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  1. Looks lovely. Sent you a PM.
  2. Interesting piece from someone intimately familiar with MD and other recording technologies: http://www.quietamerican.org/links_diy-md.html
  3. MD died before FB took off, so there isn't much out there. Two pages with some nice photographs come from Thailand and feature nearly identical names. Maybe the same guy. Have a look: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Minidisc-Retro/135998173205740 http://www.facebook.com/minidisc.retro
  4. ShriDurga


    The NH600, as well. I've had mine for 5 year years and use it nearly everyday in my car. I replace the battery about once every two weeks. Durable, lightweight, and with a little practice you can use it one-handed (except for replacing a disc). (And there it is in my profile pic!)
  5. A common mistake, Mauboussin points out, is evaluating the wisdom of a strategy by the outcome generated, since due to the powerful effect of luck, bad strategy can still lead to good outcomes, and good strategy can result in bad outcomes. Mauboussin highlights the example of the Sony Mini-Disc – a product associated with a fantastic strategy, yet according to consultant Michael Raynor (author of “The Strategy Paradox), was brought down by bad luck. Raynor says, “Not only did everything that could go wrong for Sony actually go wrong, everything that went wrong had to go wrong in order to sink what was in fact a brilliantly conceived and executed strategy. In my view, it is a miracle that the MiniDisc did not succeed.” http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidshaywitz/2012/11/04/good-luck-why-the-years-best-business-book-says-youll-probably-need-it/
  6. More consistent performance than those other office holders.
  7. It remains a shining piece of technology, however, proof that moving parts doesn’t have to mean battery drain within 8 hours, and the quality of the recording and playback is far superior to MP3. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/why-i-still-love-the-minidisc-opinion/
  8. My students had a listening passage in which someone suggests the gift of music for a friend with a Walkman. I wrote it Walkman the board. The students still didn't know what it was. An age has passed. One student asked, why don't they call it a Walkwoman? (I teach at a women's college.)
  9. Hear, hear. I have in-dash CD and almost never use it as I don't have CDs anymore (got rid of 5000+ a few years back). I have both an MP3 player and an MZ-NH600D run through the aux-in and almost always prefer the MD to the MP3. As has been noted, the buttons are easier to navigate one-handed while driving.
  10. Nice t-shirts: http://www.spreadshirt.co.uk/minidisc-downloads-t-shirts-C4408A18475400
  11. http://andelika.tumblr.com/post/34351621522/retroboxy-c-3
  12. Not at all. My apologies for not looking for carefully.
  13. Hello, MDers. It's been a long time. Last weekend I was off on a road trip. I searched online and found enough new music worth sampling to to fill up one Hi-MD. My new computer, purchased in summer, still didn't have Sonic Stage installed. Getting around to that I found reference to a recent news entry to MD. Nothing new here really, but it's nice to see MD still shows up from time to time (if only to remember it's passing). http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2012/sep/24/sony-minidisc-20-years
  14. I'M SORRY: It wasn't unitl after I posted that I realized the subject is inaccurate. These discs are not blank, as in new. ================================ I was a heavy MD user back in the 90's and 00's. I still use my two MD portables, but I have moved on from the need for music and so use them very little. I'm holding on to them because I do use them from time to time, especially to listen to books or lectures while driving. I do, though, have an excess of blanks and would like to pass these on to someone who can use them. They were all bought in Japan, where I used to live. I'm now in the Middle East and except for a few foreigners like me, who brought their equipment with them, there is no knowledge of or need for MiniDiscs. I will be visiting the US this summer and can carry these with me, thereby reducing postage. That means you won't get them until late June or early July. All the discs are previously recorded, in the majority of cases only one recording. Some have labels affixed. A few have cases. I supply no labels. A variety of brands and designs are included. If you are interested, make me an offer. My email is fukuoka_jeff_at_g_mail_dot_com. Thanks. Jeff
  15. It lasted a couple of years before the recording function went, then the CD carousel stopped moving, and all I had left was a radio and cassette deck. I don't remember Aiwa as fondly as this fellow. http://gizmodo.com/5841631/aiwa-the-almost-great-audio-company
  16. How about accessorizing your MD player with a Porsche? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3151880.htm
  17. Even with a thousand, they wouldn't part with a rat turd.
  18. July 29, 2011 Pianist Jason Moran stands among a coterie of young pianists
  19. Sorry, Stephen, but those are cassettes. As for the Sony bookshelf system, I don't know a thing about it but from the photo found the model number and then through a google search found this page at Sony Insider (from 2007): http://www.sonyinsider.com/2007/09/14/new-sony-netmd-micro-system-cmt-m35wm/ Sony's Japanese page is here: http://www.sony.jp/system-stereo/products/CMT-M35WM/
  20. It seems only fitting that I read about Sony's announcement to cease production of MD Walkman while visiting Japan this summer. In the last couple of years I've stopped collecting music, sold 5000 CDs, and gave away my MD collection to a friend who was also an enthusiast. I've kept my two walkman and use them in the gym, but that's about the only use they get anymore. I'm sorry to see them go. They represent a period of my life that centered around music. While walking through the central shopping street of Kobe I stopped in Yamada Denki to snap photos of the only two units I could find that included an MD player/recorder. And at the 100yen shop, I photographed their collection of blanks. Hope you enjoy.
  21. I'm going to Japan this summer and might pick one up - if there is such a thing. I know Onkyo and Panasonic have made shelf and boombox systems with regular MD, but don't know if any systems with Hi-MD have ever been released.
  22. Assuming there were no more sealed or otherwise unused MDs available from any source anywhere in the world, would this be a problem?
  23. Was going to post this in the News section, but find I don't have permission to post there. So, here it is here: a new MD deck! (Well, if not new, at least upgraded.) http://catalogs.infocommiq.com/AVCat/CTL1642/index.cfm?manufacturer=tascam&prid=5346
  24. This post is an example of how a topic can be community specific. It will appeal to the MD users, those who appreciate old tech, but maybe not so much to those looking for discussion on the latest Sony product. In fact when I ran across this webpage I thought of the guys at the MDCF right away. I knew they'd appreciate this. But when I went to the forum I found we are now part of a larger community. Hope we don't bore you. It's time now to journey back to the 80's: http://pocketcalculatorshow.com/boombox/
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