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  1. well, I give up. I have already tried to put that box sitting at the floor, and let the cordless headphone sits at the carpet as well. Still got noise. The cable can't be disconnected, but I did pull it off the pre-amp and try the above, same thing, just noise. the last chance is to try the wire cage idea. If I can find one lying around, I'll do it. it is possible the headphone is picking up those noise, but I don't think so. When I try the whole kit downstair, connected the same setup to a cheap kenwood CD player, the cordless box connected to the cd player, and walked 5 ft. away from the box, the headphone works fine. Now, when it works, there is a on-going blinking red light on the main box, showing it is sending the signal correctly. But when I take the whole kit upstair, connected to the DVD/CD player upstair, or the pre-amp upstair, that light in the main box didn't blink. So it knows it is not sending the signal to the headphone. So the box is picking up too much noise from RFI near the radio station a few km from here. Regardless, I appreciate your help in this matter.
  2. Okay, I have tried out the above, put the ferrite choke on either end of the input to the per-amp. It does reduce a bit of those noise, but the noise is still there. i.e, RFI still exists to the pt. that it is still annoying. Any one else has some other ideas to add to the above? Something else better than ferrite choke?
  3. I am looking at the NH1 PDF manual. It requires DC 6V adaptor on the NH1. But what is the current needed on the NH1? I'm reading p.79 of the pDF manual, it doesn't say.
  4. Okay, I re-read my mesg., it wasn't very clear. When both tests were conducted, on ea. test, the base unit and the headphone are in the same room, and in the direct line of sight from the headphone to the main unit. What I was trying to say is, I was trying to eliminate the possibilities that the headphone is defective. So basicially: Test 1) Base unit and headphone upstairs--doesn't work, receiving radio signal interference Test 2) Base unit and headphone downstairs--works very nicely, absolutely no radio signal interference =============== Jadeclaw: I can try that radio shack trick, and see what happens, the original boss unit kit doesn't c/w those filter, I can put one on to the main unit and go from there. Thanks for the tip.
  5. I gave my Cordless infrared red headphone to my dad. His house is near a radio station who boardcast radio signals. Playing this unit on the main floor works fine. But playing this unit in his bedroom upstairs doesn't work. It receives a lot of interference, at least 3 different radio station signals are jamming into the head set. But the "supposed" output from the CD player is not coming out at all due to those radio freq. interference. We even try to use Insulation R10 (pink wall) to block some parts of the windows. Any suggestion to fix this?
  6. On a lighter note: This is on Playboy Magazine this month under the Party Joke section: The US Postal Service issued a George W. Bush stamp. It soon discovered that the stamps were not sticking to the envelopes, so it established a commission to investigate the matter. The commission reported the following findings: 1. The stamps met all regulations 2. Nothing was wrong with the adhesive. 3. People were just spitting on the wrong side.
  7. I thought the new one EJ2000 is better, but that's w/ the new V900 headphone. I have to sit down and compare the 2 CD player side by side. If the D777 is that good, I should sell it.
  8. How do you remove the tantalum caps and replace it with whatever? As I ended up buying the D-EJ2000 brand new for under $79. They allowed me to trade in a MDR-V600, they trade list price of V600 as credit, and sell me the DEJ2000 for their list price. But the thing is, I got the V600 as a boxing day special for only $40. So I actually made money on this. I'm very happy w/ the DEJ2000, due to the back light, the ultra thin and light wt. of the unit and the sound is quite good, but I'm using the MDR-V900 as head set so it's hard to tell if the performance is due to the headphone or the discman. They did cut corner on the unit vs. D777. The D777 is soft leather, high grain bag. The DEJ2000 is a cheap nylon bag. They also kill the external RCA audio cable, but then I don't need it. The unit is made in malaysia instead of Japan.
