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  1. For those of you with a low internet connection, just send an email to connect ( for europe: service@connect-europe.com, you'll have to register at connect, of course ) and they'll send you a CD with SonicStage 3.2 for free Also a nice backup if Connectplayer won't work with MD / Hi-MD.
  2. 1) How annoying is the glossy surface when it comes to visability (e.g. in bright sunlight) ? 2) Can you say something about batterylife ( I think 30 hours should not be for Atrac256kbit ) 3) Which functions are provided via the remote? btw: Are you a Rammstein-Fan or is this just a preinstalled testsong?
  3. However when Sony drops MD, it seems it's not today new NetJuke with normal MD-Slot (no Hi-MD)
  4. Thank you very much I totally missed this thread
  5. Very sad to see minidisc on the way out ca. one year after presentation of Hi-MD, 7 years after my first MD device. To criticize Sony is more and more to easy, their mistakes to obvious. I like the idea of a new, more focused Sony, but they should always remember how they lost the Minidiscformat year by year - sad that this lesson had to be so hard (read: Listen to your users, Sony) to gain attention But hey, a look at your MD-Device always makes you smile again, doesn't it?
  6. bogon07, my bad - I mixed up austria and australia ..
  7. Don't they? All four 2. Gen models are listed on sony.at, and in Germany we stick with the productpages of Gen. 1 units .. I agree with the rest of your post and I hope we in Germany don't have to import 3 Gen. units
  8. I think most users agree with you in matter of design. First pictures of the new units were "photoshop-ed" and had a brighter body, whereas real life pictures are really dark. I don't think this helps sony to sell their products - A kind of unqiue design across their products is their glossy and fingerprint-cathing finish with integrated OLED ..
  9. Yes, I am quiet familiar with French and Englisch, but not with Japanese wow, I didn't know that the band split years ago - how sad .. That's for sure - Currently I listen to "antique 96"
  10. I'm listening now for years to pizzicato 5s' music and asked myself what kind of text they use for their music, because I don't understand a word .. or do you have tipps for their best-selling albums? Maybe someone can enlighten me btw: Is it true that <Andreas Dorau> is well known in china/japan ?
  11. As always, thank you, kurisu. I like the idea of bt-headphones and wireless connectivity to pc would be greatly appreciated - thats the way back on top, Sony.
  12. I think the easiest way is to right-klick the file, chose convert (choose the actual bitrate) and uncheck the DRM-Option. It's quick, cause the file is not re-encoded but freed from DRM. After that you can delete the DRM-file. Note: You can also choose a bunch of files at once ..
  13. Thanks for pointing out this link, kurisu. Sometimes I wonder how Sony could wait so long to get their problems fixed (all the management-troubles we've heard about). On the other hand I'm happy to see a real competition between Sony and Apple, Users will benefit from it a lot.
  14. Sony will get it right - this is obviously their last chance on the market .. I'm looking forward to the first review of the new software BTW: I can't resist to think this not a really "new" news for Kurisu
  15. Sonys online store germany (link) offers the new Sony-Walkman "NWA1000" and "NWA3000" NWA1000 and black like NWA 3000 - 1.5 " OLED display - 6 GB - CONNECT-Player included (End of SonicStage or another name? There's no sign of SonicStage on this page like it was with the NW-HD5) NWA 3000 - 2" OLED display - 20 GB - CONNECT-Player Is this online by msitake? I can't find further information on this .. and these are looking really sweet, Sony ..
  16. Thanks, pata2001. He installed now two identical verions of SonicStage on each PC - and guess what, it works btw, pata2001: You can interchange your library when you use SonicStage 3.2 and rip your Atracs without DRM
  17. Hm, I remeber reading some basic information on this in the Hi-MD Video pdf and it says PC and device exchange unique keys and that they (Sony) can even disable a complete device when a special key is on a "black-list" .. I really hope Sony remembers the steps from DRM in OpenMG Jukebox to DRM in SonicStage and offers soon a version of SonicStage with only basic DRM for multiple systems. Thats just annoying. If I had the choice, I think I won't get a Sony-Flashplayer...
  18. Thanks, I advised him to install version 3.2 on both PCs. Anyway, how does this system of "3 PCs per audio-device" work (- >how can SonicStage/the device know how many PCs are involved)?
  19. I have a friend who switched from a nw-E407 to a nw-E507. He used the 407 with two PCs and everything went just fine but since he upgraded to the 507 SonicStage always wants to initialize the Network Walkman on each PC - .. I dont know if he installed the same version of SonicStage on both PCs, but this configuration worked for the 407. in generall (also for the HD-series): with how many computers can an atrac audio-device be used ? I was thinking up to five..
  20. Can digital PCM recordings (with MZ-M10/100) be uploaded ?
  21. it seems that the standard skin does not have this link - am I wrong ?
  22. When you say "first USB 2.0 Atrac-Device", do you just mean the flash-based Network-Walkman? I was sure the NW-HD5 features full USB 2.0 support and speed.
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