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Belts for JB980

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Belt change is easy. There is some debate on the belt, but I've had success on several MDM-7-family drives with 17mm belts from a UK eBay supplier. YMMV.

This is a long 'ole thread but pretty much everything you could need is in there. I chirped in quite a lot and Charles Holt's ebay link is in there somewhere for the belts. The drive in this thread is the MDM-7SC which is mechanically identical to your MDM-7A. For belt replacement I propose my method of access by lifting the top of the mechanism although 2many prefers the keyhole surgery method.


"My" belt replace recipe:

If you can't find a 17mm belt online, PM me and we'll sort something out. After all, I'm within about 15 miles of you...

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The russian video link doesnt seem to exist?


"See the video from this thread."

Is the "this" part a link as it is now anymore.


I see i have already been interested in fixing this problem before.

I thought my memory was of a dodgy belt in my sony 611 tape deck!

More stuff to fix

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Hopefully my description of the steps is good enough without the video? Please shout if you need more clarification but hopefully with the drive in front of you it should be clear.

(Also apologies I doubt I’m 15 miles from you, I thought I was replying to another member close to me!)



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11 hours ago, kgallen said:

For belt replacement I propose my method of access by lifting the top of the mechanism although 2many prefers the keyhole surgery method.

I replaced the belt in an MDS-JB980 this evening. I had intended to follow 2many's method but it became clear to me quite quickly that I was going to struggle with that (you might have more success if you're more dexterous than I am, have some more suitable tools and you are not in need of new reading glasses...) so I ended up following kgallen's method (using one of my daughter's hairpins to re-affix the spring).

There's a video of someone replacing the belt in an MDS-JE780 here:

It looks very similar to the MDS-JB980 inside, although one of the earth leads is connected differently.

In fact, when I had my MDS-JB980s open earlier I noticed that a number of the circuit boards were labelled "Sony MDS-JE780" and a couple of others "Sony MDS-JB940". Sony obviously used the same parts in a number of their decks.

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On 3/13/2020 at 2:33 PM, Perus said:


I'm collecting my JB980 later this evening where the belt is due for a change - as for my JE470 I'm going for another of these "belts";


Only 598 pcs left now :)


I have used some rubber bands intended as pony tail ties. They aint the best  quality but seem to do the job, and if they last a year then since I have 100's left thats no problem.

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On 3/15/2020 at 5:12 PM, sfbp said:

Keep them in the dark. The ones in the packet are likely to degrade just as fast as the one in your machine, so having hundreds isn't particularly a measure of survivability.

i  keep them in a double envelope in a box. The point I was making is that you can get rubber bands intended for other uses ( that will always be available?)

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Success :)

Used the 17mm belt as recommended off the ebay seller for a 940 deck.

I did notice however that it is a lot thicker than the original belt.

Still it works.








Took something like 10minutes through the gap as 2many did (after i took the top off)


First two attempts the band flicked off and i had to fish it out of the transport.


I would recommend some bent tweezers as the straight ones i used had difficulty holding the belt when it was stretched.


thanks bearboy and kgallen


Sat here typing this while listening to my MD play for the first time in 6 months or so :)

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