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How Did You Find ATRACLife Colloquium?

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How did you find ATRACLife Colloquium?  

  1. 1. How did you find ATRACLife Colloquium?

    • Google, Yahoo, MSN, alltheweb, and any other search engine.
    • From ATRACLife blog/main portal
    • Link from MDCF
    • Other [please post what it is in a reply]

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I came to know about Atrac LIfe in August but due to some reason i was not able to register but then i forgot about it .

But then again IN October I was searching for New A-Series when i came to know about AtracLife via www.engadget.com & bychance i clicked on the snap of A3000 & i was redirected towards AtracLife..

This is how my Journey started :D:D

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I put my vote as a link from MDCF, although i was never a member.

Although i cannot remember how i came across it, it was when i was looking to replace my busted NH-900 and found a couple of Ishiyoshi's (very nice) pictorials, i think at first it was the MZN-RH1 and then the Vaio Pocket (which i subsequently bought).

Not totally sure why i signed up as on most forums i am content with lurking. I guess it just seemed logical, since i'd been using the Atrac format for quite some time.

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I came about this site after purchasing a Sony Vaio Pocket. . . .and I was trying to infomation the same as everyone else who bought this unit, VIDEOS! Now I had stumbled onto several other sites, but this one in particular I found the most clean and simplistic. Not only that I also found alot of information on my other units that I own.

Ever since late last year, I have become active in this forum on a daily level.


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