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  1. thx. I see it now. I was expecting a portable.
  2. Well, I wasn't using SS 2.3. I was just sitting down playing the unit via battery. But I can sense it is not my NH1 unit that has some sort of defect. I was very sure it is a bug that causes it. I think the bug occur because it thinks it has finished playing all songs in random, and that was the last song. But in fact, it is only 1/2 or 2/3 way thru the list.
  3. those 2 pic doesn't load up. Is it Hi MD?
  4. First of all, this is a different topic than the other one that I replied to pertaining to a bug in shuffle play. Using the unit 2 times out of 2, when I was playing the unit without any Group, on old MD discs, it STOPPED after a no. of songs was played. Each discs has about 18 songs (they were recorded in SP mode on an older MZ-R3 unit). The unit was sitting horizontally on the table, there is virtually no movement, I was not running or walking. After a no. of songs were played, say approx. 9 songs or so, the NH1 unit was trying to move to another song, that song title then blinks for a few times, but it never begin to play that song, rather, it just stopped after it blinks the song title for a few times. Then the unit turned it self off. The first time this happens, I thought the entire 18 songs were done, that the random play was completed, although I was quite sure it hasn't completed all 18 songs. Last night, same thing, clearly all the songs are not randomly played yet, and it just stopped. So all I did is to press the play button and the unit continues to play under random mode. Needless to say, the unit should not stopped. Is there other NH1 owners having the same issue? I sense it is not a defective unit, rather, a bug in NH1 random play.
  5. I can't be 100% sure on the new NH1 as I just bought it. However, the bug definitely occur when you press STOP and begin again later on those other MZ units. I'll post an update in a week or two.
  6. That is just "Great." So after almost 10 yr., they never fix that bug on random, using the same software algorithm. No wonder Sony never made the top 10 list this year. http://money.cnn.com/2005/01/31/technology...dex.htm?cnn=yes
  7. Now that you mentioned, I wonder if anyone else have that problem. This is an old problem w/ Sony MD. My old MZ-R3, and MZ-R2 random the songs in the same pattern. So if the first random play is 1, 7, 6, 3, 4.... then the next play it randoms all the songs on the 2nd round will be 1, 7, 6, 3, 4...etc. The other problem w/ my old MZ-R3, R2 is that if you press STOP, say you are talking to someone, then 5 min. later you press Play again. The Random function will play back the previous songs that the random function "already play", although some other songs has not been play before. For e.g., say there are only 10 songs in total, and you already heard 1, 9, 5. Now you press STOP. 5 min. later you press Play, it should random play the remaining 7 songs without 1, 9, 5. But guess what, it will random play including 1, 9, 5. To make matter worse, the random isn't really random, so it will random, 1, 9, 5, again before it gets to the other songs. Now, the above is the old MZR2, R3. I only play my NH1 on Friday, so I don't know if there is a problem w/ real random or not. But I don't use compression, so as long as it can random 18 songs or so, I will have no complaint.
  8. I need to know, if I create a few "Groups", and random play, does it: 1) Random the songs within the group only? 2) Or does it random all songs from one group to another? I don't want to create a few groups to find out. And I figure if you use Equalizer function like "Club Sound", and you have Dance Club songs in the same MD as soft rock, then the output sounds is wrong under Club sound mixer when it plays soft rock songs. On the other hand, if you have songs random only within one group, say if each group only have 5 songs (I only use PCM, no compression), then it is not much of a random play. The alternative is to manually switch from Club Sound mixer to Normal, but there is a pause on the play if you do that. Anyone care to give their 2nd opinion? ================= I like the AC adaptor: It's very nice, I didn't know they tell me the charge time and battery remain time. But this is the very first Minidisc design that I can't use AC while I edit my songs w/ Sonic Stage, as you know, the more we use the battery, the less the lifespan of that LI Ion battery is. All they should have done is to design that USB port in another angle so we can connect AC while we use the USB to PC. How stupid it is that you have to use battery power for SS USB to PC.
  9. I have a virtually brand new ACP-MZ60A Li Ion Charger. I only use it a few times because I only charge my NiCD battery inside the unit. So I never bother use the Li Ion charger. It is a Sony External Battery Charger for charges 2 Lip-10 Or 2 Lip-12 Li Ion battery. Likewise the battery condition is very new as well. Lip-12 Li Ion battery. In addition, the external battery casing connecting to units such as MZ-R3 comes with the above. Pictures are available if needed. Ask for US$60 for all 3 components of the above.
  10. it doesn't make sense to have optical output, as you could have direct the original input to the MD directly to whatever source it is. The reason there will never been any optical output is due to copyright issue of the digital source.
  11. I can't see how can a soft sleeves scratch your Cd. How's that possible? By contrast, I have hundreds of music Cd, and the scratch always occur when you try to snap that hole in the center of the jewel case, you finger slip, and the hole became off-center, then slide to one side, and the embossed spot at the center of your jewel case scratch along the bottom of your disc. As well, jewel case sucks up way too much space if you have 200+ DVD. There is no room and no comparison vs. a binder that fits 200. I am just surprise those sleeves costs that much. I tried Staples, Office Depot as well, same thing. Look like the brown color CD case at Walmart is the best price w/ very soft leather on the outside.
