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  1. Yea, I can confirm this, got my ship notice from Minidisc Canada today
  2. Minidisc Canada has the black/charcoal version on their site. Originally they were unsure, but reported to me they'd have the black finish as well. I hope it stays that way.
  3. Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone in A3+ 192kbps. 1. So Cold 2. Simple Design 3. Follow 4. Firefly 5. Break My Fall 6. Forget It 7. Sooner Or Later 8. Breakdown 9. Away 10. Believe 11. Rain
  4. Welcome to the club! Get ready to be smacked in the face with detail.
  5. o A pair of Beyerdynamic DT880's (pictorial/review soon) o Eibach Pro-Kit progressive spings for my Mitsubishi o KYB GR-2's for the same car.
  6. Mocean Worker - Mixed Emotional Features 1. Rene M 2. Detonator 3. Jello Dart 4. Counts, Dukes & Strays 5. Mycroft 6. Heaven @ 12:07 7. Wonderland 8. Motion Booty 9. Times of Danger 10. Boba Fett
  7. Losing tags on conversion used to bug me alot, then I tried the Gracenote CDDB thingie in Sonic Stage. It works fairly well even identifying the wavs of decompressed CD. CUE+WAV is no good for me as I store ALL of my ripped CD's for use with my Squeezebox or listening directly on a PC. CUE+WAV would easily take up 300+ GB whereas the Monkeys Audio files only use about 150GB for around 400 CD's. If you juggle music around on MDs alot I could see digging out an archive DVD being a tad annoying, especially if you only want a few tracks from each album for a mix or something.
  8. richyhu: Try Gemm.com for hard to find items. They network with local record shops around the globe.
  9. Traffic - The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 1. Hidden Treasure 2. The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys 3. Light Up Or Leave Me Alone 4. Rock & Roll Stew 5. Many A Mile To Freedom 6. Rainmaker 7. Bonus Track - Rock & Roll Stew
  10. I'm putting some serious ear time on this amp over the weekend. Hope to have a review up by Sunday evening. Stay tuned.
  11. Interesting. A Squeezebox with speakers. Any idea how it sounds in comparison to a small bookshelf stereo?
  12. Ideally rip to some sort of lossless codec. If you plan on working natively with Sonic Stage and don't want to decode a lossless file to wav for use with it then go with WMA Lossless. Else Flac or Monkeys Audio are good options. If you can't go that route I'd use the highest bitrate mp3 you can afford space-wise. Best to use some sort of format that's portable to other systems should your preferences change later. Lossless is really the way to go though, if you can afford the space premium.
  13. Installed a Zalman CPU and VGA cooler in my desktop with Artic Silver. Amazing performance, dropped CPU core temp while playing Counter-Strike:Source by about 13 degrees Celsius. The GPU cooler dropped core temps by about 5 degrees under load. Awesome awesome coolers. This DTR Athlon is great too, running ~300Mhz over stock on air. If I get faster single sided dimms I could boost it even higher.
  14. That largely depends on the amplifier design. A Cmoy amp can run on a 9V battery for tens of hours on end, but doesn't necessarily provide enough current to drive low impedances well. Same thing applies to the Class D amps found in more recent recorders, they're optimized for power consumption, they're efficient. The Dynalo (Gilmore Lite) draws 7.5-15 watts of power to produce a max of 1 watt of output. A Blue Hawaii tube amp draws ~130 watts to put out a few milliwatts of power to the phones. Depending on the power source and amp design you're making a trade between voltage and current (or both) which will have an effect on either the type of phones you can drive (impedance) or how well you can drive them. The pocket cmoy I had would drive my SA5000's to high enough volumes, but it sounds nowhere near as good as the Gilmore. Ultimately there are a million different combinations and it all comes down to one's ears to make the choice
  15. Preordered my RH1 from Minidisc Canada
  16. I will be using this with MD equipment as well as with my Harman AVR325/Denon 2200S. Given that most AVRs have poor headphone outputs I wanted good replacement to match the SA5000's. I also wanted a unit with a good frequency response for use with SACD/DVD-A. I know for a fact that the preamp outs on my Harman are full range (10Hz-100kHz), I doubt the headphone output is. The Gilmore is a comfortable medium, 5Hz-50kHz +-0.1 dB spec, probably alot wider within +- 0.3dB, and should be a good complement for the high resolution formats.
  17. I had no balanced in requirement and definitely didn't need to drive 3 pairs of headphones so I never even really considered the HX-3. Sound wise, on wall-wart power these might be equals, they have similar specs. The only problem with battery power is the output power/current the unit is capable of. On battery I certainly wouldn't expect to be able to drive the same range of headphones, nor with the same quality as on wall power. I haven't seen a direct comparison of the two, nor have I heard anything through the HX-3 myself so I can't really say for sure. Anyone with experience on both amps care to comment?
