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  1. heck yeah!! i cant stand my n707 and its screwy buttons
  2. it rox my sox i like smilies, especially this one: and this one:
  3. wow, so much good news today!! i think that the new sonicstage will maybe have a wav converter built in... hopefully its much easier to use and isnt a resource hog, probably much more user friendly
  4. i like it, its bluey, and stripey...i like blue
  5. well now there are different people working on new version (am i right kurisu?) it should be much better
  6. i havent taken the plunge yet, waiting to see what sony or sharp(!) cooks up.
  7. i wouldnt doubt that the lazer is dead, sorry to say. it's ok, u can let it go, its in a better place now *sniff, sniff*
  8. maybe u should try selling them on ebay? im sure someone will want a pair *snicker* *snicker*
  9. maybe we should start a testimonials part to this forum?
  10. what are u implying... hey if u want to keep repainting it, go ahead *mmm polished stainless*
  11. build one out of stainless, it would look cool
  12. works on mine, windows 98 se, what they mean is that u cant have an upgraded widows os, like say if u were running windows 95 at one time then instead of completely wiping your hard drive u bought a windows 98 se upgrade disc (or whatever your upgrading too) to upgrade your os
  13. thanx kurisu! i guess today went well, my arm is pretty sore (stupid b-day punches ) but too bad i have a lot of homework, grrrrr having my all time favorite food, or one of them at least, CHINESE!!! probably gonna have a party next weekend, since last was too busy and then going to another one the weekend after. 'tis good. no getting drunk (yet) though
  14. im sure the write speeds for the pictures would be really slow, cool concept though
  15. im waiting for HVD, one terabyte, hoorah!
  16. i think your server is going to explode, i waited for 10 mins trying to connect, that was just to minidisc.org, then another 7 mins and 6 attempts later i finnally got here. i dont think this server is liking all the new members/guests we have been getting
  17. iwould use hi-sp or lp2 for the most optimal sound quality/cd, in hi-sp u could fit about 8 cds and with lp2 u could fit about 16 cds and still have good enough sound quality, i listen to lp2 all the time and it sounds just fine--- that is if u are using a hi-md 1 gig disc
  18. oh ok i was wondering thankx, hmmm how many times did u vote kurisu? just kidding!
  19. does anyone else have this problem, i try to view it when it says there is a new post but it still is on the same one kurisu wrote on "jan 27, 8 35." but the new post says it was written at 10 38 and i dont see this one in the thread
  20. uuugggg i hate thoes stupid redecorating and make-over shows, they are so stupid! i think they have run their course and they should come up with something new. but i do like the hospital shows they have, do they still have thoes? i havent seen them in a while.
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