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  1. If you read the original thread, the restriction is "foldable" headphone, meant for portable use mostly. I know there are a lot of headphones better than Sony, but there are very few foldable ones that you can carry. Among them, I examine the Sennheiser portable, but the impedance is too high that drain too much of my portable MD or CD battery.
  2. Well, MDFreak, what's your take on it? Amazon UK said it is coming out at the beginning of Aug, and I would like to buy one. So I guess what I like to know it, is there anything you DON'T like about the NH1?
  3. How can you test the NH1 remote when it is not out yet?
  4. Yeah, I can listen to that one, many sony dealer have it. But the article sounds like salesman pitch, and w/ the way our tech. advances, just like many other video or audio technology, for e.g., the functions of an industrial class VCR 10 yr. ago, today any VCR can do. Regardless what my ears tell me, it is virtually impossible for me to be convinced that a 10 yr. old toy is better than today's headphone, as we advanced so much in 10 yr. After all, if the spec. is the same, I'll go w/ the MDR-V900, as I tried the V600 once or twice and they are very good.
  5. I am disapointed by sony to have their product made in malasyia. My Sony ES integrated receiver is from Malasyia. Quite a bit of problem that took several trips to the service center to fix. You would hope that the NH1 is made in Japan, like all the other older models of MD, such R2, R3.
  6. for university lecture, I would just use the ICD BP 100, it is cheap and can be double up as a analog telephone recorder if you buy a cheap capacitor based phone cable from Radio Shack.
  7. I got a wise idea: Let's all go buy the Qualia MD as a temporary soln. while we are waiting for all these delay :grin:
  8. On the good side, I have no money right now so I am happy to wait. Now, is it just this guy at minidisco or whatever his co. is, affect by this? Or has this been confirm that it will affect all retailers? As I want my NH1 soon. And what about these sites who claim the pre-order status? How can they be pre-ordering when there is a delay?
  9. I like Buy Rite, this is not the first time I notice that they 've the lowest price. Last time was a Sony headphone.
  10. The custom name plating and the gold plate idea is very good. The design of that unit is very slick. But it's not even a Hi-MD? And the remote sucks. NH1 remote looks much better, 3 lines instead of the stick remote, in which I hate. So set aside the price for a moment, even the function and feature doesn't come close to NH1. One thing about brass, doesn't the color change after a few years? And my old MZ-R3 is made of metal, so does that mean that old unit should worth $1900 then? I don't really care what kind of metal it is. The other thing is, for features like 017, in which the same feature is available to the current MD players, how long will it last before it becomes obsolute? Anyhow, if this unit is available to view in USA, I would be interested in seeing it. Also could some mod. move this topic to MD? I don't know how did I start a topic at NetMD, it's a mistake, I meant to put it at MD section.
  11. Happy Hopping


    What exactly did they do to make a Qualia MD over $1900? And going to their web site, it didn't say much about Qualia. The slide is a landscape show.
  12. http://www.proaudioreview.com/par/december.../Sony-Web.shtml by coincidence, I discover this link. How can a headphone made 10 yr. ago be better than the ones recently made, eventhough the MDR-7509 is a professional class headphone? Its spec. seems to be the same as the MDR-V900.
  13. Can you elaborate on the Sony sensitivity headphone issue? I like to hear more in details. As my old headphone on my MD and CD are both MD headphones (the Cd headphone doesn't have enough holes on the headphone so I switch to MD headphone), and now I am using the MDR-V600, I have no way of comparing it to other brand name headphone, not to mention the V600 I only use it twice.
  14. Are there some forum missing? Wasn't there a forum on non-MD equipment?
  15. But if they don't cover your entire ear, the noise from the outside will goes in your ear, and also, if they don't cover the entire ear, sound may leak.
  16. Thanks for the info. It seems the buying factor of all these, is that I have to go by the store who sells these headphones as a speciality store, as in a hi-fi store, instead of buying it thru the web. Fly by night store like Circuit City doesn't seem to cut it on specialized equipments. It's clear that just to fit the size of the ear canal, I have to try out all the good models before I can decide, so I'll do just that. Thanks again. ======================== I just find something juicy: How would you compare: http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/icm_e...4974?Open&row=2 vs. http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....ductSKU=MDRV900 The freq. response as well as the 50mm diameter driver unit seems to be better on the Sony one, but Sennheiser doesn't tell me how many mm their Neodymium magnets is, so it is hard to compare. Anyone own the Sennheiser HD280?
  17. kurisu, all my current MD is recorded on the MZ-R3, would the same piece of music sounded better on the NH1 or does the high definition amp. requires the source to be PCM uncompressed to sound natural?
  18. I am out of my element here. How can that kind of headphone be better than those headphone with the cone cup that TOTALLY covers your ear?
  19. Not necessary. I had the same problem. You can spray alcohol at the volume control dial where there is dust inside, and that should do it. Also, use high compressed air to spray the volume dial as well, and let me know the next day.
  20. I lost my faith completely in Koss. I saw a few of them on Fri., they are all made in China, the foam (or the soft black color part that touches your ear) is hard and cheap. I like a headphone that can pick up the most quiet sound from the CD. So I would check out Sennheiser & Sony. ========================== edit: What on earth is Sennheiser doing? 300 ohm for impedance? What are they doing? How long does that last connecting to a MD? One song? That's not all, that ear cup part, it is too small, it hardly cup the ear, for a high end portable, it should cup the entire ear completely. That Sony isn't that good neither if it is meant to be top of the line portable. It's only 40mm driver unit, their MDRV900 is 50 mm, but of course, their V900 is way overprice, which may be the reason, as they know there is no competition at 50mm driver set. So for quality w/o looking at price, maybe the V900 is even better than the D66SL.
  21. For headphone that are designed to be portable, i.e., you can folded the ear part into the inverted U part, what's the best one that money can buy?
  22. that I didn't expect, this is a pleasant surprise. Knowing that I expect a good degree of compatability w/ the HiMD remote, we'll see.
  23. Well, I got my MDRv600 on boxing week special, only $37, I thin they are regular $90. Excellent for a portable.
  24. Saying the Sony MZ-NH1 remote control, which display a lot of useful function on top of the song name, you think it would work if I attach it to the EJ-2000 Sony portable CD player? Or say has anyone try the current series of Md portable and connect to the EJ-2000?
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