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  1. Which is actually amusing considering how slow magneto-optical systems are for such a purpose...
  2. Forgetting about Ephpod are we? There's more than one way to get tracks onto an iPod.
  3. Give me a break. What normal user is going to climb Everest? Sheesh. These people are going into a hostile environment; I won't even play sports with my iPod, much less take it up a damn mountain. But this is another example of just how insanely durable flash-based DAPs really are. I'd love to see a >4GB flash player. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. SonicStage cannot convert DRMed .WMA tracks. If you really need the music on MD, burn the DRMed .WMAs to CD and use Simple Burner to get the burned CD to MD.
  5. Not even close. PCDPs have no provision for recording at all, and MD was specifically designed with recording in mind. IMO, Sony should stop with pretending that MD is a DAP and start realizing that it's a portable digital recorder first and foremost.
  6. The miss is for Sony, not me. Silly Sony, brain tumors are not for breakfast!
  7. I really hate to do this, but my boss is totally messing me around and has made me wait a week with no answer as to whether or not I can go back to work this week. >.< I'm running low on spare funds, and I'm getting sick from skipping meals. My E3cs are pretty new and still have all the tips from the fit kit. I used one set of the medium gray sleeves (mine came with two sets of mediums) but all the other tips have been unused. We can do this two ways. First way, which would be preferable to me so I've got at least a semi-decent portable phone, would be a trade for a pair of Sharp MD33s (with medium sleeves and extension please) plus $85 US (shipping will be no charge). I'd prefer the MD33 trade because otherwise I'll have to order from audiocubes and wait. If no one takes the trade I'll let them go for $115 shipped. I really hate doing this, I love my E3cs, but I have to eat. Bad for me, good for you folks.
  8. In all likelihood, they will not be compatible with standard MiniDisc formats.
  9. I'm betting the firmware on the HD1 is probably some esoteric ROM based chip; they probably have to replace a chip, or use a special program to upgrade it.
  10. *dies giggling* omg, that is even better...
  11. aeriyn

    Headphone Amps

    I should say something before every mod in the forums points a finger squarely at me, and I don't mean the user "me," because you seriously don't want an amp from him. It might have an enclosure made out of Vietnam war shrapnel. I've got a headphone amp for my home audio system (self-built PIMETA) and I build DIY amps in my spare time for people and for just trying to see if a tweak or reiteration will work. There are many portable headphone amps of various different prices and various qualities. The Shure E3c has a very subtle improvement when using an amp and it's not even apparent at all unless you are careful in opamp (operational amplifier) selection. I use my Shure E3cs occasionally with a very small cMoy design using an Analog Devices 8620 opamp, which I find yields good results (it helps the E3cs out in the treble since they are somewhat lacking high frequency response). If you're not looking to have a custom amplifier, but just something prebuilt, I'd suggest checking out either Xin Feng's amps or Shellbrook Audio Lab; Drew's amps are very good and Dr. Feng's SuperMacro is one of the best amps under $300 period. various DIY amp designs http://www.tangentsoft.net/audio Shellbrook Audio http://www.shellbrooklab.com Xin Feng's site http://www.fixup.net For lots of good headphone amp info, check out Head-Fi.org's amplification forum.
  12. aeriyn


    I use my iPod Mini remoteless. The cord of my E3cs is already five feet long. Why would I want to add to that length? It'd be longer than the cord of my DT440s if I did, lol. On my pre-DS8 MD units, I didn't use the remote often. With my N10 I used the remote for the car only because I could leave the MD player in a place where the sun wouldn't hit it. Now with my iPod in the car, it has a case so I don't worry about the sun so much.
  13. If you like midrange look at AKGs. K501s can be had off of eBay for around $130US and they have a lovely midrange. They are hard to drive however and require a decent headphone amp (PPA with bassboost makes these things SING). The phones I use, beyerdynamic DT440s, are surprisingly good in the midrange (considering their predecessor's slightly recessed mids) and are very efficient; I've driven them off of MD players unamped before (which is saying something for their sensitivity). Check around, might be able to find a used pair for about $100US.
  14. Yeah, the iPod is terrible with gaps. I notice it every time on my Mini, but since only the Rio Karma does gapless, and it's, well, huge and ugly, I can deal with it even though I listen exclusively in album mode. If you don't listen to classical music, though, it is not a deal breaker.
  15. They are identical to the ads on Head-Fi and on the other few forums I bum around, so they are no more obtrusive here than anywhere else.
  16. Sony needs to get it over with and release prosumer/professional grade Hi-MD portables and decks. They are soooo barking up the wrong tree; they have no chance vs. Apple, Creative, Rio, etc... in the portable audio market... okay, okay, I'll stop, I'll stop. But you guys seriously have to admit that Sony isn't marketing Hi-MD (well actually, that statement right there is true enough, they sure aren't marketing it at all) toward the proper consumer base. Oh well. Hopefully Sony will yank its head out of its nether regions and start marketing Hi-MD aggressively and focused toward tapers.
  17. Welcome to the group of fools without responsibility, as opposed to the mod team, which would be the fools with responsibility... Looks like the forum is picking back up a bit in the wake of the Onkyo Hi-MD decks...
  18. Oh noes, you came here to annoy me too. This place isn't quite as rough on your wallet, though.
  19. This would be useful as a removable media for a portable recording format... perhaps competition for MD? Not likely, if they can't get the high power requirements for Blu-ray figured out.
  20. At least it's not something worth watching... *dons flame suit*
  21. The R37 is a stripped down, barebones R50 in a different chassis. They are virtually identical in build quality.
  22. I hope the RIAA sues more dead people and more 12 year old girls. The more idiotic and pathetic their behavior gets, the angrier the FTC and the federal government will become at them.
  23. Nope. Does not cause any problems.
  24. For durability I don't think an MD player can beat either the R50 or R900. I've owned an R900 before and I'll tell you that thing was a freaking tank. The R50 also has a reputation for being massively overbuilt and studly.
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