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  1. Rare Minidisc For Sale

    Hey Fox, I sent you a PM.
  2. Sony MZ-RH10 for sale

    $100? Or what do you have in mind?
  3. SonicStage won't transfer music to MD

    This might not help but... did you check the little white thingy at the bottom of the disc? (write protection tab) PS: I used to forget about that with both, floppy disks and minidiscs
  4. wtb blank hi med minidiscks

    No updates?
  5. LIP-4WM Lithium Ion Battery Pack

    I always wondered why no 3rd parties released their version for this battery. Regular Gumsticks we have had for ages.
  6. LIP-4WM Lithium Ion Battery Pack

    Yeah, I'm happy I got 4x of these batteries since my daily driver is the infamous DH10P lol
  7. LIP-4WM Lithium Ion Battery Pack

    Not a real response to the OP question but... If what you have is an RH1.. you can power it with any external battery using USB to power it. I tried it with several brands (Anker, Samsung,McAlly, etc). But, only the RH1 (M200) can do this, I've tried the same with the RH10, DH10P, etc... but nothing
  8. wtb blank hi med minidiscks

    Hey, what's the price you're asking? (either all new Hi-MD's or old Hi-MD or the whole thing).
  9. Tom in RI - Excellent Seller

    Just a quick one. Ordered all of the Hi-MD blanks he had plus a case for my minidisc and it was a great experience. Great communication, pricing and super fast shipping. 100% Recommended
  10. New sealed Hi MD blanks for sale

  11. HiMD case for sale

    Hey there, does it have the shoulder strap? I got one of these but lost the strap when i moved, I guess :/ $15 sounds good to me anyway
  12. Is the mp3 playback good as the RH1 or not so good like the RH10?
  13. Azureal (MZ-M200)

    I just got an M200 from Azureal, fast shipping, great price and easy to talk to (and we even share the same birthday lol) . The M200 was new as he said and I'm using it right now as my main recorder (I play guitar, so when inspiration strikes, I could use a recorder). I just started testing it, discovering it and I've found out a couple of things you might find interesting or useful. Thanks again John (Azureal). I'll be contacting you for another purchase
  14. Azureal (MZ-M200)

    Yes! There was not a single ding or uneven area on the connectors. So yeah, new. Problem is now I don't know what I need. My EH70 is skipping (gonna try a lens cleaner) and I've decided to go Hi-MD all the way (so my E730 has to go). And I think I'm one of the few people who can tell the difference between HD Digital AMP and the others... (so no RH10 for me)
  15. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    Must I assume all discs are gone?
  16. MZ-RH10 HiMD repair?

    Not a real solution but have you tried using a lens cleaner? (Either a MD cleaner or a q-tip and cleaning solution)
  17. Interest Check: MZ-RH1 for sale

    Waiting for the pics
  18. Hello everyone, life is giving me a little hard time so I'm forced to sell my (not so long acquired) MZ-RH10. It's in perfect shape, all buttons functional. It has light scuffs/swirl marks on the front and the chrome sides. Also, one line of the display is blacked out (3/4 of it) as you can see in the third picture, but this does not affect the performance or readability of the unit display. This are some pics of it: Here is what is includes: MZ-RH10 unit with rechargeable battery + 2x new Vapex 1450mAh battery remote control (RM-MC60) AC wall charger USB cable AA battery case attachment standard sony earphones SonicStage 2.3 CD cloth pouch 2x New Duracell AA batteries Hi-MD branded portable case (this one: http://www.minidiscaccess.com/ca802.html, new) 2x MD-80 minidics Used PS Vita headphones (better isolation than the standard earphones) w/mic $270 shipped to the U.S. only! (Via Paypal, I'm a verified seller). Please post here if you want to buy or PM me. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks. If it doesn't sell here, it will go on ebay. I guess we can negotiate the price a little, or I could also throw in a quality headphone splitter (so u can hear thru 2 different earphones sets) Also, for sale: - Sony RM-MC35ELK (like new, displays Kanji) -$40 - Sony ECM-DS70P (original, in box, with extension cord, bought a month ago at a retail store here in NY) -$50 - 4 Hi-MD 1gb discs -$20 (each) - Case Logic 24 MDs case -$25 PS: More pics or info, PM me.
  19. FS: Sony MZ-RH10 with Accessories + Other Stuff

    UPDATE: The MZ-RH10 is sold, so all what is left are the Hi-MD discs, RM-MC35ELK, ECM-DS70P mic and the 24-discs Binder. Thanks a lot
  20. FS: Sony MZ-RH10 with Accessories + Other Stuff

    Now on feebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/161002112435
  21. MD for Professional Use

    Hello there, I'm an aspiring musician (I assume that's the term xD), I've been working on my own songs by myself and now, with a friend. So I'm using my MZ-RH10 to do my 'Early demos' (mostly acoustic plus voice) so my partner can add the solo-work for my songs. He owns a Zoom H2 we used to use for rehearsals (with a full band) but I was never impressed by the sound of it... But I really think I get better results with my RH10. I will try to do a fast recording (on Saturday) playing chords and then -in another track- some lead guitar, and then mix it with Reaper on my PC, so you can have an idea what it'd be like to do demos manually.
  22. What have you just bought?

    Thanks Chris I will do a recording of me playing with my new-old MZ-RH10 so people can have an idea what it sounds like to record musical instruments with a MiniDisc
  23. slugbahr

    I bought a bundle of MD items from him and I'm pleased, gosh, I even got an extra Hi-MD disc xD (which might have been unintended but xD). Excellent communication, always sending pics as requested. 100% recommended. PS: He's got a whole MD Museum >.<
  24. slugbahr

    Thanks Chris
  25. NH-14WM battery vs NH-10WM battery

    Yes it will, but there's some people who recommends NOT to charge the 14WM within that unit (that is meant to charge the 10WM), but I'd need confirmation for that. But, yes both can be used in your unit