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  1. according to my calculations we should have ~6,000 in the next 2 months, if that is, these 'significant improvements' kurisu is talking about are as good as he says... :spite: :whistle:
  2. ^heh i can think of a few... i guess the 'revamps' arent gonna happen anytime soon then. if it werent for whatever mods we have there, it would go to hell, or has it already?
  3. maybe u could use a program to restore deleted files? i cant remember any at the moment, but try searching download.com
  4. oh darn, i had my hopes up. i thought audiocubes was a respectable company (and overpriced). well hope u enjoy it when u get it. post pix anyway
  5. yes if u have a digital camera, it is an unwritten rule that u must take pics of new units (i love thes emoticons) and ill be sure u'll be taking pics kurisu, yay! the first time ill see the black unit IRL. cant wait
  6. if this is true and have this done, will u be able to play your old hi-md discs with atrac 3+?
  7. i have done this before, i usually take the stripped wires and bend them to look like a hook and hook them together. then just solder them, and dont forget the shrink wrap!
  8. ha, yeah its not the greatest but u can do it, i think it works better with better headphones (as in not stock headphones) definatly not as good as a mic though
  9. the discs, THE DISCS,i LOVE the discs!!!!!! (as u can see :grin: ) and the recording feature, and the smallness, and the remotes and the sound quality and the.... well u get the idea :happy:
  10. maybe if u find a portable amp (or build one for that matter) and use the line out on the ipod then u should have (im making an educated guess from experiences of others i've learned at head-fi) much better sound quality, the apple one apparantly sux.
  11. yeah there are mp3 recorders out there but they are really expensive and im sure u cant record ~8 hrs on the one that your talking about with the excelent sound quality that md/hi-md delivers, am i right campekenobi?
  12. well u can record ANYWHERE with an md recorder, u can even use your head phones as mics (i recorded a lot of memorable moments on an md with headphones, comes in handy even when u dont think u'll record anything) and i just love being able to put it in my pocket (yeah u cant do this with a cd player, let alone a mp3 cd player) and having the remote to change the songs, just awesome.
  13. skmetal07

    Police Use?

    i think u can use marcnet's software to turn it into a .wav then burn it as many times as u want
  14. ^ i thought u were discombobulated?! yeah i remember when there were like 50 posts at the t-board to like 2 here, now lit seems the opposite and its becoming the best md forum,, eva!!
  15. ^ ah yes ray, that guy is great, the of topic posting king but anyway i think this site is great, kurisu your doing a great job! i remember when this site was slower that mollassas in january, but now its awsome (yeah, the t-board does lack administration, kohn's always away and t-bot hasn't posted since jan. in 2002. isn't it gonna be overhauled by christmas? but its still a good site none the less.)
  16. i think marcnet had something to do with it :happy:
  17. that's a good idea, sony probably wont read it, but we could try. i always delete the atrac files on my computer, i have a small hdd so i pretty much have to.
  18. religions don't tell u to not think for yourself, they tell u to think morally and follow your conscience.
  19. SS is a miracle for titling tracks, always hat to do it by hand (on unit) when I had my old comp. which didn't have usb.
  20. i thought that the karma point thing was interresting, although short lived.
  21. i don't think that the codec a recorder has can be changed by a firmware upgrade, its a special built in chip that cant be upgraded. i could be wrong
  22. have u used the power adapter with it? i think that would be more reliabnle thatn batteries, the battery could have gone dead when u were recording and did not write to the TOC, which holds all of the song locations on the disc. u said that it still plays, right, then im sure the optical block is fine, it would say something like "No Disc" or something like that.
  23. "8-track!!? that's old-school! check out my mp3 player!" i never really figured out how it was pronounced. is it like the "A" in take and then "track"?
  24. i think sony got it right with simple burner, probably because its.....simple the only thing i wont like about mds being mp3 ready is that whenever someone askes me if its a mp3 player, ill have to say..... "yes, it is" :whatever:
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