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  1. The problem is the included power supply. It looks like to reduce interference, they connected from secondary ground a small capacitor to each of the power lines. Normally these capacitors have an X2 rating. That means, maximum voltage is 4kV, so from that point, it is save to use it. The PSU included with my NH700 has the same effect. (AC-ES3010K) Solution: Plug in the audiocables first, then plug in the PSU.
  2. Remember: It's not a trick, it's a Sony.
  3. My guess is, that it is not the discs, but a misaligned recorder when it doesn't work. So, my advice would be to get a second or third disc and to try again. If the problem persists, it's off to the service with the recorder.
  4. Performance considerably improved here. Except for the extended answer time, when posting a new message. That one improved only partially, however the following page load is improved.
  5. A free donut is nice, but I won't travel 6000 miles to get one.
  6. Windows possibly grabs the recorder and prevents SonicStage from accessing it. When you insert an MDLP-Disc, the recorder reports 'no Disc' to the pc and Windows releases the drive. Solution: First start SonicStage, then connect the recorder.
  7. That happens, when the HiMD-directory or parts of iton the disc are removed. Doing a format from the recorder-menue itself (disconnected from PC) solves that. Deletes all other data as well. This is not a physical defect.
  8. Try starting SS, then connect the recorder. Windows sometimes grab the device and doesn't let SS access it later.
  9. Use the Custom EQ to add gain - ie, push all levers to the max. That might be the reason, why the European version doesn't have Custom EQ-settings.
  10. @senorhondo: Place the transmitter directly behind the windscreen, so that it has a direct line of sight with the car radio antenna. Then, when you drive your way again, check out, if the problems occur always at the same place, it might be possible, that a local FM-station overloads the RF-section of your radio, which in turn reduces the high range to reduce the resulting noise. If that is the case, pushing the antenna halfway in might help.
  11. And for THAT they took out SP/MDLP standalone recording? Brilliant!
  12. Take out the disc. Disconnect the recorder from the computer. Remove the battery. Wait one Minute. Insert battery. Insert disc. Press and hold 'Menu' until the Menu appears. Select 'Edit', then select 'Format' Confirm. That should solve the problem. Another possible problem: PDA-Synchronisation software interfering here.
  13. Does the JB980 appear in the Device manager? (Control panel --> System) If not, check/replace cable. If still not, the USB-interface in the recorder is dead --> Off to Sony Service. Which drivers did you install? These? ( Install *BEFORE* connecting the recorder. )
  14. Two choices: If you have optical out (rectangular hole with a red light in it), you buy an optical cable "Toslink to miniplug 3.5mm". If you use the normal output (where the amplifier/active speakers are plugged in), you buy a cable with a 3.5mm stereoplug on each end. (Like the one on your earbuds) These cables are available for a few bucks at any decent electronics store, e.g. Radio Shack.
  15. I guess, you are recording from headphone out to LineIn on the pc. In that case, check, if you hear something, when plugging the earbuds into the md-recorder. If yes, then check the cable and/or the soundcard. If the cable is ok, then the soundcard is the problem. either the card is fried or we have a driver problem. But first, check the adjustments/input selection in the mixer panel and keep an eye on the surround sound settings, LineIn often doubles for Rear out.
  16. ISO is a file system. ISO9660 to be exact. An ISO-file is a disc image. However, as HiMD is seen as a removable harddisk, it needs the individual files inside the ISO-File. And the slowness stems from the slow head positioning motor. My NH700 needs roughly 1.5 (!) seconds for a full stroke, a good quality CD/DVD-Rom drive needs less than 150 msec for a full stroke.
  17. Thanks Mikami for the pics. What interests me is the seek times, especially when copying small files. Faster than your NH1 or the same?
  18. A Knoppix would fit completely on a HiMD-disc. But not as an ISO. HiMD is not recognized as a CD, it is seen as a partitionless Superfloppy. That means, you copy the files directly on it and make it bootable. One warning: what takes a minute from CD, can take up to ten minutes, when working from HiMD. Reason: the slooooowwww access times. I don't know, if the 2nd gen units are faster, but my NH700 is as slow as molasses, when loading a lot of small files. Oh, and it could happen, that it doesn't boot. Reason here: Mainboards older than 1 year can have problems when booting from USB. They don't recognize all mass storage devices correctly. So, your mileage may vary...
  19. Yep, there is someone in the UK, using modified MD-Data drives to extract the Atrac-Data directly from the disc. You find it here: http://www.esdl.co.uk/ On the other paw, having a decent home deck, especially when working extensively with MD, is always a plus...
  20. I left mine (a NH700) in Rec-Pause overnight on mains supply. It was still on the next morning. This is not a problem, as the disc stops spinning after a few seconds. On Play-Pause, the unit switches off after a few minutes. Btw, don't put it on extended Rec-Pause on any home deck prior to the MDS-JE520. Reason: The disc keeps spinning, wearing out its surface.
  21. No TOC cloning possible on the R37. As far as I know, there is no recovery service for MD. To stop further questions, a few words about the usual costs in data recovery services. An estimate usually is about 500 to 1000 US$, a full recovery can cost up to 10 000 US$. Buying a used home deck on ebay, which can do the toc cloning trick is the better way here. Check this page about the procedure and suitable rigs: http://www.minidisc.org/cloning_procedure.html Btw, how did you got out the disc before the update was finished? The Release button is locked until the recorder has finished writing.
  22. I'm still wondering, why SonicStage doesn't import/export FLAC,OGG & Speex. All three formats are free to use and there are no patents associated with them. Plus a Linux-SonicStage is badly needed here, so that I can get rid of Windows altogether.
  23. Hmm, I've bought some used Premium Gold discs and I still haven't found anything different in its construction compared to other discs. They rattle the same way other discs rattle, when shaken. Sound quality should be identical, as it is digital data. Except for Memorex discs, I had no failures.
  24. http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm could be your solution. Convert to WMALossless, that can SonicStage read. It keeps the ID-Tags intact. Remember to download the Codecs you need.
  25. If you are logged in, it uses the Skin, you have set for the Forum. If you are not logged in, it uses the Default Forum skin. @kurisu: The CreamCycle has the wrong Logo on the top left. Generally, it leaves me with a somewhat strange feeling. Like the thought of having sex with a Rhinoceros. Seriously, it needs to be cleaned up a bit. The Who is Online-Box could be dumped, giving more space to the navigation. The number of Articles on the right side can be reduced, maybe down to five, giving each one more space, while reducing the traffic generated.
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