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  1. Thank you SO much for this valuable information! ( I sure hope it's not just a UK-model feature, as I'm getting a US one )... what's the shortcut to shuffle play? (menu-play mode, etc...?) I see no on line manuals for this model, and... I have no patience.
  2. I've had one of each disc type fail on me. The strangest one was a hi-md disc in my NH900... after it died, I opened the disc up to find a hair-shaped (curved) scratch on the disc itself. It baffled me since these discs are so enclosed & protected. I tend to use the standard discs more often, but for different reasons.
  3. Does this model have any SHUFFLE or RANDOM play mode?? I must know as soon as possible, because I may have to ship it back if it doesn't, and it should be arriving in the mail today!! Thank you so much.
  4. I just found a Radio Shack that claims to have the blue hi-MDs in stock!! But their price? $10.00 !!! That's murder!
  5. 1 - Radiohead rules! Amnesiac & OK Computer are my faves 2 - I'll see if I can manage to keep a foot in each forum, for which I shall be all the wiser
  6. By the way, Kurisu, you at the T-board too? I can't remember... And, does your "amnesiac" title have anything to do with Radiohead by chance?
  7. Hey, thanks for the welcome... I think this is actually the MD forum I started at?? Then I noticed the T-board had either more members or quicker responses, so I went there... what drove me here today was a link from the T-board which then led me to see the threads on the blue hi-MDs here, and then this thread I've never owned an MD deck, and honestly, I wouldnt even USE it to record... I just want to be able to POP IN an MD disc and play it on my main stereo without having to have a dangling portable w/ a miniplug. It's that simple... but for $500... way outta' my range I'm afraid.
  8. I hope you do go with the RH10. I own one and think it's the best portable player in the world... and I barely ever use it to RECORD, so it's a perfect 'walkman' in my opinion. The LED's on MD players have always been the NEGATIVE for me... until the RH10 came out.
  9. Is it just me or is $500 (w/ shipping) an insane price for this thing?? Come on, it's not a home DVD-burner, it's a machine that plays an unpopular rare medium. Maybe if I wait a year or two the price will drop, or it will be on Ebay for about $200.
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