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  1. PM sent... and ... we talked too (;
  2. Thanks for the link, but I'm not about to take any risks with an overseas auction that isn't Ebay.
  3. If it is still fully functional then yes, but of course the overall look would affect price... please PM me further details - and a photo of front & back would be very helpful, thanks Danny.
  4. Anyone here willing to part with a MZ-E730?? This has really become my main MD unit and I'd love to have another. I own 2 silver and that's just not enough... would love to have the black or bronze. I'm actually not too picky on condition this time, as long as it works perfectly. Come on guys... I KNOW there's at least 2 people here who own this unit... name your price. Thanks.
  5. People ask me all the time if I'll sell an EH1, well I'm finally letting go of one of the backups... I just don't think I'll ever use it. As much as I love the forum I don't feel like dealing with offers/counter-offers, etc so I just posted this up on Ebay, but thought I'd at least give you all the heads up. Raja's backup MZ-EH1 on Ebay
  6. UUGGGGHHH... if I get one more response that doesn't have to do with offering me a unit.... (*gets all happy when I get an email notification for this thread*) @Kain... I guess I can never let go of this format.
  7. I have a blue, and a silver on the way... so now I wish to complete the collection and get the orange (red?) one... anywone here have one they are willing to part with? I wouldn't mind a backup blue either. Thanks - PM me.
  8. PM replied to. So sorry - I've just really been swamped. Thanks.
  9. Sorry - I got extremely busy getting work done before leaving for a trip, and now I'm about to return from it. Oddly, I'm online with mobile more often and I can't seem to FIND the MAILBOX for this website since the update... I know when there's a NEW message there's a number in the upper right corner but I don't see how to access mail when there is no new mail. Help?
  10. For all of those who have sent PMs/emails - I'm just letting you know I intend to get back to everyone this weekend (probably Sunday) - thanks for your patience.
  11. I've sold a couple units, but the rest I plan to sell via Ebay.... too many PM's and units at once overwelmed me, sorry.
  12. wow... a sad, yet amazing discovery. Luckily I don't use my RH1 for playback
  13. This may be a stretch, but is it at all possible its just an odd combo with your particular set of headphones??... have you tried using a lineout cable or another headphone?
  14. Ok, 1Kyle's posts have been revelatory. Ineed this thread needs to be split. I just updated my version of Sun VirtualBox (my Virtual XP) since I always ignored the "hit OK for the newer version" and the program seems to run a bit better and have more options... most importantly what has enabled me or perhaps inspired me to do something thanks to 1Kyle's directions. While I'm not going to use the CDimage thing, Alchohol, nor SimpleBurner, just check out MY setup: (keep in mind the whole reason I'm using a virtual XP is because NetMD drivers won't work to make LP2 discs) 1) Using SonicStage in my Vista 64bit platform, I rip a CD (132kbps). 2) I set my SHARED Network folder in my Virtual XP to be the root folder that SonicStage saves to (C:/ProgramData/Packages/SonyCorporation/SonicStage/Packages) 3) In SonicStage on my Virtual XP, I simply then IMPORT directly from that shared file. BINGO! That's IT. My SonicStage in Virtual XP now contains the exact same music file I just imported via SonicStage in Vista, now available to go to MD via my Virtual Machine. How cool is THAT??! Thanks again 1Kyle for the inspiration.
  15. Thanks so much for the details, and for taking the time. How are you getting this CD image file TO your VIRTUAL machine?? Virtual machines can't read CD-ROM drives, so I presume you are MAKING the image in your regular Win7 environment. How are you getting that FILE to the virtual environment to import into Alchohol, or whatever? I've tried 'sharing' files between my real Windows and virtual and have had little success.
  16. ^That post just made my head spin. Then again my setup is weird too. In order for me to make standard LP2 minidiscs, here's what I have to do: I use Sun Virtualbox to run XP in my Vista 64bit system for Sonic Stage. My main problem is every virtual PC I originally researched would not find CD-ROM hardware. So to rip a CD I have to rip it in Vista's Sonic Stage, then transfer it to HiMD disc, then rip it back into the Virtual PC's Sonic Stage from the HiMD disc, THEN it allows me to rip to an MDLP standard MD format disc. This is all because Vista 64bit does not support MDLP, only HiMD mode. Is your Alcohol image CD thing a way around ripping a CD in a virtual platform or am I missing something? Also I've never used Simple Burner before... I don't archive my music in the computer, I just want to get it to minidisc, should I try that? What's the last (most recent) version? Thanks
  17. Indeed, I have that faith as well. So what's your question?
  18. Let me know how your PM works out... I still haven't received a repsonse to mine from October 12th.
  19. PM sent for the 'electric wire' bitclubs.
  20. The past few posts sort of went over my head... are you all talking about Windows 7 supporting Sonic Stage?? Can we get back to Vista 64 please??
  21. You will NOT get "full" functionalitly. I have yet to find a VMware machine that supports ripping/playing AUDIO CDs. They're very frustrating... I tried Micro$oft's Virtual PC, that wouldn't support the NetMD drivers... then I tried VirtualBox, which read my MD player, but I could never rip CDs to Sonic Stage. If anyone has had luck with another VMware machine for the 'full' functionality as mentioned, by all means please share. I tried a dual boot system with XP and Vista 64, and somehow my computer didn't like that after a while. I can't believe how much frustration I've gone through just over Sonic Stage recently since I upgraded to Vista 64. I've reinstalled windows like 5 times, tried various VMware & dual boot combos just so I can use minidisc... very annoying, but I refuse to hang up this format. Now I have Sonic Stage working on 64 just fine in HiMD mode only, which to me is pointless as I prefer to use NetMD LP2 format.
  22. Perhaps you'll appreciate my MJ artwork on my mix MD then
  23. Wow, I'm being talked about AND quoted!! *warm fuzzies*
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