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  1. Just rip your own. Wheres the problem?
  2. I think its a bit pointless worrying which codec is less brutal at low bitrates like the ones you get from iTunes. If you want decent SQ use high bitrate or lossless. End of. Most people aren't interested in SQ. Thats the simple truth. Personally I can't stand DRM and low quality. Buying 2nd hand CD's is a better deal alround. MP3Sparks.com is not really legal. At best you could say its a grey area. You mean gapless. Doesn't bother me, but I can see why it would. Pity other codec aren't as good as ATRAC with gapless. Are Sonys' other walkmen (non HiMD/MD) gapless with ATRAC? Out of curiosity whats the different in the album art? I don't really like how iTunes or SonicStage work. But I can use either without any problems. But I would say both applications are poorly designed and have too limited features for no good reason. SonicStage was very badly written and buggy for a long time. Though its ok now. Theres still major bugs in it like the problem with ATRAC Lossless being useless.
  3. Cool. We've nothing like that. I'm always on the look out for old Discman etc. But we nothing like that here. Generally the used stores/markets are full of absolute junk.
  4. In a couple of decades of working in IT, and Wintel PC's. Viruses and malware are extremely rare events for me to see, even on other peoples computers. Whats Hardoff?
  5. Learn to backup Given my HiMD a second life.
  6. Must be nice living in your own fantasy land.
  7. I have empathy for an old school approach. But none for the logic that all less capacity is better, otherwise MD > HiMD. Or that MD/HiMD units are the pinnacle of UI and ergonomics or they never fail. Theres a bunch of other DAPs out there besides iPods, but why do people here always drone on about iPods? Even Sony make DAPs and HD ones too! Why not a thread about the SQ of the Sony DAPs vs RH1.
  8. If you've a habit of dropping expensive electronics, I guess don't buy them. Same would apply to a decent camera, DSLR, PDA etc. I wouldn't go back to the inconvience of a film camera because digital cameras aren't as robust, regardless of the quality of film. Its not about listening to X amount of hours. But listening to the right 3mins.
  9. This is my way of thinking too. Love my MD/HiMD but I know what is isn't. Ditto the portable MP3 players I have. They work well together. I record a lot of stuff for my MP3 player on the HiMD. They work well together. Have to say I'm tempted by a classic. I'm finding my 2GB MP3 player too small, and really the whole synching playlist is just a pain. With a Classic I could just finally just put all my music on it.
  10. If you consider SonicStage supports MP3 and WMA, including WMA lossless, (albeit without gapless)
  11. "all of Sony’s new Walkman music and video players MP3 or WMA"
  12. 1. No 2. Thats a mechanical failure nothing to do with software.
  13. PICS INCLUDED:Sony finally dumps Sonic stage - Playforsure NW-A800 released! http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=257573
  14. I don't get you. I don't use the tags. I use file names and folders. My usual playback and navigation is with the filetree mode in MediaMonkey. Its the same as explorer but with a player. I also use filetree to copy the files on to my Samsung MP3 player. The MP3 player is set to use filetree no ID3 tags. So I don't use the ID3 tags for navigation or playback. I only use ID3 tags when I have a player that doesn't support filetree. Like a HiMD, Creative or iPod etc. MediaMonkey has some powerful functionality for building tags from filetree and building filetree from tags. So thats handy for cleaning up stuff thats named or tagged badly. But thats really only to be pedantic. I don't need the tags. Same way I don't need ID3 tags for any of my other non music data. The limitation of filetree is not the number of files or finding files. Its limitation comes when you want to complex searches which go beyond simply finding a file, or create complex relationships between data. IMO
  15. Make threads a little confusing if you make that assumption all the time.
  16. You must have missed my post then...
  17. My comments re copywrite refer to writing software to handle encode/decode ATRAC/OMA files and their transfer back and forth to Sony devices like HiMD. Can't agree about your limits on files. My music library is about 12,000 files and 50 GB's. All organised pretty well by filetree IMO. I think the deepest it goes is 4 levels. So max of 4 doubleclicks to find any file. I organise both by filetree and ID3 tag as I have different players, some use tags some don't. Come to think of it if I consider all my other data photos, graphics, docs, work progects etc I'd easily have > 100,000 all well organised by file tree. Got knows who many files I'd manage at work. Obviously there are limitations. If you want to search by all artists who released an album in 1994 with more than 10 tracks and with "k" in their name. Then I could only do that by using a database of some sort. But I think people who do that are beyond "normal" users.
  18. Sparky191

    Way Forward

    The existing functionality of HiMD & SonicStage 4.x is fairly comprehensive and already achieves a lot of what you asking for. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you would be better off starting a list of features/functionality that isn't available with the current hardware/software in order of priority.
  19. http://cgi.ebay.ie/Sony-Walkman-MZ-R700-Mi...bayphotohosting 700 is the same without the radio remote. That might work with the 700 I don't know. Theres also this one http://cgi.ebay.ie/SONY-MZ-NF610-NET-MD-MI...1QQcmdZViewItem
  20. Whats dumb is complaining an apple isn't an orange. You can get them 2nd hand and you can still get RH1's if you are willing to look around and pay the money. My local shops still have RH1's. http://www.peats.com/cgi-bin/test_new/cata...t=1&id=9813 Its about $500 though.
  21. Could you give an example?
  22. Would it not just be cheaper to buy another one 2nd hand?
  23. People have tried and failed. Also its most likely copyright violation. I would assume Sony specifically prohibits reverse engineering. Don't really agree with that. At the end of the day they are all filing systems. Obviously with a true database you have more options on how to search. But even a flat file system large amounts of data can be managed.
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