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I have a question for the experts.This was posted some time ago in a different forum but I didn't get any replies. This has been driving me crazy ever since mp3 cd's were conceptualized and adopted. Now most Compact DIsc players/DVD players have this capability. But there has always been a flaw and hindrance as far as the MiniDisc's compatibly with said MP3 CDs. Someone PLEASE give me your thoughts or ideas. Or perhaps an answer (Steven...cough cough cough).

Read below to understand exactly what my problem is:


  • I prefer to record optically from a CD to the MD in HI-SP mode or Linear PCM, rather than connecting the machine to a PC and transferring tracks from Sonicstage to the MD disc. For some reason it sounds better like this to me.


I was over a friends house and they had a lot of music on their computer that I liked. So I quickly installed Sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format. I didn't have my RH-10 with me so I had to burn an actual CD.

When I got home I put the CD in my Sony CD/DVD Changer Model# DVP-NC655P that is capable of playing MP3 CD's.  The quality surprisingly sounded very acceptable. Next I attempted to start the recording with the optical in attached and the RH10. 


If I were to re-burn THOSE EXACT TRACKS to a standard audio cd, they would record to the RH-10 just fine....WTF!!!!!!!?????????

Does anyone know a way around this rather than re-burning multiple audio CD's containing all the songs packed on the MP3 disc and recording optically from them? What a waste of blank CD media!!!!!!!!!!!

I am baffled as to why I can record a FACTORY COPY PROTECTED CD and upload it to any computer unlimited times, but an MP3 CD wont record at all due to some kind of SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Retarded! What a joke......

Does sonicstage encode MP3 cd's with some kind of SCMS that a normal LOSSLESS CD burned and copied doesn't have for some reason?? 


Would the RH10 allow the recording from MP3 CD if I burned them with another program? Or are all MP3 cd's played with a Sony CD player flagged with copy protection to the MD?

Anyone's help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the input,


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7 hours ago, Kona702 said:

I quickly installed Sonicstage on their computer and burned 38 songs to a CD in MP3 format. I didn't have my RH-10 with me so I had to burn an actual CD.

I am not familiar with SonicStage (and I am not even Steven or an expert :-) ), but an MP3 format CD is simply a DATA CD, with MP3 songs written onto it, isn't it?

If you use a different burning software (even Windows' built in) to generate such a (data) CD, do you get the same result?

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I'm not Steven either.



To answer your question, the PLAYER "knows" that an MP3 is a digital format. Sony is wedded to the idea of *no digital copies* as they own about half the world of recorded music (well maybe only 10% but it's a huge stake). So the player outputs the audio in a form you cannot record.

You can buy an SCMS stripper.

You can use the computer to convert and copy via NetMD. Frankly if you're starting with MP3 I don't see that recording in SP buys you much of anything.

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