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  1. But why would he need something of such high quality? Lectures are mono, it's one man talking, anything half decent mono recording mode to save disk space, and thus, the convenience of switching to different disc is a bonus. There is no reason to record high quality if he can put all lectures, and for a full time university student, it is usually 4 - 5 lectures per semester, in one disc per day. When I attended university, even w/ 6 classes per semester, 2 out of the 6 is on Tues/Thurs, whereas the other 4 is on M, W, F. So really it is only 4 hr. of recording per day. With the storage spc. of the new Hi-MD, based on 3 hr. of lecture per classes, x 5 classes per semester, is only 15 hr. of lecture per week. At ATRAC3plus/64kbps mode, he can easily do 34 hr. =============== SoftMusic, on a minor note, when I attend intro on psych. as an option, the prof. stated at the beginning of the semester that no recording is attended. But he is the only one I met who even brought out the subject.
  2. Which MD comes with 2.1? I was hoping to buy the local silver model of NH1 and make a copy of that CD, return it based on the 30 day satisfactory guarantee, and buy the Japanese ver. of NH1 instead. (it's Japanese ver. of SS 2.1 most likely display in Japanese language, so I need the Eng. one)
  3. If you do record lecture, I would make sure your prof. doesn't know, as some prof. wouldn't even allows it. Their concern is that you can sell those lecture in the internet and noone needs to pay for classes at university any more. So I would just try to hide the mic. As to storage, if you download all your stuff from MD to your PC, then you free up those MD.
  4. In another "heated" thread, someone said all the silver one shipped to North America are made in malasyia. I bought a sony ES 5.1 Digital integrated amp receiver that is made in malasiya. The remote drain out the lithium Ion battery and the Durcell 4 x AA in under 1 mth. I sent in for repair, they claimed they fixed it, and the problem repeated again. My Sony Jog Shuttle dial VHS is also from malasiya. A lot of small problems that really annoys me. Bugs in the controls, SHuttle dial didn't mount to the exact frame, etc. So even if it is $100 higher, I'll buy the one made in Japan, and pick the gold color while I'm at it.
  5. Really? V900 is only 24 ohm. So I can just plug it in? THanks, I appreciate the info. :rasp:
  6. I just discover a new and rather serious problem about buying the 220V, 50Hz model, so please help: Can I connect my MDR-V600 or MDR-V900 on to this Japanese ver. of NH1 (gold)? I bought my V600, and the upcoming v900 locally in USA. As I presume the audio mini-plug on my V600 or V900 works only with 115V, 60Hz system. As the internal of the unit without the recharger seems to gear for 200-220V, 50Hz. system.
  7. If you want that one from Japan, silver color, then you have to go thru Audio Cube, or Japan direct, pick the one w/ the lowest shipping cost as their price difference is only $10. Unless there are other co. that imported Japanese ver. of NH1 other than Audio Cube. ========================== Kurisu, thanks for the manual, I appreciate it. It saves my time and money to photocopy it in case the Japanese import manual is in Japanese language only.
  8. DrZhivago, I forgot to ask, is the manual in Japanese only or English and Japanese?
  9. that's an interesting question. We buy the gold ver. because it is gold and other countries doesn't carry it. but the silver color one is made in malaysia, for almost the same price, why not buy the silver one from Japan as well? Anyhow, audiocube.com also has the silver one, and they are in MN, and is $10 more, but shipping is cheaper.
  10. DrZhivago, thanks very much for all your info provided, very useful. I'll definitely ends up buying this one instead of the silver one. Because for almost the same price, the unit is made in Japan. I have thought about the silver remote mixing w/ the gold main unit, but it makes nice contrast.
  11. For those who owned NH1, silver or gold color, is the unit sensitive to finger print? Like if you touch it, it leaves prints all over.
  12. If you have to use the voltage converter hypothetically, does the end goes in the NH1 unit fits well? SO basically, are we still using the Sony Adaptor (the one made in CHina) to charge the unit and connects to that voltage adaptor? Or are we using the voltage adaptor directly connects one end to the wall, the other end to the NH1? And what about the wall end? Is it the NEMA 15 that I describe above?
  13. Dr. Zhivago: 1) Is the electricity 115V, 60Hz, i.e., are you living in North America? Have you try the adapter and it works? As I can't see how can a Japanese ver of NH1, in which in Japan, it is 220V, 50Hz over there, has the right plug and adapter to work in NOrth America electric outlet system. So is the plug of the adaptor the NEMA 15? i.e., two thin connects for positive and negative and a round connect for ground? 2) I don't have any Sonic Stage. So how can I get this software if I buy the Japanese ver. of NH1? ======= For those who own the silver unit, is the remote made in China as well? As well, is the unit sensitive to finger print?
  14. DrZhivago: 1) is it made in Japan? 2) How are you going to get an English ver. of sonic Stage 2.1? ============= FOr those who own the silver unit, is the remote also hard to use?
  15. Please do, I'll look forward to it. When you order from Japan, have you consider the 3 line display Language issue? Or can that be selected to display English only?
  16. where did you see the gold NH1 in US? Please let me know.
  17. Did anyone bought the gold color NH1? If so, is it made in Japan?
  18. speaking of made in Japan, I am almost certain that when the NH1 photo was first posted about 2 mth. ago, at the back, it clearly stated made in Japan. So why all of a sudden, we have this malaysia business? I don't mind made ni malaysia, but for this price tag, it better be made in Japan.
  19. So, I know the gold color too, but more than anything, I like my NH1 made in Japan. Are you guys saying two different countries made the same unit? If so, can I get a few more web sites that sell the Japan gold color ver., and willing to ship to North America? As AudioCube price is very high for that gold color one. In addition, if we pick the gold Japanese ver., how do we avoid the Japanese language? Would it keep poping up? Does anyone bought the gold ver., if so, is it made in Japan?
  20. Okay, my MD is very old. It's the MZ-R3. I don't know what mode it is recorded in, as there is only 1 mode that came w/ the Mz-R3. Can these old MD disc play on the NH-N1? I knew I can play these disc on the model 600 (the old blue color one that I bought last Dec. and refunded later). So I am guessing whatever that can play on the blue color 600 model, can be played on the NH n1?
  21. when would we know if the gold color is available in USA?
  22. I really like the gold. All my Discman and MD walkman are all silver. It's time for a change.
  23. That's good news. As long as from a real CD stereo player, it can convert PCM to the Hi MD, I don't care about the computer part, providing that is really what MDfreak was saying.
  24. Thanks for the link. Being too lazy to start another topic, from that link you sent: " We did not succeed in ripping CD-audio in PCM format and transferring it directly to MD." It's not very clear to me, what's the source of the above? ripping Cd- audio from a real CD player via a fiber optic cable link? Or do you mean from a computer Cd-rom drive, can't rip the Cd audio in PCM format to the MD?
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