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  1. I understand why Chris made the decision to move the MD community here. If I were facing the same conditions I might do the same. I'm sad today to come here and find the old neighborhood gone. I recognize some of the names, but the landmarks are all different and some of the buildings have been moved. I know a lot of you must feel the same. Everything comes, and everything goes. Enjoy it while you have it.
  2. The article linked here is in Chinese, which I don't read, so I can't give you any more details than what you can figure out for yourself. The photo has a few interesting looking players, a couple clearly marked SVA. A search for that acronym reveals a possible Korean manufacturer. Anyone else know anything about these? http://www.audio160.com/news/2009/2009_28_5081.htm
  3. Sold at Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  4. Sold at Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  5. MUSIC DESIGN CALL FOR OBJECTS SHARE YOUR LOVE OF DESIGN AND MUSIC FROM 1950 TO 2010 WITH SMOCA Think back to the time you first fell in love with music. How did you play your first album? What instruments have you used to make music? Has that changed over the years? Would you like to lend to a museum exhibition and help us explore these questions? The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art invites Valley residents to bring their boomboxes, record players, turntables, walkmans, guitars, synthesizers and related paraphernalia to the Museum to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition, Rewind Remix Replay: Design, Music and Everyday Experience. All objects will be reviewed by SMoCA staff and Prasad Boradkar, Associate Professor, Industrial Design at Arizona State University and guest curator of the exhibition. The exhibition will be on view at SMoCA from December 19, 2009 to May 23, 2010. The Museum is particularly interested in portable listening devices, playback machines, musical instruments and related advertisements and related attachments from the 1950s to 2010. If you have unique objects (like record players designed for cars, flashy boomboxes that light up, or other unusual products), we would love to see them. People should not bring clothing and all items must be in excellent condition to be considered. If your item is too large to easily transport to the Museum, please bring a photograph instead. The Museum will not offer appraisals of any items. Each person who brings one or more items (or photographs of items) will receive free admission to SMoCA on August 8th as well as two free passes to come back and see the exhibition Rewind Remix Replay: Design, Music and Everyday Experience. For questions related to the object search or the exhibition, contact: Claire C. Carter, curatorial coordinator, at 480-874-4630 or clairec@sccarts.org http://www.smoca.org/Music_Design_Call.php
  6. If you ever needed such a thing. http://www.instructables.com/id/Foot-opera...inidisc-player/ This looks a cool website, btw, with lots of instructions for building all kinds of neat stuff.
  7. I'd love to participate. I'm currently in Japan but expect by the time this thing gets going I'll be in the UAE. Yoroshiku!
  8. ShriDurga

    A What-man?

    The BBC asked a 13-year old to put away his Ipod and try using a cassette Walkman for a week. Among his comments: It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape. To read more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8117619.stm
  9. SOLD! To the forum member from the Yellowhammer State. 'preciate it.
  10. SOLD! To the man in Yokohama. どうもありがとうございます.
  11. Time to go. And to let go. I'm going to be leaving Japan soon, heading to drier and more lucrative fields on the Arabian peninsula. I need to get rid of quite a lot of stuff, including a few of my MD units. I hope some of you here might like to give them a home. This R900 I picked up from a Nepali while living in Kathmandu late last year. He had bought it while studying in Japan and from the looks of the machine appears to have used it little. I have used it myself only a dozen times or so since I have had it. I have no manual for the R900. A manual for my stolen Blue R909 is included in the photo. US$60 w/ shipping
  12. This unit was purchased to replace the Sanyo (available here) and has had very little use. The wife carried it with her to work for a couple of months before she got bored with it and it was left in the closet. If the life of my Blue R909 is indicative, this has thousands of hours of play and recording left in it. US$60 w/ shipping
  13. This was my first portable unit. It outlasted the Sanyo (available here) which we bought at the same time. I used this only a month ago and its still working fine. Battery still holds a charge, but I haven't tested for how long. Manual available but not pictured. US$30 w/ postage
  14. Free with purchase of any of my other MD items. This piece lasted just past the warranty, maybe 2 years maximum. The Sharp dealer said the part that needed replacing would be as or more expensive than a new unit, and so it has sat unloved and untouched for many years. I haven't checked the battery. I haven't done anything but take it out and photograph it. May be easily repairable for someone with the skills. If you don't take it, it goes in the trash.
