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Electron WMD, An Enhanced Version of the MiniDisc Pro App.

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Not sure if posted here, but there is an enhanced version of the MD Pro App that has more features and options since Techmoan's last review of the official version, It's called ElectronWMD, It does not need a web browser and it added extra features, Here is all the recording options based on the disc mode the recorder is put in:

MiniDisc Recording Modes and Qualities:

MD Mode:

1- ATRAC SP (All Versions) 292 Kbps
2- ATRAC Mono SP 146 Kbps
3- ATRAC3 LP2 132 Kbps
4- ATRAC3 LP4 66 Kbps


HiMD Mode:

1- PCM 1.4 Mbps (1411 Kbps)

2- ATRAC3+:
-> ATRAC3+ 352 Kbps
-> ATRAC3+ 256 Kbps
-> ATRAC3+ 192 Kbps
-> ATRAC3+ 64 Kbps
-> ATRAC3+ 48 Kbps

3- ATRAC3:
-> ATRAC3 132 Kbps
-> ATRAC3 105 Kbps
-> ATRAC3 66 Kbps

4- MP3:
-> MP3 320 Kbps
-> MP3 256 Kbps
-> MP3 192 Kbps
-> MP3 128 Kbps
-> MP3 96 Kbps
-> MP3 64 Kbps


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I think it was always there but well concealed wrt NetMD. I think Sonicstage required tweaks/patches but the h/w supported it. It's not an option for *recording*, of that I am relatively sure.


Edit: I found it - in SonicStage if you right click a track (file) and select convert, one of the options is 105kbps.


Edit 2: looks as if SS does NOT allow transfer to NetMD devices of that format (however they mention it can be copied to AtracCD or an AtracDevice). I am guessing the very first NetMD/MDLP devices had it as an option, but it was withdrawn (there's no sign of it even in the earliest widely available model, the MZ-N1). Anyone?

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It would be great if 105k could be transferred to NetMD devices. 105k is currently my go-to bitrate for large-ish Hi-MD compilations. Over 20 hours on a 1GB disc and the quality is quite listenable on the go. So maybe 7+ hours on an 80 min blank in HiMD mode, or 3.5 as MD mode...

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Maybe this was the thread I was thinking of, but Avrin seemed to think that as well as being able to rip CD's to 105kbps 105kbps was in fact supported on Hi-MD formatted discs, but I guess not legacy MD formatted discs. 




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