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  1. I use my MZ-R70 to record any musical ideas that might come to me while im playing guitar at home, thats how my songs come together really...sticking bits and pieces that might match. The other thing I do is I use my play station 2's optical port and record my CD's onto MD's via optical cable. that's pretty much it, thats how I use my MD equipment. Another recent use I have for my MD equipment is for bioacoustic analysis of frog calls. I'm an undergrad' biology student working on advertisement calls of frogs of a certain genus and I've started taking my MZ-R70 recorder and ECM-DS70P microphone with me to the field this week, I've been recording choruses as well as individuals for later analysis at the lab...we'll see how the field recordings turn out.
  2. Anyone selling an MZ-R701? I fancy that recorder!
  3. Congratulations Jimma on your purchase! I wish there was a website like n5md.com but for hard rock/metal prerecorded MDs, perhaps you know one?...some prices on ebay are crazy high.
  4. I will go up to $40 US for a prerecorded MD if its one of my favorite artists. I own prerecorded MDs by Miles Davis, Iron Maiden, Queen, Moby and Radiohead, I've always wanted to get my hands on 'Judas Priest - Stained Class' but the prices for that one go up to $94...no way im paying that amount, specially since I have the remastered CD with bonus tracks (missing on the MD release)
  5. I've contributed to the site with some photos of my MZ-R70 & MZ-R707
  6. I use them to record concerts and myself playing the guitar...to get some improvement on my playing... ADDENDUM: I now use my minidisc recorder to record wildlife (amphibian bioacoustics specifically) for a project im running.
  7. Well I suppose I do to a certain extent, because Im quite often looking around for units under 100 dollars. and I've got about 10 machines at the moment...should be enough, why would someone be looking for more when it has already got 10? Blank MDs are becoming harder and harder to find, I dedicated yesterday to track them down but no store carries them any longer.
  8. I really dont find it hard to believe...it connects the planet, its everywhere. The poorest and most undeveloped country in South America is Bolivia, and even they have it.
  9. you must be amazed by your own ignorance my friend.
  10. Get it. Ive seen them new for 20 euros or 35 dollars, but you are getting all that extra stuff... that was my very first MD unit and I still use it almost every day.
  11. My optical recordings off the PS2 have the same track marks as the CD im recording. Maybe theres a little timing difference, but it must be incredibly minimal.
  12. I dont think thats impossible, but if you are going to record off a computer (not getting the best sound) why dont you just use the USB cable and leave the optical cable for more sound-serious recordings?
  13. Exactly, I thought there was no reason for that to happen, I checked the CD, the Discman, the cable, the MiniDisc, everything. and it still happened. I was running both the discman and the minidisc connected to the powersuply if that matters...
  14. I wrote about it on the MZ-N510 topic but no one gave me any answers. When I made recordings using the stereo cable 3.5 jack on both ends I always got some horrible effect on the recordings, sound would fade and then come back during the entire album, but now with optical...things are different.
  15. I just dicovered optical recording last night! I remebered my play station had the optical connection, so I decided to try it out, and the results were amazing! first thing to notice is you dont get those sound fades you normally get when recording analogue with the stereo cable, second thing is track marks REALLY work on this mode! before I had to make them myself wich was rather boring, and finally the soundquality is the best ive heard on my minidiscs, ITS AMAZING! Maybe the problem comes from the DVD play mode, maybe its playing each track individually, try setting it on a sort of ''play all'' mode and that might do the trick. or if you have a play station try recording off it! cheers
  16. Hi everyone, I have another observation to add to this topic. I always try to get the best sounquality I can within my limits. SP that is. so I have two choices, I can rip a CD into sonicstage on WAV at (1411)and then choose the SP transfering mode. or I can plug my discman's line out to my minidisc's line in and record that way...afterwards I have to make track marks most of the time. People say analogue is the only true SP, but Ive notice that when I make recordings using the discman (sony D-NE 718 CK), afterwards when I play the recording on the Minidisc (sony MZ-NF610) I hear the sound fade. it fades and comes back constantly for no reason. why could this be happening? thats the reason why I chose sonictstage for my recordings, because theres no fading when I record through it. so although analogue SP is the only true SP (from what Ive read in the forum) those annoying fades made me choose sonicstage. However I was wondering, is there anyway to eliminate those fades? Thanks Juan
  17. Thanks! thats very interesting to see! You know where to get them?
  18. Really? Ive been looking for pre-recorded MDs for years on line and havent got any positive results. I still dont know wich record labels released their albums on MD. can someone give me any information regarding where to get them? is it even possible now in 2009?
  19. Needless to say, by unit I refer to my minidisc model hehe. but she was pretty good looking too and yeah it was a very pleasant bus ride in deed, mainly because I managed to get a seat, instead of having to ride on foot for the whole hour! cheers
  20. If he took the time to search this forum, create an account, tell us about his problems etc. then thats because he is interested on MiniDisc! otherwise he would just go buy an ipod...dont you think? he knows he wants a MD, lets help him choose one that suits his needs. he has the mp3 experience and he now looks for something else, he decided to investigate this format and I assume he is expecting us here to help him. If I were him, Id be frustrated with those answers. I assume publicity and people around him are telling him to buy the ipod, but hes looking for something else, so he comes to this minidisc forum expecting information and insight into the MD system...then all he gets is a reply telling him ''sorry, MD is dead, get an ipod''... The MiniDisc format is not popular, never had been, but as long as theres people interested or curious (like him) then its still alive, I strongly encourage you to get a MiniDisc, try it, and I bet you will like it. I live in Colombia, and even here I can get all the blanks and hardware I could ever need...and even if the stores stop selling it theres always the internet. get a used unit, try it, and if it turns out you dont like it you can just sell it again. Sometimes one might think one is the only person still using this format...wich is good in a way, but then you see someone else with its MD and you know this format is not dead. last week I was on the bus coming home from university and I saw this girl with my same unit in her hand, it felt great to see other people enjoying the format!
  21. Hello! If you are looking for quality and not quantity, get a Minidisc player...its cheap, easy to use and sounds great. If you want to TRANSFER files from the computer into the discs, you have two options, a NetMD or a Hi-MD. NetMDs' wont give you the best quality, the will give something around 132 KBPS, and another thing, you can not transfer your recordings into the computer (using sonistage that is. there is a trick to do this). If you get a Hi-MD you get the best quality (CD quality/linear PCM) and you will be able to transfer your recordings into the computer using sonicstage. (even on macintosh computers) My personal advice to you is to get a MD, the earlier ones. (wich have no USB connection), you have to record in real time, analogue, do a bit of editing etc. but the soundquality is amazing! sometimes even better than CDs. I have two MD models, one from 1999 and 2000, and they work perfectly, sound great, look great....nothing better(for me at least). So you have three options as for Minidisc, choose the one that you consider best!
  22. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name Recorded last night on my MZ-N707, sounding lovely.
  23. At the moment Im listening to The Velvet Underground, the peel and see box set. What Goes On (Closet Mix) - Disc 4
  24. Im listening to drum n bass. Bad Company UK - Shot Down on Safari (2003) album highly recomended.
  25. you might want to check the minidisc's internal recording lebels, go to the menu and look around for recording options, check those lebels. or maybe try and play another disc. this is not relevant if the machine was given to you with problems already of course.
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