  9. You lost me. What is PCDP? As I owned D303 and D777. D777 was the very first Discman w/ ESP 10 sec. protection. I always believe there is a design flaw, as if the CD is too badly scratched, the ESP won't work and my CD playing will just pause. If the CD is brand new or not much scratch, it won't pause and is okay. And that's the way it was back since day 1 I bought the unit. I took it in for repair and they explain that is just the way the D777 is. The unit is made in Japan, and I am quite happy with that. My D303 is quite good, all heavy type metal, made in Japan, but it is heavy. And I can only play the CD in a slightly vertical position or else the CD will skip due to the lack of ESP Protection. But playing it as a desktop is quite good as it has optical out.
  10. The thing I hated most about the current president, is that he uses the emotion of American after Sept 11, 2001, and drive us towards the Iraq war. He takes advantage of the soldiers and convinced them that Iraq is behind or related to the Sept 11, 2001 attack. I mean, even back in the late 90's, after the first Gulf War, there is no mentioning of bin laden and Saddam kiss ass ever. At the time, we want to get even, so if he said aliens from Mars are responsible for Sept 11, we'll go for it. As emotion are very high. Taking advantage of American and our troops during our high emotion state after Sept 11 to drill for oil, extending that ??? pipeline thru Iraq is sickening. What I really want to know is the stock option pay out that the current president and VP gets for the OIL (Operation Iraqi Liberation)
  11. I thought the newer the tech., the better they get. Apparently not. I was comparing the EJ2000, it is a much thinner Cd player vs. the new NE10. Do you guys think the EJ2000 is better than the NE10 or vice versa?
  12. A easier soln. is to use PCM recording via Optic cable.
  13. does any1 own this NE10 that can give a review?
  14. No problem, I actually read that from that mesg. you wrote to another members. I always appreciate the info. I get from this minidisc.org forum. Very useful web site.
  15. But why don't you recharge it at night when you are done using the player during the day? For average normal day use, there is no need to concern about battery life.
  16. http://www.audiocubes.com/product_info.php...2950ba953ad6814 I am in the midst of wrapping up all my needed items from AudioCube, and saw the above: 1) Does that mean the gold color is no longer available? 2) Do I have to buy the "World Tourist Model" and pay the extra $20? I'm a bit confused about that. Does anyone gone thru audiocube lately?
  17. http://www.audiocubes.com/product_info.php...2950ba953ad6814 This is the Japanese ver. of NE10. As you can see from the Enlarge pic., the digital display is in Japanese. So does that mean if I buy this unit from AudioCube, I have to buy yet another Remote that is in English?
  18. When are we getting the next version of DVD recorder? The current one is only 1 hr. in SP mode. And if the new ones can do 2 hr., can it make a back up copy of rental DVD, the ones in DVD-9 format?
  19. http://www.audiocubes.com/product_info.php...0c706426a454a83 Anyone own this item? iF you do, what does the wall plug looks like? Is it the regular North America size plug?
  20. thanks everyone for all the info provided. I really appreciate it.
  21. It seems a desparate attempt for Sony to sell their MDR series, knowing that their portable MD can't power the MDR to its full range & capacity.
  22. I'm aware of that. But when they said 5mW, does it mean: 1) That's the rated power of the ENCLOSED headphone set? Or 2) That's the max. output power of the main NH1 unit to ANY headphone? Because if you read the next page of the manual, it says Option: MDR series headphone. Surely Sony knows the difference on the demand of power between the cheap one that comes with the unit vs. the MDR series.
  23. Reading the NH1 manual, it says Headphone: 5mW+5mW (16 ohm) obviously, they are taking about the ones that comes with the unit. Now, if I hook up the NH1 with the MDR-V600, and its spec is: # Frequency Response: 5Hz - 30kHz Rated Power: 500mW # Maximum Power Handling Capacity: 1,000mW ============ What would be the output Power from the NH1 to the V600? Would it be 500mW? As well, what would be the Power max. out? Would it be 1000 mW? In other words, there ought to be a max. output power from the NH1 to any headphone, what is that output power?
  24. Yeah, but what about all these headache? I like the convenience of download one big zip file and uncompressed it. However, I supposed if someone has gone thru these tedious steps and made it to work, it would be nice if someone can tabulate that step by step so it is easier for amateur like myself to follow.
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