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RH1 for $2500?

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I've sometimes been curious about sellers posting items at prices well beyond reasonable, like the guy now listing an RH1 at ebay for $2500. I sent him an email and asked if he would accept $2400. He replied that he couldn't ship to my country! I would think for that price arrangements could be made. Or maybe he was simply giving as good as he got. ;-)

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I often see these types of listings too and wonder what is going on with them. I can't imagine anyone actually paying such an inflated price for any of these units and it seems that they don't, the listings are often renewed after they expire without a sale.

It is interesting that ShriDurga sent an email offering $2400 but was turned down? Something is fishy about that, I wonder if it is some sort of money laundering scheme, or a way of moving money across international borders for the support of nefarious activities!

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Market driven auctions on the US site end up selling used RH1/M200 units for between $250 and $500 USD. This is just from casual observation over the past year or so.

People who list for a high fixed price rarely seem to sell their units. High reserve or starting prices seem to effect sales negatively as well.

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