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  1. Just the usual places - Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo Auctions.
  2. http://www.geocities.com/minidisc2000ca/perm.htm
  3. I suppose as clear as it can be for now. Let us know what you find out about the forum.
  4. I had a nearly identical Aiwa bookshelf, my first MD player/recorder. It appears yours lasted longer than mine. First component to go was the MD, then the CD changer, then the cassette. At last I was left with a large radio. Gave it to the neighborhood junk man several years ago.
  5. I didn't do more than pass a glance at anything but the portable recorders. Saw some neat things from Tascam, Eridol, Zoom, Sony.
  6. While doing some business in downtown Fukuoka this afternoon I stopped by Bic Camera, one the city's three electronics retailers. The only sign of MD was in the home audio section, a selection of Onkyo combo systems, as well a larger selection of what we used to call boom boxes. Also on hand were a fair selection of blanks. There was no sign of MD in the portable audio section but for this pamphlet, which as you can see was issued in August of last year (a new one should be coming this month or next). Only 4 MD models are included in a catalog featuring other hot tech items such as CD walkman and cassette walkman.
  7. I wasn't aware of the MD Vaio, but found some photos (and a Japanese description) here: http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/pc/docs/art...010912/sony.htm Looks like a few of them are available at Yahoo auctions: http://search.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/sear...=0jp&acc=jp
  8. The only one I've found, besides this one, of course, is MDCenter.nl. Do you know of any others?
  9. Hey, JFK. Following the links in your sig I find tlhat your forum is down. In fact it says it has been hacked. What happened?
  10. Crystal Fragments: Best of the Ball Prince My own 1998 MD compilation from the 3cd set. If U only had one year left 2 live What good is the time U spend if U got no love 2 give? Now back in Japan and cleaning house, including getting rid of several hundred MDs. Stay tuned.
  11. Public telephones. Newspapers and magazines. Photo developing.
  12. The most recent issue of The Economist features an article on Sir Howard Stinger's reign at Sony and his reaction to the current state of the world economy. The full article is here, with an excerpt below.
  13. http://www.thepickards.co.uk/index.php/200903/betamax/
  14. . Kathmandu Marching Wedding Band .
  15. SanDisk is already doing just this. http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...ticleId=9125242
  16. Zen Noir Marc Rosenbush, dir; 2006 Better to spend your time meditating. More here.
  17. The Blue Buddha: Lost Secret of Tibetan Medicine Aerlyn Weissman and Tetsuya Itano, dir; 2006 Wonderful television documentary profiling a Tibetan monk and healer. More here. .
  18. Yes, I have Nero, but was thinking perhaps Sony might have made SS a bit more useful, like being able to convert ATRAC files to MP3 and saving me the extra step of having to first convert, then burn. Ah, well. Thanks, guys.
  19. A friend has asked me to upload 7 one-hour lectures from legacy MD, which I have done. They currently exist on the desktop as a folder of 7 wav files, and in SS as 7 OpenMG Audio (PCM) files. So far, so good. My friend also wants me to create one CDR of seven MP3 files. I opened Sonic Stage, Transfer menu, Create MP3 CD, but files cannot be selected to be transferred. Having never created a CD with SS, I looked in SS Help and found this very useful piece of information: Depending on your operating environment, you may not be able to create a CD. Must I reformat these files as ATRAC in order to make an MP3 CD? In the Convert File Format dialog box I'm given the choice to convert to ATRAC3 or ATRAC3 Plus. Will either do for creating an MP3 CD?
  20. In that case, allow me to quote myself: What's the average maximum price (including shipping) you'd be willing to pay?
  21. Hello, Nick. Nice to meet you. I'll let some of our more technically inclined members field your recording questions. I wanted instead to encourage you to share a bit of your weekend recording session in this thread. You may note that I've got my own railroad recording there, made this past December at India's Varanasi Station. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.
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