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  1. These are usually dubbed as universal players. I don't think a recorder that also plays the high resolution format exists, nor do I think you'd want one. It'd likely have a commodity audio section which would defeat the purpose of high resolution playback.
  2. MDFreak, have you noticed if the RH1 tells you estimated battery life remaining like the NH1 does?
  3. There's actually a bug in WinDVD (or one of those programs) that allows you to rip the high resolution tracks directly to your PC. The reference I have isn't coming up right now though: http://www.highfidelityreview.com/news/new...number=14550899 The wikipedia article on DVD-Audio has links about it.
  4. Miles Davis - In a Silent Way - on the squeezebox 1. Shhh/Peaceful 2. In A Silent Way
  5. Looks like Sony had fun making this unit. I like the menu effects and the two graphic EQ's. Plus they brought back the red LED which I always liked on the NH1. When recording does the display ever shut off leaving the LED as the only activity indicator?
  6. Strip of paper placed in the case perhaps?
  7. Kurisu, Wanna race? Dash looks hot. And it's sure prettier than most new releases of cars from Honda/Toyota. Most cars lately look like they were beaten with the ugly stick...
  8. SonicStage has the potential to be better than the DSP on any given unit as the codec there can be upgraded. The DSP/codec in a recorder is set in stone once the device is created (barring firmware updates which rarely happen). Another consideration is that the recorder will resample ALL inputs to 44.1kHz, even optical. This can change the sound signature of what you're recording.
  9. streaml1ne


    They buy in bulk I think the RH1 bodes well for the format. Especially with the pre-Hi-MD upload capabilities.
  10. I have no info on the locations, but I'd easily recommend spending the extra for the SA5000.
  11. The SACD of this is even sweeter than the original CD version.
  12. Death Cab for Cutie: Plans in atrac3plus 192kbps on the E508 1. Marching Bands of Manhattan 2. Soul Meets Body 3. Summer Skin 4. Different Names for the Same Thing 5. I Will Follow You into the Dark 6. Your Heart Is an Empty Room 7. Someday You Will Be Loved 8. Crooked Teeth 9. What Sarah Said 10. Brothers on a Hotel Bed 11. Stable Song
  13. It's certainly different from the other mixtapes, definitely funkier. I like the first few tracks and the last few moreso than the middle. Overall it's a pretty listenable release but not as great as tapes 8 and 9 IMO.
  14. I'm all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake... Now the debate becomes do I sell my RH10 for it. I don't know if I can make use of 3 recorders (NH1, RH10, RH1) especially when the RH1 is the cream of the crop.
  15. I've got a 2200S and love it. When I'm ready for a new AVR I'll be buying Denon. They make really great sounding equipment.
  16. Awesome, does the 1920 have Denon Link or are you using 6-channel direct out/in to playback DVD-A and SACD?
  17. ACIDplanet.com Podcast, mp3 on PSP. http://www.acidplanet.com/podcasts/
  18. I played about 5 minutes of Untold Legends and haven't even touched Metal Gear Acid yet. This is very much a portable video, photo, reader, multifunction thinga-ma-jig for me, games are pretty much secondary. I might have to buy GTA just so I can use homebrew apps which is kind of silly, though I'll have some fun playing that . Sony should just open the damn thing up, there's so much functionality here it's a shame they're trying to stunt its growth.
  19. A PSP. Let the multifunctioning begin.
  20. Try holding down control when you click the start special link. That might bypass whatever other popup blocker you appear to have lingering about.
  21. Tape 11 dropped recently. Get your download on. www.mixed-tape.com
  22. The Used, The Used in Monkeys Audio via the Squeezebox 1. Maybe Memories 2. The Taste Of Ink 3. Bulimic 4. Say Days Ago 5. Poetic Tragedy 6. Buried Myself Alive 7. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects 8. Blue And Yellow 9. Greener With The Scenery 10. Noise And Kisses 11. On My Own 12. Pieces Mended
  23. Yea, it's a little flaky with USB hubs, but other than that I really like it.
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