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  1. Sorry my bad, I missed the non HiMD bit. Seems to loads of them on ebay and most used forums. Is there much of a difference between non HiMD and HiMD players in terms of battery life?
  2. Last time I looked there wasn't. Is there loads of them now?
  3. I've always like the sound of ATRAC and MD/HiMD myself. I think you just like one device over another. I know when I did blind back to back testing with my MD/HiMD, CD portable and MP3 players, I ended up picking the MP3 player. But my HiMD NH700 doesn't have a HD amp. Maybe thats why. If you do some digging around there are ways to improve the sound from a iPod. Some iPods are better than otherws too. Head-Fi is a good place to start. But if you are happy with HiMD why change.
  4. http://www.minidiscaccess.com/generic76.html
  5. http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/337/C13084/ Check out the screens. I wonder what the record functionality is? Voice recorder, FM radio recorder, http://www.i4u.com/article9034.html http://www.mp4soup.com/339/sony-pmx-u50-pm...iew-mp4-player/
  6. Anyone buy one of these MP3 players B100? Locally they seem to be quite cheap.
  7. IMO don't rely on just one medium.
  8. I have no idea what you're on about.
  9. I think the inference was why not fix the DVD problem.
  10. Very reliable. If slow. Also you'd probably need to have more than one HiMD unit in case one fails. As with all backups, have more than one copy of the same data.
  11. My first cassette walkman was the size of a paperback, took 4 AA batteries and lasted about 3hrs. I can remember going bus journeys with a spare set of batteries and about 5 tapes. Man i hated those cheap headband phones they used to have. Times have certainly changed for the better.
  12. I assume Wiz you are talking to me? Doesn't matter if I drop it. Theres a backup of it in 2 other locations. At worse I'd lose a few days updates.
  13. All equipment can fail hence why you need backups. The more portable and accessible the backup the more useful it is. I've had 3 MD/HiMD units. I'm down to one now because the others have failed. (Lasers). If I was traveling and my HiMD failed the odds of picking up a new one are very poor. If I had my music as MP3's on a backup HD with me (I usually carry a 80GB 2.5" USB drive in my bag) I could easily buy any MP3 player off the shelf and get my library on to it. I also back up my work and photos from my DSLR and mobile phone on the drive aswell.
  14. What media do you throw so much off???
  15. You only lose music on an iPod if you've done something silly like delete it off the computer that it came from. With all computers you should have a regular backup. Even SonicStage has that option. The context was sharing disks with other people. You can use CDRWs if you want to reuse them. USB Flash Drives are very cheap now too. Well yes. But its not really a feature that in much demand, other than a small niche of people like us. Why just the iPod theres loads of other DAPs some of which can record. Not as well as HiMD, but then even with recording the other DAPs haven't set the world on fire either. http://www.xtrememac.com/audio/earphones_r...video/index.php http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage...oduct_Id=277661 Personally I don't edit my HiMD recordings on the HiMD either. Much nicer to do it on a computer with a large screen. IMO.
  16. Your english is great! I just wanted a better idea of the shipping cost. Thanks for the info!
  17. I like having my collection at work on a USB powered 2.5 external. I wouldn't consider it lugging. Its pretty light.
  18. Umm an iPod. That would be 30 HiMD's or 90 Regular MD's. Do you generally send that many HiMDs or MDs to friends? Impressive. I guess someone with iPod or indeed any DAP (dunno why its ways an iPod in these iHate posts ) could use CDRW or DVDRW. Personally since CDR or DVDR is so cheap I consider them almost disposable and generally use them instead of the rewritable ones.
  19. Use your own amp and the line out http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.p...807&page=36 Doesn't have to be iPods either http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.p...807&page=35
  20. ATRAC is supported on a lot of Sony DAPs as is MP3. TBH they put so little effort into ATRAC these days it can't have a bright future. Unless something new happens with it.
  21. What has the title Got to do with your question? Whats i-Thief? Improve what ways? What ways does sony current do it? Thats usually the way these things run... :
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