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  1. Sony "dropped" SCMS with SonicSage 3.4, because you can do with your optical Hi-MD recordings whatever you want. I don't think they'll put it back into SonicStage again. NetMD Checkouts/Checkins: There should be another DRM information (besides SCMS) on legacy MDs, just remember the "TrackFromPC" messages on your, say, old MZ-N1. So I don't see the point why Sony should prevent you from uploading optical MD recordings - they just do not cotain this "PCbit". I think the problem is: Sony cannot determin if this is a connectdownload or a normal NetMD track on MD (Hi-MDs contain this information). That is why NetMD uploads are possible with Hi-MD, but not with legacy MD.
  2. "Hold" will be most likely on the back oft the unit, just like the NH1 Hold button.
  3. Wow, this is (again) an excellent pictorial, Ishiyoshi.
  4. Update SharpSony at minidiscforum.de pointed out a list with Sonys "EAN-Codes". You'll find the RH1 for "pre sales", the RH10 will be "discontinued without replacement". * MZRH1B.EU8,4905524323207,Hi-MD with Self-Recording USB,08 Pre Sales * MZRH10B.CEK,4901780939947,HI-MD WITH SELF-RECORDING FUNCTION,01 Discon.W/o Repl'mnt Wakeup (same forum) asked Sony Austria (not Australia ) about the RH1. They said release will be in may and that the RH1 temporary will be the only Hi-MD recorder available.
  5. Engadget always had a very special view on MD or/and Sony. Just forgive them. And then, they even didn't mention their newsspy in this case. Tse, tse. Where came just this picture from
  6. indeego

    New Hi MD Model?

    Well, I think we should read "USB 2.0 compatible" Sorry, here is the Link babelfish'd jaylen, I informed the sponsor of my forum about the RH1 and he gave me this information
  7. indeego

    New Hi MD Model?

    Picture and detailed info can be found here, in my audio blog
  8. indeego

    New Hi MD Model?

    If so, a single line display would not be a good point to start with, right?
  9. You are right, see also here.
  10. My bad, just was too excited about what I saw ..
  11. There is another new "feature". Let's say you transferred one of your mp3s to Hi-MD as an Atrac-file. Now, you loose you mp3 on your PC (for whatever reason). In the past, your mp3 was lost, well, ok you could do a real-time recording, but do this with albums and albums and .. Now, with 3.4, you just have to delete the mp3 in the SonicStage database and SonicStage will let you upload your lost file again via USB! And guess what, you could also export this file to wav, without any DRM. Anyone out there to try out if this is limited to your own PC?
  12. Ok Kurisu, just a few days left. Enjoy your trip and do not come back with bad news for Minidisc Happy new year 2006, btw.
  13. Ishiyoshi, what bitrates are supported for WMA CBR ?
  14. Next update includes: - Mixed Tape 10 - MB Podcast (german only) - Text-Tracks 01
  15. I think: Yes, if Sony provides more usability for professionell use. Sony should improve stability of Hi-MD recordings, offer a way to recover lost recordings and provide a small cross-plattform software to upload recordings (or even drag and drop for analog recodings). Futhermore they should integrate normal transfer operations to Hi-MD into ConnectPlayer to satisfy normal consumers. Wouldn't this be attractive, Prosfessionells ?
  16. Yes and no. Mediamarkt already seems to have them, Sonys OnlineStore has for now just a blue NW-A1000 and other onlinestores don't have any of them .. I think Sony will assure availability within the next weeks, after all its christmas in one month Yes, the walkman looks really nice, but I have to get my hands on it .. but I think I'll stick with Hi-MD at the end .. like always @Stuge: I hope Sony will push out the second version of Connect-Player soon and eliminate the troubles users have experienced with version 1.x .
  17. Sony finally is pushing out advertisment over here. I have to say I like the campaign: Sony.de Advertisement (klick first point for high bandwith, last for low) btw: Av-Watch offers now a review of Connect and NW-A**** series
  18. There is an overview of recordingmodes available with first and second generation units (not SonicStage): http://www.minidiscforum.de/mdfaq/2/2_5.htm
  19. Dankeschön Thank you, I think that's what makes the MD-world so special - all over the world and especially in your great forum, here
  20. We have some information on bugs with several users: - SonicStage can't open the folder specified in the options to upload (MD->PC) Recordings to - download (PC-MD) hangs when 3 or more Albums are transferred (conversion seems to fail) In both cases SonicStage 3.2 was updated and bug-free. Do any of you experience similiar problems with version 3.3 ?
  21. We found an englisch SonicStage 3.3 74,2 MB Installer at Vaio FTPlink. If I remember correctly there is no personal Audio Driver included, you may download it manually at Sonydigitallink.
  22. NW-A608 manual (includes manual for 605/607) is now also available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch via Sonydigital website.
  23. Try installing the most recent version of Connect Player as described in this thread: You can install Connect, manually! (uninstall your current version, don't try to update your current version).
  24. One day too late, but I'd like also to say: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Ishiyoshi
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