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hmmm, i do wrap my headphone wire around my collar then button it up. you know sometimes remotes dont really make sense to be around. for instance, why add all those touch buttons, 2inch screen and scroll wheel to an ipod, then have a little listerien packet thing sized remote with four buttons on it.

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Depending on the situation where it's being used, it may be more convenient to use the on-board controls or the remote.

When I use my player connected to an amp, I don't use the remote. I often use the display then.

When I use the player as a portable with 'phones, I almost never look at the display [which is why the displayless remote that comes with the NH700 is fine for me].

Which is appropriate simply depends on how you're using it.

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With short-cord remote friendly headphones, the remote is a god-send, especially if you use an MD without an LCD on the main screen, where the remote is the only method of accessing certain functions. (ie. MDPs, MD-downloaders, etc...)

Remotes are great to use, just chuck the main unit in your pocket or backpack, clip the remote onto your shirt or jacket, and forget about it!

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I use my iPod Mini remoteless. The cord of my E3cs is already five feet long. Why would I want to add to that length? It'd be longer than the cord of my DT440s if I did, lol.

On my pre-DS8 MD units, I didn't use the remote often. With my N10 I used the remote for the car only because I could leave the MD player in a place where the sun wouldn't hit it. Now with my iPod in the car, it has a case so I don't worry about the sun so much.

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I almost never use the on unit controls on my NH900. It's all about the 40ELK, but from time to time I will give a nudge to the stop button on the unit itself to assure it is off and not playing tricks on me..

..and sometimes the scroll wheel is fun to aimlessly revolve for no reason. wink.gif

I use my NH900 the same way.

The remote is essential for me. I didn't think so till I had a CD player with a remote and it changed me completely.

I can't understand why people would have a music player without an LCD remote now.

I 'wear ' it like I do my coat. It clips onto the collar fine (sometimes I have to change the clip direction depending on the coat I am wearing - Brownie points to Sony for thinking of this). The main unit goes in a pocket and I do everything on the remote.

I use Sennheiser headphones which have a 3metre cable so sometimes I put the unit in my cargo pants pocket, clip the remote to the cover of the -pocket and have the long cable from my phones - Awesome!!

Remotes rule. (Am saving up for a 40ELK)

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Very useful for me, I have an 40elk remote with a 600 model. The minidisc lives in my "Ipod" pocket in my backpack, the remote comes around and hooks on a strap across the front of my bag. The only time this is a pain is when I'm shopping (always CD shopping too, I think they want me to listen to Australian Idol Music when I'm in the store, sorry I'll support Aussie bands, not people who will be around for 1 year) and have to take the bag off my shoulder to get it inspected.

Because the minidisc never leaves my pocket, I use the remote for everything, actually I dont think there is anything I would do on the actual minidisc itself (unless I'm recording then I dont use the remote).

I use my minidisc with a pair of Sony headphones (MDR-G65) which had a looooong cord, but I just shove that down my shirt front (T-shirt or Ice Hockey top) to hide it away.

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