  12. but can the current Hi_MD models, such as NH1 read it?
  13. I have to wait for the link I posted above, or some other MD storage co. to come up w/ a compatiable case. I must have a dust proof case due to the nature of a MD.
  14. That's what I thought, and for the money I paid for the NH1, I'm not going to save money on an adaptor. I'll order one from Sony store or Sony service tomorrow.
  15. That's about all I can think of too. But if I shop on line, by the time I added shipping, we are back to $24.95 for the sleeves that I can get locally. In short, to cut shipping, I have to find this item locally for a few bucks. $8 is good for 200, if it is available in CA, it should be available everywhere. Thanks for the info.
  16. The one printed at my adaptor is AC-ES608K, and the bottom said 392-11. I guess your one said 393-11? I really appreciate your reply. I'll check into the AC-E60A, because I clearly bought the wrong one, my AC-E60HG only have 700mA. As you said, I need one with 800mA or higher, so I'll either get the AC-E60A or the AC-ES608K, I'll see if I can get one locally for a cheap price, if not, I'll call Sony. Thanks again
  17. You know, I really want to convince myself that a nylon binder from Case Logic which stores 200 DVD+R blank media worth $30. But I can't because it is extortion. It's a lousy binder with plastic leaves that stores DVD/CD blank media. So if I buy a spinal of 100 DVD+R, I have no choice but to buy a $30 DVD+R nylon binder? A few bucks for a nylon or plastic binder, no problem but $30? And I checked Walmart too, different brand name, but same price range. What do you guys buy for storing 100+ spinal blank DVD+R media?
  18. http://www.planetminidisc.com/mdb-20pw.html You know, I just don't know why on earth sony change the plastic envelope (jacket) to store the blank Hi MD to be bigger than the old MD plastic envelope. I check the above link, there is only MD storage case for the regular MD, not the ones w/ the longer rectangular case, so my question is: Is there a storage case, similar to the above link, that can fit the longer rectangular HiMD plastic envelope as well as fit the old MD plastic envelope?
  19. thanks for the info. ======================== You know, I wonder for those of you who bought the US version locally, what does your adaptor say? 1) how many mA is your adaptor rated? 2) What is the model name of your adaptor? because the adaptor that comes with the unit, regardless whether it is a cd portalbe player, or MD portable player, is very light and tiny, like my DJ-2000 adapter. Whereas the charger I pay separately (AC-E60HG) is a heavy, big piece of rock, so I wonder what you people US adaptor is like?
  20. I bought the Japanese import ver. of NH1. The AC adapter is the Japanese ver. Input: AC 100V, 50/60Hz, 12VA Output: DC 6V, 800mA Q. 1) In North America, our input AC is 115V, 60Hz, so the input AC voltage is higher than the Japanese ver. of AC Adapter, what happens if I connect the above to the wall and the other end to the NH1 for charging? I also bought the Sony (North America) ver. of AC adapter, part no. AC-E60HG, which states: Input: AC 120V, 60Hz, 12W output: DC 6V, 700mA Q. 2) If I use the above, which only output 700mA instead of the 800mA that the supposed to come with the NH1 (Japanese ver.) charger, what happens? Q. 3) I can't find the required output DC current requirement of the NH1, the battery requirement is 3.7V, 370mAh, so is the battery requirement ALSO the CURRENT (amp) requirement of the unit? Please help
  21. that's strange. The sony store that I went to has no stock. So I asked the asst. manager who country made it, and he said "made in malaysia." Regardless, I really like the gold color, so either way I have to buy it from Japan.
  22. I am very impressed with my newly arrived Sony NH1 just arrived from Japan on Dec 23rd, talk about perfect timing, just in time for Christmas. I always like to reward myself at Christmas time for a job well done in this entire year. I got mine NH1, in gold color as I wanted, confirmed my one is in fact made in Japan, vs. the local North America ver., which is made in Malaysia. I bought the unit for only US$369, which came with an exra Hi-MD blank media. Shipping is $30, w/ $8 for insurance. I then go to local Sony store to get a DC 6V adapter for $20 or so. I then downloaded the English ver. of the manual from this web site in PDF file, and finally I went to the link above to downloaded the english ver. of Sonic Stage 2.3. I am very impressed with the unit, especially how small and light it is. The picture that we saw are enlarge, so it is hard to imagine how small it is until you hold it in your hand. This will be a fun Christmas to do songs transfer. I also want to let you guys know about the ebay dealer, "Sell2ppl" who sold me the unit. Excellent service, fast and efficient, he sells all sorts of MiniDisc units from Japan, not just the NH1, just do a search under Sell2ppl at ebay, or email him at <sell2ppl@yahoo.com>. I can't find a better price than his of the very same gold color NH1 that is made in Japan. I know the North America ver. is cheaper in same price, but for the quality, I like my NH1 made in Japan vs. made in malaysia.
  23. I just received my Gold NH1, made in Japan from a trusted ebay dealer, for only US$369, $30 shipping, $8 insurance., and $369 included 1 free Hi-MD media.
  24. thx. I got this free anyway. So biggie. I got it via using visa card, accumulate pt. gives me this free gift anyway.
  25. No, USA ver. and Japanese Ver. is about the same price.
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