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Need help with MZ-R70 MD

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A friend of mine gave me a working MD MZ-R70, there's no software and I don't know how to get it to work. It did come with a pclink, usb. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Start here:


For PCLink, I don't think it will control the unit for you. But tell us the model number, I am intrigued anyway if there is a PCLink with the "remote"-style output. It's a good way to get optical output from the PC to the MD. Optical is always more reliable (and better quality) than line in, for a given signal.

Welcome to the forums!

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There's NO software associated with your MD unit.

All you do is to hook up the Xitel as a USB Audio Device. Its driver is what you need. After doing a little checking it appears that Windows "knows" about this device. I can't verify that, however. This discussion might be interesting.

The AN1 is the analogue version. Much better would be the digital version DG1.

Strongly suggest you look at (for example) this ebay auction:


I have one of these and it works great. You get "pure" digital sound (thanks to the CMI8738 chip inside) to the optical recording input of your MZ-R70.

There was a Xitel DG2 but it's harder to find. This latest one even works with Windows 7, drivers are supplied on a CD all included in the price.

Good luck.

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I have the AN1 analog version. It really is a nice device.

Above statement is correct just plug it in windows as it already has the driver for it.

It will look like a soundcard in windows, I was using winamp to play the file and select this device as the output.

Even though it is analog the sound quality will be very good. I guess digital may be even better.

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could you tell me what to do if you don't mind?

Sorry just as mentioned before just plug it in (the usb side). If it doesn't recognize, try another usb port, or another computer.

It should be listed as a device, check under device manager. Winamp needs to have the device selected as the output.

As mentioned before there isn't much to get this working if it still in fact is working. If you have an oddball PC, it might take some work to get it working so try other computers first if you can.

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Oh dear, you didn't read what I wrote. Let me repeat

1. THERE IS NO SOFTWARE FOR THE MZ-R70. You cannot use Sonic Stage or Simple Burner, as the unit does not support them

2. You would do best getting a USB audio card for which you have a driver. The link (to Ebay) I gave you will suffice.

I just spent half an hour looking for a specific driver for the AN1. If it (AN1) doesn't work on your Windows, give up, was my conclusion.

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I did try that, didn't work. It's strange that the driver isn't online somewhere. I guess it's to old.

If can get the driver to work how do I get the music on the disc? I downloaded Sonic Stage and Simple Burner.

As sfbp mentioned earlier, no software associated with your model.

Your model isnt netmd or h-md capable so no SS or SB required.

Don't worry though your ANI can record in realtime and very high quality. So record in realtime using analog input on the MD and play the music file in winamp. It is just like recording a tape the old fashioned way. You sound like you have an ipod:)

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your ANI can record in realtime and very high quality. So record in realtime using analog input on the MD and play the music file in winamp.

You have to select the sound card (output) to be the AN1; now play back your file into the input socket (line) of the MZ-R70 using the proper cable (from AN1 to MZ-R70).

There is no downloading here. Every minute of music will have to be played and recorded while you watch (and listen).

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Oh my, I have to record each song? That will take forever.

You can buy a new or almost new NetMD-capable unit for under $40. Your free unit is worth more than what you paid for it :)

For example:


Or this one:


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I had one a long time ago and it is a great sound.

Now i lost the minidisc that came with it and I don't have another one.

eBay is the source that most people here use.

I'll send you a bunch for free on condition that you fill them up with music ASAP and give the MD some serious use. Seriously. PM me your address if you like.

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yes, but the way the transfer works is to send LP2 and have the unit pad it with blank bits, so the quality is not as good as a "direct" record of SP.

you have to use the option "SP Transfer Mode" in Sonic Stage - specifically designed for units which do not support MDLP.

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you said "transfer" (and before, u threw up hands saying you couldn't wait for x1 realtime recording).

Best quality will be playback into optical of either unit. For this you need optical out or USB sound card ($15 will get you a nice one).

Don't bother with analogue out, honestly.

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Thanks. The MD recorded fine, appreciate your help. Do you mind if I ask you a question unrelated to the MD? Anyway I accidentally bought a pack of DVD-R's and my burner on my desktop says DVD+R. I'm using a program called "burn for free" but it won't take the DVD-R's. Any suggestions? I don't think I can return them, lost my receipt.

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I just want to shuffle the songs on the MZ-R70, no way to do this? I used the MZ-S1 for years with track protected songs and I was able to mode it, shuffle, etc. It never gave me the TC Protect warning. I'm getting the warning on both devices now, the R70 and the S1. Thanks for all of your help, besides this problem the R70 works great and I never would have gotten it running without your help.

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