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  1. I have those Sennheiser HD-202. They are not very well regarded. I find mine very muddy and bassy compared to my other headphones. I'm only using mine for quitar practising tbh.
  2. Maybe. 2GB is in theory possible with HiMD but not backward compatible. But they never made them its only theory.
  3. There aren't 2GB discs, and theres no players that can handle them even if they did exist.
  4. Have to say I don't bother, I just convert to Wav for editing.
  5. On reflection, you're probably right about live recording. I don't think theres any solution better than a HiMD at the price. Really Sony's missing a trick not promoting the HiMD for recording. Especially with all the sources now available. One of the very first results from Google. http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2007/05/18...c-shootout.html http://www.google.ie/search?client=firefox...G=Google+Search
  6. Pretty much. I burn a Audio CD with the WAV's as an archive. Then I make MP3's of them for my main music library. End of problems.
  7. There are bad earphones/headphones with more than 16 ohm. So thats no guarantee of quality. I thought the idea behind low impedance earphones is to maximize battery life. You could argue that if you serious about sound quality you'd be using a line out and a dedicated headphone amp anyway.
  8. Pretty much anything else. I've never heard of any other Music Manager that can lock you out of your own music like SonicStage can. iTunes can muck up your file struture, but it won't lock you out. I use media monkey myself, or just good old Windows Explorer. Using explorer drop a folder (containing music) in SS and it imports it. Hit transfer and over it goes.
  9. Decided to pickup guitar again. Impulse buy tbh. http://www.elderly.com/new_instruments/items/SESC-WB.htm
  10. I doubt it would make any different to a GFX performance. The GPU is more important. Maybe I missunderstand what you meant though. richyhu did you notice much difference and how much ram do you have?
  11. More reliable is not to use SonicStage for your library. IMO
  12. More on planned obsolescence. http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/com...11/luddite_1122
  13. I use CDWAVE for splitting Wav's.
  14. I have no need for any small disk these days. I have a Mp3 player which is a 2GB Flash Stick, which I use very rarely but is handy because it the size of a stick of gum and I almost always have it on me. For bigger stuff I have a 250GB 2.5" USB powered external.
  15. What about the ongoing LAME development. http://lame.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*...ml/history.html Its debatable if the vast majority of people can hear any difference between different codecs at high bitrates. There may be a difference at low and very low bitrates, but thats an argument of which sounds least bad IMO.
  16. English is different everywhere. Apple like to end a product line so they can sell a new one. They do something similar in Japan with cars. They keep changing them so that people will buy the latest one.
  17. That would explain it. Perhaps in the US they use it more. I would be more familiar with using removable battery or non removable battery to describe that.
  18. I'm confused about what your talking about tbh. Could you not use the terms download and upload when talking about transfers to and from the player, and between SonicStage Libraries. Ditto supports. Its confusing. To me at least. Are you saying, tracks transferred to a player can only be transferred back to the SonicStage library/installation that originally transferred them? So for example, if you transfer all your SonicStage tracks to MD's or onto a Player. Then reinstall SonicStage on the PC. The tracks cannot be transferred back to this new SonicStage install? Effectively theres no way of transferring these tracks off the disks. I never used HiMD like that. For me it makes more sense to keep a single library of all your music on the computer rather than across a load of disks. In fact it makes more sense now as SonicStage is being dropped to keep your library out of SonicStage completely. Only using it for specific transfers to and from players/disks and nothing else.
  19. It removes the noise AND the music, and if encoding something already compressed like MP3 it adds noise. IMO.
  20. I've never had that problem with encryption keys. But I turn off all DRM maybe thats why. I don't use SonicStage to manage my files any more, but when I did this is how I did the backup manually. http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...8&hl=Backup
  21. Actually I didn't know what it meant Hence my question. So I Wikied it and that didn't clarify it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accumulator
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