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  1. the himd big cases are very similar to the pre-recorded minidisc cases. I don't know why they did this...
  2. I just bought 10 batteries for $35 dollars. I ordered the batteries from Chile, South America and send them to a friend in Mendon, NY. Very quick shipment and awesome customer service. BTW they accept payments thru paypal. You must buy a pair of batteries at this price!
  3. hello Is it possible to record in real Sp mode in a 1GB himd disc? thanks
  4. Hello I own a mzr900 and I want to repair it. My recorder doesn't play, record ro even read anything, so it's a problem with the optical head (I think that's the name). I know it's going to be expensive to repair that. So I want to know the aprox price for the repair (if someone know or had the same problem), and the most important thing is that I want to locate a sony repair center near Mendon, NY (zip 14506). Please I need your help. Thanks you. Sebastian
  5. hi i just bought a pair of new gumstick type sony batteries for my mznh900. I've heard that you must charge them completely the first time. Is it true? What else should I do to make my batteries long lasting? Thanks Sebastian
  6. I read a about a month ago a simple method to remove the micro (not big) scratches from my swatch wath "plastic glass". I think that the material used in the front of the mzrh10 is very similar to that. Use a towel (a soft one) and put some brasso on it. Now, polish your rh10 with that. It works very very good with my watch (the little scratches disappeared!) and it's a simple and cheap solution. Try that. Let me know if it works for you too. Sebastian check the first posts in here: http://www.3g.co.uk/3GForum/printthread.php?t=22693
  7. simple burner will transfer even in PCM so I think the sound quality it's not a problem. The only thing is that you can't transfer in SP mode using SimpleBurner. But you can use Hisp which in my opinion is very very similar in quality to Sp mode or you can use Pcm and get real good quality recordings. Sebastian
  8. I'm not quite sure, but i know that in the mznh1 you can do some settings only via remote control. I suppose that you have the unit set to advance menu option . sebastian
  9. if you want to buy remotes check ebay (enter the complete model number for search).
  10. I want to see this! good luck and great idea Sebastian
  11. sebastianbf


    you can put that plastic film protections that people with palms use to keep the screen without scratches, just cut a little piece an put it in the remotes screen. It's not hard to find them and you can change the plastic many times. Sebastian
  12. i think that the battery will have a longer life if you charge it when it's completely empty. something about a memory issue. search the forums or search in google for battery use or something like that. sebastian
  13. If you have a collection of older format minidisc, I should keep it. I think that you can't edit old format mds with the 2nd gen recorders. If you want to record in true SP you should keep it too. It's up to you. Sebastian
  14. I think that your problem is with the recorder receiving vibration. Try to left it in a table or something where it doesn't receive any kind of vibration or movementet. You can find a hint about this in the mznh900 manual. Sebastian
  15. hi i want to buy a pair of earphones to use with my mznh900. i'm looking for phones that cost less than $40 dollars. i want you to help me decide which one of this models is the best one for use with my mznh900: MDR-EX71SL or MDR-ED31SP i don't know so much about headphones, so coud anyone explain me what is more important : a bigger frequency response or a bigger sensitivity. i don't know exactly what they mean. so please explain me. Please recommend me some others earphones that in your opinion are equal or better than the ones i mentioned above. here are some specs about the two models : MDR-ED31SP Type: Open-air, Dynamic Driver Unit: 16mm diameter, CCAW voice coil Magnet: Neodymium Cord: LC-OFC, 0.5m (remote friendly) Plug: Gold-plated, Stereo straight Mini Plug Impedance: 16 ohms Sensitivity: 108 dB/mW Power handling capacity: 100mW Frequency Response: 8 - 23,000Hz MDR-EX71SL Type: Lateral, In-the-ear, Closed, Dynamic Driver Unit: Aperture 9mm (CCAW voice coil adoption) Cord: OFC; Neck Chain, 0.5m (remote friendly) Plug: Gold-plated, Stereo straight Mini Plug Impedance: 16 ohms at 1 kHz Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW Power handling capacity: 100mW Frequency Response: 6 - 23,000Hz
  16. This is a problem with all rh10s (except with japanese versio ones I think). Check the NEWS section on this forum to find out how to fix this problem. Sebastian
  17. why don't you try installing an older version of sonicstage
  18. try desconnecting (wait 5-10 seconds) and reconnecting the usb to the pc while sonicstage is running. second thing is that you can't use simple burner while sonicstage is open. so try to use one of them at a time. if you still have problems after doing this, try to reinstall both sonicstage and simple burner. remember to uninstall completely first. sebastian
  19. Take a look inside of the unit to see if there's any dirt in the lens. maybe blow inside a little bit. don't get anything inside the machine. if it doesn't work , you should use a minidisc lens cleaner. If your warranty is still valid you should take your rh10 to sony and let them to fix it. BTW I use to have the same problem with my old mzr900, so I took it to sony and they told me that the lens was defective. So in my personal opinion, take it ASAP to sony repair store or something. hope that helps Sebastian
  20. I want to ask to all of you (specially to kurisu): now that rh10s has been firmware updated. is there any chance to expect a firmware update for 1st gen Himd to correct the problem when editing tracks in hi-lp mode?
  21. You still can divide the track in sonicstage. I know it's not the easiest or better way to edit a track but I think that's your only chance now to edit the track.
  22. I know it's a little off topic here. but please anyone of you (above "posters") tell me what should i expect from ex71s. I have a mznh900 and a pair of eggos 66. so i want to buy a pair of ex71s to use while walking (the eggos are too big) but i want a good sound quality. so should i choose ex71s or another model (aboyut the same price please) thank you all
  23. for the firmaware update information (to fix the missing letters problem) check this: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=10434
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