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  1. this is the Bently of md players for sure i wonder what kinda drop that can take? what am i saying, if i had that it would be glued to my hand!
  2. this always happens with my n707, i eject it and the disc is still spinning. it shouldnt hurt the disc though, since it doesnt touch the case at all, it sort of "floats" in there, rests on the inner most part of the disc
  3. the first time i tried it, it went off very unexpectedly and it freaked the hell out of me, it was really loud with headphones that cover your entire ears
  4. the third one on my hacked n707 is twinkle twinkle little star (very messed up though)
  5. hey kurisu, i have a suggestion for the boards, im not sure if others really care but if u could use more contrasting colors, especially in between posts, that would reallllly help with reading, scince they all just kinda blend in, i have tried both templates and like the older one better, and if u can fix that one so that it doesnt go halfway off the screenit would really help, i hate scrolling sideways. just tring to help out, dont mean to be complaining
  6. yeah i wish the admistrator would get into some convs. with us, like u do, kurisu. :rasp: anyway its back up now
  7. i just wanted to know if it was my computer, but i guess not. maybe khon's doing something to the site i guess i have to hang out on the "standby" forums!
  8. skmetal07


    is anybody having trouble logging on to the minidisc-t station forums? whenever i try to go there i get a page cannot be displayed page, even minidisc-t home does the same thing
  9. etronics.com have them in!! they sell in 1,5 or 10 packs
  10. but i wouldnt order from sonystyle.com, i would go to my local walmart, but that is if they ever become available
  11. do u know what they charge for shipping... 20 bucks woohoo first post
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