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  1. works on windows 8.1. Wonder if anybody has windows 10 and got it working?
  2. I am addicted to minidisc to. Wish they would still support it and bring out new models, but thats probably not going to happen. I love the sound quality and customising each disc. And I don't have to worry about a 60 GB mp3 player suddenly conking out. Love it.
  3. Me too. Sadly they have no more left I bought one before and it had a battery missing. How have you fared with the units you got?
  4. Wow thank you so much! I just bought a load tonight, and they are at £1.99. Thanks for sharing this with us. I might get some more at this price lol!
  5. Lol. Got me when me guard was down! Nice one.
  6. Then another unit to get for the double sided. Lol. I heard that the maximum a disc can have with the current filesystem is 4.1GB. I think a bigger disc will boost MD on the whole, as people get hungry for capacity. So Sony, if you are reading this thread, please think about releasing such discs!
  7. Hello there, I am in the UK., I've had the RH1 for a while, my main use is for recording my compositions and live gigs. I jumped from Sharp MD to Hi-MD and it has been better than I expected. I even listen to cds I put onto MD. Which sound great. I would personally recommend the RH1 over the other ones if you are after longer recording time,higher recording quality and fast upload times. Cheers, James
  8. Is Audacity suitable for removing noise from vinyl recordings, and if so, is it stragihtforward? Someone recommended Spin It Again for vinyl noise removal.
  9. I use my units working out and would agree with some padded sleeve / protection of some sort. I have one that doesn't add any bulk at all to the unit. The RH1 is a cool machine, I admit I have dropped it - though not on concrete. I have a sharp unit that I have dropped all over the place, eight years on and it is still strong!!
  10. And a nice set of pins too.......one of the sexiest singers around me thinks. It could be a case of the F F Gang striking again, I saw it happen a few years ago on some sci fi programme. They must know they're doing it.
  11. I started with a Sharp minidisc recorder, although luckily it is still going after eight years or so - with a few drops along the way!! I was distracted with Ipod, Zen and mp3 through my computer. But I always come back to MD, or HI-MD, as I have only been using that for the past 6 months. You won't be disappointed.
  12. Well said. I have the same opinions as you. Especially the SQ issue. I much prefer the RH1 sound to Ipod and my Creative Zen. Being a musician, I have professional use for hi-md. So would love it for Sony to bring out further models sometime in the future. The RH1 has sold well apparently.
  13. Hello there, I haven't had the same problems fortunately. All me music is in hi-sp mostly, with minor stuff in lower. At the best quality, I have been blown away by the quality. With SP legacy stuff, I have been fortunate and I was suprised that I had no problems. The time mark misplacement I have spotted. I have an album with music, and some tracks have spoken intros. For space reasons, I encoded the talking parts in 48k, and the music in hi-sp. The misplacement is noticeable when the talking track merges into the music track. But thats the only way I have encountered it. I would say it happens when there is a big gap in recording quality.
  14. Everyday. A NH-800F hooked up to the hifi at work for eight hours a day, the RH1 for my recordings - both for my songwriting / gigs and recording music dvds / lps. Also for special listening as it sounds the best. And an MZ-DH10P for travelling in case I need a camera. lol. Yep, I use them a lot!!
  15. Hi there, I have bought units from America, and they have a silver sony seal on. When I bought a RH1 from UK (I'm am in the UK too), it wasn't sealed. But the battery was separate and the time had to be set. Does sound funny in regards to those two points.
  16. With no problems, excellent communication and fast delivery. Recommended +++
  17. Thanks Richyhu, Will try dragging it into the playback toolbar, many thanks for your help.
  18. Hello there, Just Acquired a MZ-DH10P. I know how to take a pic of cover art, but the manual mentions Aut Import of Cover Art, and also the right Click on Hi-MD contents yields a ghosted Import Art. Wonder if this ability no longer exists, or I am missing something. Auto Import is at the bottom right of SonicStage in the manual, but can't see it for the trees!! Be grateful for any help. Thanks
  19. Thanks for the heads up! Would love to know more about DSEE. Looks like I will have to redo all my discs if it is as good as it sounds. Wonder if anybody knows more about it? Cheers
  20. I put all my podcasts on to MD. At the minute, I use the lowest quality and it sounds fantastic - to me anyway. Using MZ-RH1. I am learning French at the minute, so I fill a 74 minute MD with loads of lessons. Must be about 10 hours or more. I find it a breeze to use and reommend it wholeheartedly for podcasts. The only problem I do have is is that I am not able to edit on the unit. Which is a shame. I can't see the option to divide on the SonicStage software either. Would have been nice to strip some of the podcasts down a bit.
  21. The random shuffle on mine has been top notch so far. Think I have gone through about two eight hour discs with no repeats.
  22. Hiya, It works with a mic preamp, and transferring to PC converts PCM into WAV through Sonicstage. I have found sound quality for my recordings superb, but it all depends on your mic and setup to get the optimum output.
  23. Blister pack of Hi-MD Think this is a new addition to Amazon, 2 Hi-mds for £7.24, and free shipping on orders over £15. Thought it might be helpful.
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