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  1. Well analogue means you are recording in real time from your stereo, cd player, cassette player, PC etc...via line-out to line-in. thats analogue. Sonic Stage is the computer program you use to transfer your music from your PC to your Minidisc. wich one are you using? if its analogue you should check the minidisc's recording levels, or make sure you connected the right cables to the right ends
  2. Hello, It looks like the problem is in the recording process, not on the headphones...any headphones or mini jack conector will do. Are you recording analogue? or using sonicstage?
  3. Hello everyone. I was wondering, if I do all these changes to my unit, what consecuences will that bring? if it turns out I dont like them would I be able to take the unit back to its original state? I really like my MZN-707, I think its my best Minidisc, I wouldnt want to ruin it :|. thanks Juan
  4. Thanks, Ive been waiting for an answer but the forum was bloqued. I dont have a deck, but I do have a discman. I suppose the best quality I can get is to connect line out to line in and record...the only problem is making track marks for those songs who dont end with a space of silence but continue the sound onto the next one...but thats nothing mayor to worry about. thanks!
  5. ...Meaning the best soundquality for SP can only come from recordings of ATRAC ADVANCED LOSSLESS at 352 kbps? Wouldnt WAV (1411) be the best? no compression?
  6. I dont use Hi-MD, just MD or NetMD on SP. I know HiMDs have linear PCM 1.4 mb etc. etc. but Ive never tried it. To me MD on SP mode sounds better than my other sony CD player (D-NE718CK) wich also has ATRAC 3. Same album, same headphones, megabass on level 2. and the MZ-R70 sounds better.
  7. Thanks! I have a unit with each (S & R) and I had no idea what it meant. It makes sence, I record my minidiscs on my MZN-707 (Type R) and play them on it or on my MZ-R70. How ever I find the playback soundquality A LOT better on the MZ-R70...the sound is more clear and the bass sounds deeper. Anyway, thank you for all the information! cheers Juan
  8. Hello everyone, Ive had a question for sometime now and I was hoping someone here could give me an answer. Ive seen MDLP units who have the label ''Type S / Type R'' . What is the difference? Wich one is better? What do those letters mean? Thanks Juan
  9. Im listening to Heroes Del Silencio. a spanish rock band from the 80s-90s. My favourite spanish band. highly recomended even if you cant understand a single word of the language
  10. Ive never had the 7506s on my ears so I can't tell. but if you pick the V6 I promise you wont be dissapointed, they are great headphones at a good price I believe...100+ on headphones seems like too much for me.
  11. Im listening to 'The Smashing Pumpkins' 'Pisces Iscariot' 1994 album. One of my favourite albums of the 90s.
  12. Hi, I have both units, I got them on amazon.com some time ago. I got the '91 'used like new' for $90 and the '70 in the same condition for $75. Both came with all the accesories PLUS some sony microphones and work perfectly even though they are 9 and 10 years old (I think). However the MZ-R91 is better simply because it comes with more options than the MZ-R70. Both sound great but the 90 is much more versatil. Hope this helps. Juan
  13. Pendulum - Tarantula (2006) Excelent Drum & Bass! heres a link so all of you can check it out.
  14. Im 18, and Ive been using MD since I was 13.
  15. New sighting. I bouht this DVD ''Live From Abbey Road'' and theres an interview with David Gilmour, he says he has been recording himself with a minidisc recorder for the last 5 or 6 years.
  16. Last month I decided to get a new unit. and the only choices for NEW I had were the MZ-N510 or the MZ-NF610. I chose the 610. It works fantastic and I use it almost 5 days a week. another remarcable thing is the battery life. since December Ive used the same battery, an energizer lithium, and the player still marks the battery FULL. This little machine is one of the best MDs Ive ever seen. This post is not about the 610, but the 510, wich is very similar and hace somethings mine lacks. I dont have it but I know people who have had it for over 5 years now and it works perfect. I really like this series, I think its one of best series of MDs. although I wish they all had the mic jack wich I could use a lot being a guitarrist myself. Long Live the Minidisc!
  17. Thank you Bob! I always try to make some publicity to the MD.
  18. No I dont think so. at least for me that would be just the MD trying to be the ipod, wich I dont like. Im very happy with how loyal the MD format has been, I bought it because I wanted MUSIC, not photos, or videos or TV or DVD or Microwave etc. I like the minidisc to stay the way it is. versatil, great soundquality and cheap price. thats all I ask. Sorry for being harsh but thats what I think. Also keep in mind Sony stoped making MDs...so this discussion is more about your hopes for the future than reality.
  19. Hello, this might not be the right place to post this, but I dont want to open a new topic just to share a video. This a recording I made last night with my Sony MZ-NF610 and a very bad microphone, wich is why the sound is no where near good but thats the best I could do. Anyway, this my guitar improvisation along with some of my vacation photographs at the zoo. I hope everyone likes it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM97wL1mB8I
  20. I heard about this place on a youtube video. Swordsage has a video discussing the minidisc format and he put a link to minidisc.org...then I clicked on the forum link.
  21. Believe it or not that same thing happens here in Colombia hahah, I usually find 80m discs at the equivalent to 2 dollars, but I always have to explain myself to the seller, correcting them, telling them its for music, not video cameras
  22. Juan22

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    I on 2 minidisc fan groups. If you want to see my minidisc photos go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juanfr22/
  23. I saw a few last week. Kids, Genesis, Little Miss Sunshine and I sill have to watch The Royal Tenenbaums. Kids was the one I least liked
  24. I had no idea that ever happened! But yeah, his music is very special, very atmospheric. Right now Im listening to Sigur Rós' Agaetis Birjun album. takes me to the begining of life!
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