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  1. Here's my take. 1) Sony engagement is due to their financial lost, and the lost is not permanent, in a few yr., after they done their cut back, they can expand in the future. Having back the MD. But what is more important is, can we buy blank High Density MiniDisc? If so, my last MD is still functioning and last me 9 yr., this new one I just bought should last me 9 yr. Who's to say what will happen in 9 yr.?
  2. Is there the same ver. that eveyone is having trouble w/? The fact that the software doesn't recognize the MD?
  3. http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?t...alog/GetContent IF they kill R&D on MD, then Sony will screw themselves. The problem w/ MD/HiMD is that there is only 1 manufacturer--Sony, if they withdraw or withheld HiMD R&D, it will kill HiMD, and noone else will pick up.
  4. that is exactly what happened to me. The solution is to eject your SS 3.1 CD in the shooting ranch, and scream "Pull".
  5. everybody has the same problem, and I'm using the NH1, the software doesn't see it. Go to the software support forum and read the solution.
  6. I have the same problem. SS 3.1 doesn't recognize you have installed your wm9codec. The only solution to fix this is when that error shows up again, it tells you in detail that SS is looking for a file under: document and setting/administrator/.............. wherever the location that SS can't find that file. Copy that wm9codec in that exact location. That solves the problem However, the bad news is, SS 3.1 is a total piece of &**#$@^%^& sh*t, and it won't recognize my NH1 most of the time.
  7. Try that. Apparently a lot of people is having the same problem. I just read it in the software section.
  8. I have a very similar problem or perhaps the same problem. After SS 3.1 loads up, it intermitently recognize my Hi MD NH1. The only thing I try so far is plug and unplug USB cable on a different USB port. It can then read my MD and its song content, but that is on a SP mode (the old 74 min. MD) Once I inserted my Hi MD media inside, it says: "Device/Media not Connected." Now, I have use SS 2.1 and it works fine. Is that lengthy solution w/ the german ver. the only way? As I only need SS to edit / label my song list. So can I just delete SS 3.1 and install SS 2.1 instead? I don't use SS for recording. I use my DVD sterero player thru an optical cable for MD recording. I don't have MP3, never do, I don't use CD-R. Clearly this SS 3.1 is a piece of sh*t. Correction a piece of @#!@&*%^ sh*t. Why would installing SS 2.1 makes it worse? Let me know before I preceed.
  9. I'll repost this at the software support section. However, there is no MD driver, it is PnP. Never install any driver w/ SS 2.0.
  10. In the old ver. of Sonic Stage, ver. 2.0, I can edit the Group or delete a track on my Mini Disc. But I just finishing off launching the new ver. 3.1, it only support CD-R? What's the story w/ that? No matter what I do, it does not give me any option to read my Mini Disc, so forget about deleting or labelling those tracks. Does anyone has a link to Sonic Stage 2.0 ? I know 2.0 works because I was using it before. But I just installed a new hard drive and I erased 2.0 from the old hard drive.
  11. Thanks, I did it. Somehow I wasn't able to do it earlier w/ the main unit. Now I know there is nothing wrong w/ my unit. thank you very much for the info.
  12. I don't think the battery life is ever accurate. Ea. time the unit says there is say 5 hr. left, my battery indicator shows only 1 little section left, and there is no way that's 5 hr. I assume when the unit say 5 hr. or whatever absurd no., it meant the stand by time w/o playing the disc.
  13. I have it at Advanced, but I was using the main unit, not the remote, because I am not quite clear how to use the remote to get to the Option menu. Let me try it again, thanks guys.
  14. IN the PDF file of the NH1 manual, it says under Option, the NH1 can: -) set the clock -) Adjust the contrast Now, these options are simply NOT available on my NH1 under the Option manual. Am I the only one?
  15. the link with the dot...dot...dot doesn't work. It needs the full link typed out. With the dot..dot..dot..., it won't find the link. And the web site address doesn't work neither. It can't find it. http://qw-cx-ssd.sonypictures.com/
  16. Any idea when the English ver. is available? And what's the major changes from 2.3 anyway?
  17. On the Neato link, did anyone buy it? I only need the label on the envelope (the bigger one), not the sticker label on the disc itself. But the pic. shown some color w/ the letter J, I don't want that, I just want a plain white label.
  18. http://www.engadget.com/page/4/ Sony’s finally gotten around to adding native support for playback of MP3s to their MiniDisc players and then what do they do? They go right ahead and add something else that no one thought was missing in the first place: a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. Not that we’re complaining—we fully expect digital cameras to be jammed into everything possible— but it just seems a little late in the game for these sorts of “innovations.” Anyway, their new MZ-DH10P Hi-MD Walkman, which also has a small 1.5-inch color display for looking at all your pretty pictures, should be out in Japan soon
  19. I agree w/ Bobt. NH1 is very well done, there are bugs in the software, but I am almost 100% convinced those same bugs exist in the other HiMD. Overall, I'm happy w/ my Nh1.
  20. 1. That I can believe. 2. useless 4. Only good for new customer. I have 47 old MD, many songs are no longer able to duplicate, so I am stuck w/ a HiMD that support the old format.
  21. Well, why don't you? Isn't the remote supposed to plug into the player?
  22. I have very similar problem on my Sony Cd portable player. They have these unbelievable spec. that the unit can play dozens of hours. But I can only use it 2 x approx. 2 to 2.5 hr. of each workout, say about 4 - 5 hr. As to my NH1, I charge it approx. once every 2 workout, again about 2 - 2.5 hr., because after my 2nd workout, the battery life only have the last light on. Although on the manual, it says 14.5 hr. on SP mode of MD. I can't see it came close to 14.5 hr. at all.
  23. Well, even back in the old days when I do programming, random no. generator is not that hard to do. And I do agree there is no such thing as true random, but for say 20 songs or so, it is a very simple programming code to scan if any songs that was played by round 1 randomized generated again, then del. it and move to the next random generated no.
  24. Update: I don't think Sony ever change that random function bug. Today, I played the unit with 18 songs, some songs I skipped as I don't like them as much, and I skipped via the Fwd. button. In the end, the player repeats the other songs number as a 2nd round, BEFORE it finish randomizing the songs in the 1st round. For e.g., say it play and skip thru, 1,5,13, 6,2,8,9,10,3, etc. As I press the FWD button, the unit is already re-playing say, 5, 3, under the random function but it still haven't go thru songs like 12, 17, etc. for the first time. This is the very same bug as my MZ-R3, almost a 10 yr. unit. You would think for 10 yr. or so, sony can fix a bug, right?
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