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  1. Btw, it is in German as well. Oh, and when importing CDs, LP4@66k & LP2@105k are gone.
  2. A bit about Radio Shack: The fact, that RS stops selling MD-gear means nothing. RS is in the process of throwing out everything, which is not mass market and Joe Sixpack compatible - Or in other words: Where you need a higher IQ than a piece of bread. And the quality of RS clerks should be well known by now. Sig found in a Hamradio forum: ""Radio Shack: You've got questions, we've got blank stares. ""
  3. Looks like, that my preaching has paid off Which was the right decision. We can't have a Mod running amok, especially on a high-traffic forum like this one. But one question remains: Why? There must be a reason, why someone ticks out like this. Especially dex, since he was one of the most considerate and fair members here. *shakes head in disbelief*
  4. This is also featured on /. , so you have to wait until the storm is over... A gallery is on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zapwizard/sets/476089/show/ That one currently works.
  5. Just wibble over here: http://www.austinmodders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=275
  6. Except Sony. Ever seen a DVD-Player from Sony, that plays DVD-Audio AND SACD? Of course not. And no Atrac either. In that regard, Sony still has to learn a lot. Need DVD-Audio AND SACD together? Try Pioneer instead.
  7. This is a general issue. Most digicams have a delay between pressing of the button and the actual taking of the photo. Plus, the autofocus needs time to adjust as well, so it can take up to a second before the camera starts reading in the picture. After that, the raw picture data must be processed and compressed to get the pic down to a decent size, that takes time too. So, if you need a fast camera, stay with analog film or invest into a good digital slr, as these are usually the faster ones. But make sure to compare the reaction times before buying one. A good site to consult is this one: http://www.dpreview.com/ Btw, the site is run by a professional photographer.
  8. This will be inevitable. Sony's HDD-Players is one example, where it is possible to cut down a bit. Three to four product lines from two different departments. The question: Is this necessary? But finally, the sales numbers will decide, what survives...
  9. It is your normal RH10 - with a mangled picture. All RH10 delivered sofar have the regular light blue on black display. Btw, the description talks about an EL-display and of a LCD at the same time. SonyStyle is known for having incorrect and confusing descriptions.
  10. Mine is currently at 45GBytes and I use an external USB-Harddisk to back it up. Until affordable BlueRay-writers and rewritable discs are available, harddiscs are the only viable alternative for backup. Tape streamers, that can handle that amount with ease are still quite expensive... Oh, and an advice for others thinking of buying a tape streamer: The manufacturers are all lying! The capacity claimed is always compressed, the physical capacity is only half of that, in case of the Iomega Rev, it is only one third. So, check always the true physical capacity, as compressed audio can not be compressed further by the drive or the backup software.
  11. Press play, then stop to power up the unit first. then quickly set the HOLD switch then press AND hold the Group button and enter the button sequence quickly. That should do the trick. You have to finish the button sequence before the unit powers down again. Remember NOT to change anything else than the Location given for that purpose.
  12. I have experience with Displex, it works very well, tried it on a completely blind fully unreadable cellphone display, after the treatment, it looked like new. But be careful on printed areas, since it takes material off to smooth out the surface, it also takes off anything printed on. However, I would start using it only after the surface becomes seriously scratched. I highly recommend selfadhesive PDA-protector foil, cut down to size, before the rig gets scratched up.
  13. jadeclaw

    Access Error?

    Check the LOT-Number of the discs (on the back side), if all your discs have the same number, buy a disc in a different shop and try again. If that one fails too, return your recorder. If discs from different LOTs (production runs) fail, then it is highly possible, that the recorder is faulty Normally, Hi-MD discs are as reliable as regular discs.
  14. SCMS doesn't care, what type of media is used. It looks like, that the DAT resets one of the SCMS-bits. But remember one thing: Even a digital copy between MD-units still involves a decode/reencode cycle, so you have a generation loss. For my old ears, in SP five generations are ok, in LP2 it is three generations before the quality suffers.
  15. @Volta: According to the wohnort-site all VRT-stations execept nieuws+ use 160kBit, as well as the musicchannels on the RTBF ensemble. Except Musiq3, which uses 192kBit. So, the soundquality should be ok. If you live close to the dutch border, forget RTBF and try the NOS ensemble instead. DAB Belgium DAB Netherlands
  16. All three don't have a backlight. Take the RH10. The OLED just rocks. Or one of the other ones plus the RM-MC40 three line remote with backlight.
  17. @insigma: The use is simple: First generation MD-recorders like the MZ-1 or the MDS-101 could only record with a sampling rate of 44.1kHz. If you wanted to record from digital radio or DAT, you needed a device like this one, as digital radio had a sampling rate of 32kHz and DAT had 32kHz(Longplay) and 48kHz. The same is true for early Audio-CD-recorders, they were 44.1kHz only. Most modern recorders do have a sampling rate converter built in, so an external converter is not necessary.
  18. Take a look here: http://www.esrac.ele.tue.nl/~leon/minidisc/remote/ Looking at the digital protocol, I suggest using an AVR-Microcontroller plus a bunch of CD4016 analog switches. The controllers are cheap, a basic development package is free to download. http://www.atmel.com A good resource for these controllers is here: http://www.avrfreaks.net/ Have fun!
  19. The limit is 55 kByte. After forty CDs, this is normal, especially when the track names are coming from CDDB
  20. The A/D-Converter might be available as a sample from Asahi Kasei, but getting the voltage regulator might pose a problem. Plus, how do you want to solder the part in? You need special tools for that, costing in excess of thousand dollar. There is no way to solder in a Ball Grid Array with a conventional soldering iron. Just ask someone, who services cell phones down to chip level, as these contain similar parts and he will confirm that. Do yourself a favor - Get a NHF800 and be happy. It is far less hassle and much cheaper.
  21. So, to show, what is missing, I edited the second pic a bit... Look at the pointers in white. And you really thought, Sony would solder parts in, that are not needed? Silly you... Download the Service manual for the NHF800/NH700 too and compare the silkscreen drawings. The NH700 has the same circuit board, only with a few more parts on it. The relevant pages are: Page 23 in the NH600D service manual Page 35 in the NH700 service manual. By the way, unpopulated means, that there are no parts soldered in.
  22. You have the buzzing problem with USB? Well, sending back the first one was useless. And the case must be connected to the recorders ground to prevent interference from radio transmitters and to prevent the pickup of noise and hum. Since you have it with USB as well, that simply means, 1. That you are using an laptop computer with a power supply, that is wired like the recorders wall wart - 2 pole mains plug and two capacitors to secondary minus. or 2. You are using a desktop machine with a 3 prong plug and either the grounding system in your home is on the fritz or the mains wall socket has a broken contact or a broken wire inside its crater in the wall. It could also be an extension cord or multiplug you are using, so check that as well. In that case, the fault should be corrected immediately.
  23. Adding LineIn/Optical and DC in? Forget it. After checking the Service Manual, I see, that the relevant areas on the main board are unpopulated. In other words: Adding the sockets is of no use as the necessary electronics are missing. Solution: Get a european NH600 or get one of the higher models except the DH10 & DH710.
  24. That investigation can be ended here. Why? Goldwave apparently uses the Atrac-Directshow-filter included with SonicStage. That filter has the problem, that it decodes correctly, when playing back at realspeed, but it breaks off the decoding after about one minute when the decoding is done faster than realtime. Marc ran into the same problem, when designing the HiMDRenderer. He solved the problem by decoding smaller chunks of the original file and stitching the pieces together.
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