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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yeah, don't worry about it. I've dealt with them and they've always been very helpful and reliable.
  3. Whatever you do *don't* try using a 12 volt adaptor because you'll damage the unit.
  4. I still think Canada has the cheapest HiMD blanks. I pay $6.49 for one at London Drugs, and they've recently done away with the blank media tariff on all MiniDiscs too (or at least they don't add it anymore at London Drugs). They also have lots of HiMD blanks in stock. [ FYI 6.49 Canadian is currently £2.84 and $5.51 US. ]
  5. Ha, nice repair job. Those flimsy plastic bits remind me of the NH900. It uses the same style cheap plastic parts and therefore suffers terribly from unreliable buttons.
  6. In my experience SimpleBurner tracks are treated the same way as SS ones. I know you can't track divide for example. The RH10 gives me the "Track from PC" error, or whatever it is.
  7. That's not true. 74 min blanks are usually always made alongside the 80min ones for the simple reason that some very old MD equipment doesn't support 80min ones properly. It's the 60min ones that were phased out many years ago.
  8. The JE320 is an old deck that doesn't support MDLP. The N420D /only/ supports MDLP recording (via SonicStage) or fake SP, but it will of course playback normal SP discs (as you said, it plays the 74 minuter). Your discs are probably all in LP2 or LP4 and will thus play as silence on the deck (with track titles, and a time display, etc). Solutions? Redo all your discs using the deck and lovely old SP or redo them using fake SP. Or, better still, get a cheap MDLP deck, preferably with Type-S, for example: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MDS-JE480.html
  9. Since I remade most of my HiMD discs in SonicStage 4.2 I've not had the error appear. I also stopped using Simple Burner. I think titling in SB causes it.
  10. http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_mzr500_manual.pdf
  11. An excellent informative post. I rarely use my battery packs actually, due to fear of reducing the life of the gumstick. I may start though, only when the internal is fully charged. It'll mean less charging of it anyway, so maybe even increased life that way?
  12. Here in Canada you get shafted by import duty. Thankfully, AudioCubes (very kindly) only declared by 105FX as being worth $40, so the stupid customs idiots thought that a big box labelled as "MiniDisc Accessories: $40" was only worth about $14 tax :-) If AC had put the deck's real value on the form (nearly $500 Canadian) imagine the tax I'd have had to pay...
  13. Well, I dunno. Using the JE510 for making great-sounding SP discs for playback on his RH10 sounds like a good plan to me. It'll save wear to the RH10. That's if 80mins per disc is fine for him, though.
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