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  1. I had the same problem a few versions back and Sony support couldn't help me. Finally, I removed CD Creator from Roxio and just kept Nero and then I had no problems. I actually had 2 CD drives and neither would appear. I don't think my problem was a Sonic Stage issue but something conflicting with the Nero and Roxio drivers,etc. Just my .02 regarding the same issue.
  2. I have been checking off and on the Sony Style site here in the USA for signs of the RH-1 and was surprised to see all MDs gone from the site today. I had found the RH910 and some useless accessories on there recently but nothing today. The links still reads something like CD/Minidisc/Cassette players but the site no longer lists any minidisc players. Oh well, I wasn't planning to buy one from them unless it had no interest for a year but looks like that ain't gonna happen since they have dropped the minidisc sales altogether. Well, they were always MSRP or more and the site never had the specs correct. Just a shame to see it happening...
  3. http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=24420 Will be on the The Archive soon!
  4. Got my 7 pack today from Musician Friends and I ordered at 2pm on Friday EST. Wow!
  5. Although the Tape Warehouse was not able to fill my order in time for me to get my disc before my trip to Florida, the staff was very friendly and concerned. I received updates and was given a refund once we decided that they couldn't get the discs to me in time. Great customer service. I ended up going with Musician's Friend but I had to pay for 2 day shipping. Still less than $6 per disc with shipping included.
  6. I just got a notice from Tape Warehouse that my Hi-MD order is now on back order. Not good, I plan to get in touch with them tomorrow and cancel because I need these by the 12th. Just warning you ahead of time. Sound like good folks but I need the blanks sooner than later.
  7. Yes, this is a little OT but... The IE 7 is already out in a non-Beta form, it's called Mozilla Firefox Really, what features does IE7 have that Firefox doesn't have? I looked at the tour of the features on the MS site this morning and was not at all thrilled with anything I noted. Tabbed browsing, RSS feeds... it's all been done before. Or did I miss something? I will update to IE 7 later for those sites that require IE but I'm in no rush... BTW, thanks for pointing me back to Thunderbird. Once I got it tweaked, it's been great. Thanks again.
  8. The Auto settings for mic recordings can be tricky and you will get some fluctuations as the preamp trys to accomodate the music. Your best bet as The Low Volta stated is to use the Manual settings. You can always raise the level with some normalization by the computer. Avoid AGC and use manual for any concert recording. I only use AGC if I am recording my kids talking or recording a sermon or speech,etc.
  9. I am now seeing the same thing. I was clicking another link this morning. Too bad my order has already shipped but a very good price indeed! Love that the price is going down. I can move away from LP2 in the den and put more Hi-SP mixes on the shelf for my wife. Thanks again for the great find! Blueraja- I actually prefer the old standard purple disc cause them seem sturdy and just safer to me. I hate the cheap and small labels the new ones have as well. But to each his own
  10. I could only find them on musiciansfriend for $5.99, not $3.99. Seems Tape Warehouse has the price to beat right now at $4.67, with shipping my total was $5.50
  11. Take a deep breath and relax for a minute. It really sounds like the mp3 files are the issue here. Have you tried a CD, not mp3 files? Does that work? Or if you have Nero and Daemon manager you can burn your mp3 files to a virtual drive and rip from there... that way your virtual drive can hold far more than a regular CD and you can still use SS or Simple Burner to transfer. Daemon Tools
  12. Go back to Sound Pros and get the premium omni mics with windscreen. Keep the battery box and use the line input. Also, you might consider an Audio Technica 822 (runs on battery power), it's cardioid but it works great in outdoor setup and has a very sturdy standard windscreen. Try these at Sound Pros: Omni SP-CMC-8 Take a look at the AT822 here on ebay: AT822
  13. Just ordered 6 Hi-MD blanks for the festival in Florida in 2 short weeks...that makes a total of 15 Hi-MD blanks ready to roll!!! Shipping by Fed Ex was only $5.67 to South Carolina from Georgia. Wanee Festival
  14. Dunebug81 gave a link to this Tapewarehouse that has them for $4.67 before shipping and they offer discounts on volume purchases. I am very interested in the price and he says the service is dependable. Tape Warehouse You have to drop down the catalog to Digital Audio and then pick the Minidisc from the product line, the Hi-MDs are about the 4th or 5th item down... Great price!
  15. Very nice! I am taking my MZ-S1 to a festival in a few weeks to use as a backup for recording sets when I am at the other stage. It will be nice to upload these later down the line! Great news and a miracle indeed! BTW, what did SS do to the tracks after they were uploaded? Did you convert to WAV or Hi-SP?
  16. I will definitely take a look but I have noticed that Panasonic can be confused about it's specs, the web might say one format is supported when you download the manual you find out otherwise. Thanks again for the links.
  17. Dex- I am looking for a DVD Recorder, not a player. There are plenty of players that support playback of the DVD-A format but I have yet to find a DVD Recorder that supports playback of DVD-A(udio) disc. BTW, I have seen some Pioneer players that supposedly play DVD-A and SACD. Here take a look: Pioneer Elite DVD player Crutchfield DVD players query
  18. I am hoping so, but every picture I can find is lacking a hold button. Maybe those are all demos?
  19. Anybody notice a HOLD button on this RH1? I really like that function and it's great for live recording to keep it on HOLD after levels are set, especially if it's in your pocket or pack. MDFreak? Chris? Anybody know if this RH1 unit has a HOLD button?
  20. Actually, I was referring to a component recorder/player that will be in my living room connected to my TV and receiver setup. Not a computer drive.
  21. I am trying to find a DVD recorder component that will read DVD audio discs. Does anybody know if one exists? Any help, suggestions, model numbers are appreciated.
  22. Just about any remote that works with the Hi-MDs will allow you to change recording levels using the FF and REW if I am not mistaken. Yes, it works with the 2 remotes (standard with the NH900 and the RH10) that I have in addition to the 40ELK it will work with the FF and REW. Not sure if that was in this thread or not. So, yes you can adjust recording levels with just about every remote using the FF and REW buttons for Hi-MD models. I remember this working with my NH900 exactly the same way.
  23. Doesn't the non-LCD remote do that for you? I guess you want to do this with the unit, not sure on that one. Maybe we should take this to a new thread???? How to access groups faster with your RH10/RH910
  24. Does that mean you can buy/make a USB power supply and let it power/charge the battery That might be the answer to all our moaning about the battery options in the field.
  25. Thank you for the pictorial, can't wait to see more!
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