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  1. I'd like to provide you with a screenshot of the "Hi-MD Wav Importer". I do not own a mac nor a MZ-M10 / MZ-M100 so there is no way to try out what a connected MZ-M10 / MZ-M100 or MZ-NH1 would allow me to do. Just see this as a start, I'm sure Kurisu will have more detailed informations for you soon. - Screenshot -
  2. (when you get back home:) Do you have any news for Europe / germany? don't interrupt your holiday again, just forget about MD for some days enjoy the beach
  3. right, and the unit recognizes a prerecorded disc (remember the P/B only message while trying to edit the disc) I am really excited what 3. gen units will bring to us Should be better than "Ipod flea" btw: a DRM-free oma-file, created with sonicStage 3.2, can be played with SonicStage 3.1, nut no transfers are allowed nor is any conversion possible.
  4. oh, there you are well, I found two links for you (but not very cheap ) http://www.stretto.no/PartDetail.aspx?q=c:36265;p:692957 (MD 80) http://www.pixmania.com/dk/dk/102714/art/s...-1-gb.html?rd=1 (Hi-MD) and ebay: http://search.ebay.de/Hi-md_W0QQfkrZ1QQfro...QQsatitleZHi-md (new blue Hi-MD, ships worldwide from hong kong) www.mp3-player.de will also ship to you, but for an extra of 20 € (transport), each Hi-MD 8,9 €
  5. where do you live exactly, plr ?
  6. Amazon Germany offers the blue Hi-MD media für 4, 95 € each - not bad
  7. and the count for Audio-CDs also remains 0, but that is what HiMD renderer is for seems like the uploaded tracks are now labeled with their real time of recording - I havent been using uploads for some time, can someone confirm this as a "new feature" ? (only for date-stamp walkman, of course) I dont know if it has been mentioned before, but files from your HDD can also be converted to Atrac without DRM
  8. note: .wav upload and download is mentioned for mac
  9. indeego

    N10 Problems

    spyder, give sony a chance and read your manual page 43 ("per disc about 1700 characters")
  10. are the original files in stereo or mono-mode encoded ? if they are mono this problem has been reported some time ago ... you´ll have to follow ROMBUSTERS' advice and re-rip them into wav ...
  11. indeego

    Soaked Nh1

    nice saw a report on them on tv .. I was really amazed about their features ..
  12. indeego

    Soaked Nh1

    I agree with Qwakrz, we had a beer-accident in our forum and it was solved with distilled water - good luck btw: is this a DS ("diva") in your avatar, bobt ?
  13. indeego

    Soaked Nh1

    bobt, what kind of damage are we talking about and was the NH1 running when it fell into the water?
  14. really nice seems like the Rh910 + Rh10 share their "mechanism deck" with the MZ-NH900 (see page 8, Rh910 or Rh10 service manual)
  15. well, I hope to see any of these colors in germany - sony is far behind any marketing on their own website except some small informations that there will be new units .. ( can't find any info on sony.co.uk either .. )
  16. hey physya, for me you would be the first known DH710 owner please report on this Hi-MD walkman when you receive it
  17. I have to say that this is not the whole truth ... as you can see in the attachment a patched european RH10 just works well with the 3 lines of the remote ..
  18. good news, kurisu. hehe, dont we all hope/think: with the first firmwareupdate ever
  19. nice, indeed. while reading your txt, kurisu, I shortly stopped: too much "DRM, protection, secure and >Digital Content Protection<" for me
  20. I wish sony had made something similiar for the NH1 .. no title-info is just annoying when connect through lineOUT @Breepee2/digiOUT: when this unit appeared there were rumours in the first days that it features a digiOUT
  21. see page 42 in your german manual. a bookmark will remember the track, not the postion within the track.
  22. bookmarks or trackmarks, ahs ? trackmarks dont work an pc-transferred files, bookmarks can alway be set.
  23. this would be nice, perhaps including a small description
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