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S700 - Pictures and mini-review

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Also, for anyone with a USA market model, could you see if it supports ATRAC Lossless? The English language manual just posted here seems to indicate that it does, but the SonyStyle website does not list lossless support. Thanks!

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B) do you actually notice difference with other walkmans concerning clear stereo and clear bass?

If so, what differences do you experience compared to the nw-a* series?

I get the impression that the soundquality of these little players are very good. Is this true or just some spoof?

I asked you above to compare it to an nw-a* series walkman, but if you would compare it to those trusty old MiniDisc DAPs, how does the soundquality compare to them? For example to a mz-nh900/mz-nh1

(they had digital amp, VPT and decent EQ. I really miss that! :sad: )

If you're or some reason not able to do this comparison, I would really appreciate if somebody who can would take the effort to do so. :wave:

as you maybe allready know, SoundQuality is my biggest concern with a DAP.

That's why I miss VPT, digital amp and a decent EQ. but hey, you can't have everything.

I really hope any-one can make those comparisons.

Thanks in advance! B)


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With regard to sound comparison between A3000 and S700: I thought ATRAC3plus 64 was good enough on the A3000, but on the S700 it is not, at least for me. I think it's due to the noise cancelling, clear bass, whatever, that makes 64 seem a bit weak.

A3000 is great and all, but I guess I am hearing more detail with the S700, and a lowered bit rate won't do (for me). It seems S700 has greater sound quality potential

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4GB is the max capcity flash player sony has to offer. From what I read on this site Sony are expected to release new high capacity players early next year - as to whether they might release a high capacity flash version I don't know - but I am with you, my collection is about 8-10gb & prefer flash so hope they do release a 10gb+ flash player

Does anyone else have any inside word on whether Sony has any high capacity flash player plans?

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