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  1. Sorry. In the blog there is a special driver for Vista mentioned. I'd try to re-install your existing driver (remove, reboot, install, reboot, start sonicstage, plug walkman in). Good luck
  2. Re-Read the blog entry for SonicStage 4.3 and you are done(, if it is a driverproblem).
  3. indeego

    .hma file

    No problem, let me know if you have certain problems - I'll help out if I can
  4. indeego

    .hma file

    Just do it - I havent seen a translation so far, thank you
  5. Thank you guys - it's nice that you care that much about your members
  6. You definitely can upload write-protected legacy MDs, but not Hi-MDs. And yes, this is just strange behaviour
  7. Thanks There are some new levels (under User levels), but whne I go to "Start" and "Extra-Levels" it says that no new level can be found on the memory stick. Is that normal? Btw: Did you upgrade to firmware 2.71 or do you use the 2.71 emulator for 1.5 ?
  8. Ok, starting with The lemmings .. I'd prefer another control-option (analog stick to select lemmings, left/right/up/down to move screen ... just vice versa of what is the case) - the rest is well done Is it possible to change those extra-levels? I have a japan-psp, can't register at yourpsp.com and can't download those levels
  9. This is amazing - third place, thank you Jürgen This event is just unbelievable ... cant we have this every year And now, good luck france and Zizu
  10. Thank you, Ishiyoshi I'll give you my feedback asap.
  11. afrokenjonny, can you please give me the correct number/name for the battery used in the NW-A3000? Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I know LocoRoco wants me to upgrade to at least firmware 2.7 (which I in general don't want because of my homebrew bomberman arena). How about Golf and Katamari?
  13. Ok, what should I buy when I want easy operation and mostly have time for 10-30 minutes to play? Except Lemmings, those I'll get anyway
  14. Downgrader for 2.5/2.6 is here and works (except TA-082)
  15. As far as I know Mertesacker was hit by Cufre and Schweinsteiger by Tevez (?) ... Then everybody went crazy, I asssume Bierhoff wanted to calm down the situation, but failed and was hit too. Woohoooo, Allez les Bleues
  16. Thanks Wow, this was thrilling ... Btw, what team are you placing your bets on, Ishiyoshi?
  17. I think England would auto-self-distruct when they lose again
  18. .. but they wont see anything after the 1/4 final
  19. Thanks Against Argentina, this is nearly a second final Oh, indeed.
  20. Wohoo, 2:0 Wir fahren nach Berlin
  21. MZ-RH1 User manual is now available for download in several languages (english, french, dutch, italian, german, spanish).
  22. indeego

    Sonicstage CP

    All I know is what Av-Watch reported earlier this day. I am sure Sony will offer Video content (sooner or later), their "next" iPod killer (nov/dec 06?) will for sure feature such video playback, besides the fact that we might see this also for PSP.
  23. indeego

    Sonicstage CP

    Yes, Details can be found here. ;-)
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