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  1. Jo, kann ich, bin im Erasmusprogramm und verbringe ein Semester hier.

  2. Hey, Danke, mir geht's gut ;-) bin derzeit in Frankreich und mit dem Internet hapert es noch..


  3. Same here, bought a remote from him, would do it again
  4. Ok, there is no reason to sell one of these great units, but at least I'll have to try Please units in good condition only. Shipping to Germany needed.
  5. No need to, I am looking for a blue one only. Thanks anyway
  6. Is this a silver or blue MZ-N1 and how much is shipping to germany?
  7. Good Luck to you and your team, Christopher
  8. Hey Marc, I can't tell you how surprised I was to see a new version of your great software. That being said, I am sorry to say it's not working for me. It crashes when I try to scan a Hi-MD. i attached the error log for you. Anyway, nice to see development 3d96_appcompat.txt
  9. Sounds kind of a nostalgic retrospective - the function within SonicStage I enjoy most is "Get CD Info" for imported files/folders .. very helpful. However, drag'n'drop is way better than SonicStage, I simply wouldn't use sony's WALKMAN software to do it
  10. Well, not as far as I (and hopefully Sony) know(s)
  11. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Ishiyoshi! All the best for you - hope you'll have a great day
  12. source http://www.heise-security.co.uk/news/98181
  13. source http://www.heise-security.co.uk/news/98181
  14. And what exactly makes you believe the Malaysian model is discontinued?
  15. My RH1's back looks the same, but I don't think this is a sign of a RH1 made in Japan, or is it?. On the manual stands: "Printed in Malaysia" (which means probably nothing at all). Convince me
  16. I thought the RH1 is a Malaysian model only - how do you know?
  17. I am not worried as long as there is an "active" behind the ean-code:
  18. Press "P Mode/Repeat" on your remote control 3 times and you are in shuffle/repeat mode. You can repeat/shuffle your bookmarks or a certain group by pressing "P Mode/Repeat" for at least 3 seconds, then choose your setting.
  19. Nice find, Avrin. Maybe you can provide us with even more tweaks
  20. Hehe, I am sure kurisu and Ishiyoshi will soon publish something on the blog Btw, did you notice that the NW-A800 lacks the remote connector or did I miss it? Edit: There is none. Visit walkmanvideomp3.com for high-res shots and a video of the NW-A800.
  21. Videos CAN also be drag'n'droped and for bitrates, the Sony sites are never really usefull in this matter. Btw, the thread reads "Sony Germany", so if you can read german, I have gatherd all the information I found here (NW-A80x) und here (NW-e01x)
  22. DSP; are you sure the track is DRMed? Can you play it on another PC? Is it a subscription service like napster?
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