth a try. I haven't tried the expensive Koss's, but the ones I have listened to seem to acentuate the midrange too much for my liking. Bob
  21. Finally got my 98o, what a thing of beauty, transformer should be here tomorrow, than hook up and enjoy time
  22. Thanks Stephen, will do playing before discovering, but you may get call Bob
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