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  1. but clearly the reason they have no AA attachment is because the time it takes to charge the NiMH + AA rechargeable = charging time of the Li Ion. And most likely the duration of the battery as well NiMH+AA=Li-Ion so why not just charge up the Li-Ion when done? After all, NiMH has too much memory effect
  2. for the money, that's what I thought. I bought the 600 in Christmas, but I look at the 900 and I like the silver color plug vs. my plastic plug, then I check the price, then I jump off the chair.
  3. http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....MDRV600&Dept=pa versus http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....ductSKU=MDRV900 how can these 2 differs by $160? $20 may be? What did I miss?
  4. YOu're kidding, right? First you are comparing 800 to N1, then you said you really mean 900 to N1, and now you said you actually mean 800 vs. 900? Make up your mind. And check the models on the web site before you know what you are comparing to.
  5. DOesn't matter whether it is the 800 or 900. Definitely go w/ N1. The battery makes a big difference, and I can't stand the 1 line display FONTS, they are too thin, I can't read it, and I really like the Back LIght . So definitely N1 for me. I don't use the radio anyway, but you should know you can't tape the songs from radio to your MD.
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