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  1. ....Black, the "BM" probably stands for black etc. Your old one was most probably just defective.
  2. Hi Wing Glad to hear you got that sorted! The only thing that indicates to me that maybe my model was destined for the UK is that on the packaging where the barcode stickers are, it is printed after the model number "NW-E407/BM". The BM may mean British model? Maybe your model has a similiar sticker on the back of the box? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Could be the quality of your mp3's etc. If I was you, I would take it back and get a replacement.
  4. that's low. is your AVLS switched on or off?
  5. Currently listening to on max volume!!! :-
  6. Is there a volume hack for the NW-E400/500 series? I live in the UK so the volume ain't too good.
  7. Currently listeng to on my NW-E407:-
  8. These are still current on the sony uk website. they must still be popular. do the stay in the ear or fall out easily like fontopias, and is the bass good? they seem to have a similiar frequency response to the mdr-931's.
  9. MDR-ED21LP....has anyone tried these? the frequency response looks promising, 8-23.000. mdr-ex71's go down to 6hz which is low. the ed21's are only 2hz higher. alot of the sony ear buds go from around 16hz to 22hz. the ed21's are a cross between the canal phone and the fontopia.
  10. .....to keep costs down. you can pick up a pack of six foams for £1gbp/$1 or $2 in your local electronics shop (ie. tandy/radio shack/maplin).
  11. A Sony replacement part specialist is asking $30.95 US dollars for MDR-E808.
  12. I got these specs off the net, Can you believe they want $30.95 US dollars for this piece of crap. Now compare with the specs for the MDR-E931's MDR-E808 FONTOPIA HEADPHONE Fontopia ear bud headphones Drive units: 1.3 cm diameter Frequency response: 50Hz-20,000Hz MDR-E931 10-23000 hz 108 db 16mm driver sattc Why couldn't Sony supply the MDR-E931 with all models?
  13. This is what you get with the the E403/405. Better ones are supplied with E407 upwards. I think the model number for these is E808
  14. no! i bought both players from the sony shop at the same time. my e407 came with the e931, but the e405 came with what look like i had bundled in with my old minidisc. the standard sub-standard earbuds .
  15. I bought a pair of ex71's to go with my nw-e407 and to be honest i wasn't too impressed. Bass was good, but mid range and treble practically non-existent. I have now gone back to the stock phones that came with the player, and to be honest the sound quality is far much better. Reasonable bass and good mid range and treble. I think I will stick to these for now. I bought the nw-e405 for my girlfriend and hers were supplied with not so good an earphone as my nw-e407. Listening to both players, I could tell my buds were far better sounding than hers. Obviously I didn't tell her that, lol. As for not fitting in the ear and falling out of the ear, I guess it just depends on the shape and size of the ear, my ones fit fine.
  16. markey

    NW-E407 - VOLUME

    i usually listen to this player between 25-31, but at vol level 31 it doesn't seem loud enough. is there anything that can be done to increase the volume? just bought a pair of mdr-ex71sl's.(damn, that extension cord is way too long!) they sound good but i am sure I can push them a little further. Is it that these core players don't have enough amplification? I have got the AVLS switched off so it can't be that. any advice welcome.
  17. cheers guys, i'll stick with the 3.4
  18. Does anyone know best version of sonicstage? (user friendly etc.)
  19. Thanks Dinko, I think you hit the nail on the head! The player is only ever in my coat pocket when I am walking when it does this. When I am holding it or sitting on the train when it's in my coat pocket it works fine.
  20. Since early December, 3 and a half months.
  21. Hi Stuge, thanks. My repeat settings are switched off.
  22. markey

    NW-A1000 & REMOTES

    I have an RM-MC35ELK remote I bought off of ebay last year to go with my old minidisc player. I am now thinking of buying the A1000. Will the remote work properly with it? If not whats the best one to get? I have seen older postings here asking the same questions, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this as yet. I read an older posting regarding the RM-MC33ELK not working properly.
  23. At least twice a day my NW-E407 will switch itsef off and go back to the very first track on the player. Has anyone else experienced this on any of Sony's flash players?
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