  18. It's silver, I took these pictures at night and didn't have quite enough lighting.
  19. Abstract Blue Recordings on the Squeezebox. 01 - Kamara - We As One 02 - Low Budget Soul - You Are The One 03 - Break Reform - And I 04 - Ol' English - Yesterday's Boy 05 - Low Budget Soul - Fills My Heart 06 - Kamara - 6 Senses 07 - Break Reform - Waiting 08 - Low Budget Soul - She Won't Let The Summer In 09 - Alison Evelyn - Found A New Thing 10 - Break Reform - It's Love 11 - Aztec Productions - Shadows Fall 12 - Ol' English - You Can't Tell Me This album has a few tracks from the artists featured in the Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes.
  20. Gilmore Lite Headphone Amplifier Machined quarter inch thick brushed aluminum face plate with matching machined aluminum knob. Another view. Very solid interconnects, I like how they're screwed right to the chassis. Some expensive AVRs don't even anchor their inputs, I like this feature alot. The amp was smaller than I expected, here's a duet with the NH1. Side view/size comparison. Finally, a sexy blue LED. Some other photos Well packed: [attachmentid=1709] Headphone jack up close and personal: [attachmentid=1710] Classy, high quality build throughout: [attachmentid=1711] Solid switch and power jack mounts: [attachmentid=1712] Close-up of the RCA input and loop out: [attachmentid=1713] The ultimate team? [attachmentid=1714] Comes with a quality regulated power supply: [attachmentid=1715] Up close on the LED: [attachmentid=1716] Mainboard picture from Headamp.com: [attachmentid=1717] Specifications: Device Type: Solid State (JFET, Bi-Polar Transistors) Class of Operation: Class A Frequency Response: 5Hz-50KHz +/-0.1dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >100dB Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.006% Stereo Crosstalk: >85dB @ 1KHz Gain: 6x / 15dB Input Impedance: 50K ohms Input Sensitivity: 200mV to 3.0Vrms Output Impedance: less than 1 ohm Output Voltage: 15 Volts peak-to-peak Output Power: 1 Watt Inputs/Outputs: 1 RCA input and loop out, 1 1/4" headphone out Operating Voltage: 100-120VAC Power Consumption: 7.5 Watts Chassis Dimensions: 5.75 (L) x 4.5 (W) x 1.2 (H) inches Weight: 3 lb / 1.35kg Warranty: 2 Years Initial Impressions: I'm very impressed with the build quality of this unit. I peaked inside and can confirm a high quality build throughout. The internal board and connectors, electronic components and craftsmanship are exactly like the pictures shown on Headamp's website. That's pretty impressive and a testament to Justin Wilson's expertise and desire to deliver a high quality product. I can also say the service matches the build quality (more on that in the forthcoming review). The unit is sturdy, has four rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slippage, and has a decent weight to it. It is smaller than I expected which is a pleasant surprise making it easily transportable in a backpack, even with the Elpac linear. From what I've read this is an upgraded version of Kevin Gilmore's Dynalo amplifier design (ref: http://www.djgardner.com/headphone/gilmore/). Per Headamp's website: "The Gilmore Lite builds on the success of the original and incorporates several upgrades to improve both the sound quality and usability of the amplifier. Capacitors have been upgraded, and a new circuit board design with a full ground plane lowers the noise floor and improves stability. The addition of a RCA line output pass-through is useful for those who require a connection for an external audio system. All jacks are now board mounted for a clean, professional build inside and out." I'm holding off on a sound quality review for reasons I'll explain later, suffice to say the initial listening experience was fantastic. Direct comparisons on a variety of gear are on their way, hopefully within a week's time. Cheers.
  21. Awesome, get ready for aural bliss. Just picked up: Tamron SP AF17-50MM F/2.8 XR Di II LD Aspherical [iF] Model: A016 Lens Construction (Groups/Elements): 13/16 Angle of View: 78°45'-31°11' (APS-C size equivalent) Type of Zooming: Rotation Diaphragm Blade Number: 7 (Circular aperture) Minimum Aperture: F/32 Minimum Focus: 10.6in.(0.27m) (entire zoom range) Macro Mag. Ratio: 1:4.5 (at f=50mm MFD 0.27m) Filter Diameter: ø67 Weight: 434g (15.3oz) Diameter x Length: ø2.9 x 3.2in (ø74.0 x 81.7mm) Accessory: Flower-shaped Lens hood Mount: Canon, Konica Minolta-D, Nikon-D http://www.tamron.com/lenses/prod/1750_diII_a016_lg.asp Same filter size as their 28-75mm lens and rated pretty well for the price. Next is a Tokina 80-400mm AFD, which is being released sometime in June.
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