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  1. Jim, you'd have to check if WMP adds the art to the ID3 tag or if it uses its own system. If not, you might have to use something like MediaMonkey or a similar program to add art to the ID3 tag itself.
  2. Before drag 'n drop, Sony players would put MP3/WMA/AAC into at .oma container, the same way that an Xvid/DivX file is in an .avi container. There's no transcoding go on, only Sony's DRM.
  3. Cool. Seems like a sensible upgrade. I hope that there's some sort of phone integration using the Bluetooth. Anyway, will be cool to see the pics.
  4. Nice design - I like it Sony and other large companies have their own lineshows in Feb or March so as not to get lost in the CES deluge. If Sony are to release anything new soon, we'll see it there. -Nav
  5. http://www.jp.playstation.com/store/mediamanager/index.html PSP and PS3 firmware updates... and now free software. Sony must be in the Christmas spirit or something! Great for us -Nav
  6. Yeah, I also just downloaded it out of curiosity. Was hoping it was going to work with the PSP... But after testing out the Zune software (also out of curiosity), I was really impressed. It's clean and fast and organized. I think if I need to replace my DAP, I'll wait until they release the Zune 80GB in Canada. -Nav
  7. @marftarf: Almost certainly no - MM doesn't support ATRAC and the hd5 needs things to be wrapped in an .oma container (oma is the extension of ATRAC files). -Nav
  8. Unfortunately, doesn't support the PSP. Was sorta' looking forward to being able to manage RSS feeds using this. Ah well. The odd thing about it is the way it organizes by file directory, rather than artist name etc. -Nav
  9. navsimpson

    Any News?

    Yeah, I was wondering that too. It seems now that Sony fans finally have some decent players, we have less to complain about! Maybe when Media Manager comes out, we'll all be back griping about how it doesn't work... I would guess that Sony is going to hold off on releasing any new players for a while. Maybe middle of next year? -Nav
  10. So, does that mean that support for the iPod video format might come to the PSP? 'Cause a disparity exists in that regard between the PSP and the Walkmans right? Anyone? -Nav
  11. Does anyone know if the same Media Manager will be used with the PSP? -Nav
  12. If it's the newer NWA-A81x series, then I believe it will, as the files should be MP3s, WMAs or AACs. If it's the older NWA-80x series, then no, as the files on the player will be have an .oma extension, even if they're MP3s. -Nav
  13. http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/produc...uct.asp?pid=423 So... maybe the PSP/PS3 will also get FLAC support? If Sony are slowly dropping ATRAC in the US/Europe, then maybe they'll add FLAC to replace AAL. -Nav
  14. Yeah, I thought the whole thing was confusing too - maybe they didn't know about the price drop on the US site until later? The Zen thing is strange too. Ah well. -Nav
  15. I dunno why the review went up a few weeks ago only to now be followed up by an Editor's Choice award with its own separate blog posting - but hey, good news for Sony as they try and grow market share in the States. http://crave.cnet.com/8301-1_105-9797565-1...&subj=Crave -Nav
  16. Okay fine! When I said tech savvy, I meant that the sort of person reading a CNET review usually has some familiarity with tech and many readers are 'tech savvy' i.e. use hacks, have brand preferences etc. Besides, wouldn't reading a wide variety of reviews count as 'doing one's own research'? I've been burned a couple of times by CNET reviews - they rated a pair of Logitech speakers highly and they were just awful), but their reviews are pretty decent and Jasmine seems to be on top of her stuff. I just thought it was important because a mainstream-ish tech site gave a positive review to a Sony DAP, which almost never happens. PC World gave the s610 series a 3.5/5 because of 'limited video format support' - even though the iPod also supports only one type of video (i.e. the same format the s6x an a8x support!), so it's good to see that Sony's belated improvements have been recognised. -Nav
  17. First time ever that a Sony DAP has gotten a favourable review from CNET. I think it's significant because, regardless of what you think about CNET, they have a lot of sway in the tech-savvy market. http://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-players/sony-n...ml?tag=pdtl-img -Nav [Edit]: Okay, it's not the first time ever - but basically the first time since the HD5, when the market was very different.
  18. Yeah - in terms of lacking sparkle, I find that LAME tracks sound much more detailed in the high-end (whisper, cymbals, reverb etc.) than ATRAC. Back to back, ATRAC 352 and LAME VBR 0 sound pretty much the same to me, but LAME is basically half the size.
  19. Yeah, I posted this a while back and the reader review of the a815 showed an insert that Media Manager for the Walkman was coming later this year. -Nav
  20. Yeah, I continue to be impressed by my PSP. I find I'm using my Walkman less and less, largely because the PSP downloads podcasts automatically and it's easier to just carry one thing (even if it is much bigger). The newer firmwares with the full-res video made a big difference too - it's really amazing video quality. -Nav
  21. Man, I am so confused. New 8 series, 6-series, new 7-series with NC, and now a new 5 series that doesn't play video? All of which is made worse by Acariss' hints that something else is coming as well?! AAaaaahhhh! -Nav
  22. I would strongly disagree. The iPhone is innovative precisely because of the interface, not what the interface does. If one were to argue that is function that is paramount, then you could say that the existence of arrow keys on a keyboard means that the mouse wasn't really innovation. The iPhone, like the iPod before it, prioritises the experience of using the device as a fundamental tenet of its aesthetic and functional presence. I find my Walkman is perfect for my uses, but I never enjoy using it - it does nothing to make me feel more connected to my music collection; if anything, it throws up barriers through an ugly, clunky interface. Basically, if iPods just sounded better, there would be no reason to look at Sony products. -Nav
  23. navsimpson

    Sony S71x

    Because noise cancelling is an extra layer of audio processing, it usually degrades audio quality. If it's the difference between you hearing your music or not, then obviously it's beneficial, but some good in-ear headphones (Shure, Sony's higher end models) are probably a better solution unless you fly a lot. -Nav
  24. The rep also says that the player only plays ATRAC, which is obviously wrong - maybe s/he just doesn't know?
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