  15. 38 sheets of A4 Neato MD labels. Each sheet has 4 self-adhesive labels for MD case, MD, and MD or Case spine, enough for 152 MDs. Also available, 12 spine labels on 12 postcard-size self-adhesive printable sheets, 144 spine labels total. Plus 10 postcard-size self-adhesive printable sheets of MD labels. Each sheet has 1 Case label, 1 tall MD label, 2 small MD labels, one MD spine label and 1 Case spine label. Weight: 0.5kg Price: $15.00 w/ shipping Hope to hear from you soon.
  16. The last of my collection is now posted. Come have a look and make an offer. http://enuffstuffemporium.blogspot.com/200...-acid-jazz.html
  17. See here: http://enuffstuffemporium.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-much.html .
  18. If you've got the $, I'll ship anywhere you like. 10 MDs with cases weigh 316g. That will allow you or anyone else to do the calculations here: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html I have about 600 MDs (some still not yet posted to the website), but can sell them in smaller lots if there is a specific genre you'd prefer. 600 MDs comes to approximately 19kg (less packaging). Japan Post rates to the US for 19kg: EMS(Express Mail Service) 23,900yen Surface Mail International parcel 9,900 yen - 2 to 3 months Airmail International parcel 26,200 yen - 7-11 days Economy Airmail(SAL) 18,850 yen - 2 weeks PM me to arrange the details. Hope to hear from you soon!
  19. More MDs have been posted. Had some nibbles, but no sharks just yet. Looking for a great white. ;-) http://enuffstuffemporium.blogspot.com/search/label/MD Also have a small but nice collection of jazz books: http://enuffstuffemporium.blogspot.com/200...collection.html And today I took some photos of the cherry blossoms: http://fullthangka.blogspot.com/2009/03/sakura.html Have a great weekend.
  20. Thank you so much for the offer, JK. That first post was written 5 months ago when I was in Nepal without any jazz to hand. Now I'm back home in Japan with more than enough jazz. In fact, I'm trying to get rid of what jazz I have. Maybe someone else will be interested in a trade. Thank you again for your offer. I wish we had made contact a few months ago. .
  21. Are these discontinued models? Do you have a retailer nearby where you can compare? My apologies if the answer to either is no.
  22. The one with the best sound, the most meaningful measurement, is that one that sounds best to your ears. Plain and simple.
  23. Downloads now 33% of all US music sales Music from iTunes and other download stores now makes up exactly one third of all music sold in the US, according to NPD Group findings. The jump comes after the number of buyers climbed from 28 million in 2007 to 36 million in 2008 and these new shoppers bought more tracks. By contrast, CD sales have continued to plummet and saw about 17 million Americans stop buying CDs altogether in 2008, resulting in a drop for CD sales of about 19 percent. However, the researchers noted both that CD sales were not only declining faster than downloads could increase but that music sales as a whole were declining in the US; about 13 million fewer people bought music in any format last year. Where 65 percent of those online bought some kind of music in 2007, 58 percent bought music the year later. The drops in purchases, and CDs in particular, are attributed to multiple factors that don't necessarily involve purchasing. The NPD Group particularly notes that use of Pandora's recommendation-based Internet radio doubled to make up 18 percent of people last year, while as much as 41 percent of college-age adults and 50 percent of teens listen to at least some of their music on social networks liky MySpace or the iLike app for Facebook. Cautious spending in the recession also contributed, as did behavior for certain age groups; teens and adults over 50 were both significantly less likely to buy music. The shift is interpreted by NPD as a further signal that labels need to adapt their business models. Although downloads are now one of the largest categories, they themselves are potentially threatened by streams. "Just as music piracy and the advent of digital music ended the primacy of the CD, we are beginning to see new forms of listening challenge the practice of paying for music," said the NPD Group's entertainment analyst Russ Crupnick. http://www.electronista.com/articles/09/03...al.vs.cd.sales/
  24. I've posted my rock/pop and jazz collections, with more to come next week. I'm expecting to sell these in Japan, where shipping won't be so outrageous as sending them across an ocean. If you have some friends in Japan interested in MD . . . http://enuffstuffemporium.blogspot.com/
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