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  1. I am not in the Mac World but maybe you just need to use a plugin to add 2 seconds between tracks and then,with Sonic Stage edit the MD and delete 2 seconds tracks. PC : foobar2000 + Post-track silence plugin
  2. There is also an Onkyo N9X & N9TX in Vietnam with a digital out = i doubt it concern the MD as as japanese user manual say that this connection is for a CD-Recorder (and because Sony would not authorised that).
  3. Yes Stephen, that is why I try myself to drive our gentle members to find themselves most common technical information with the minidisc.org browser... There is also another french reference : https://www.jonathandupre.fr/articles/17-minidisc-md/ (Google Traductor) made by @jonathanpotato I suppose that many other web sites exist (in german, japanese, etc).
  4. https://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/library/ar/1992-E.pdf
  5. Minidisc.org is the best reference we can have. There are some other web site like https://sites.google.com/site/crazyforminidisc/ or https://mdchannel.shutterfly.com/pictures/5 In the minidisc.org browser, choose a page like http://www.minidisc.org/system_table.html (bookshelves) then the release date appear near "Intro:" Just search "MDLP" to find all units which supports MDLP or any useful information like "type S" or "optical out", etc.
  6. Note that labels can be - label on the minidisc - label on the box (mostly album title and tracks) or cover + side cover - plus the thin label on the side of the MD From time to time you can find discussion on the subject in englih or in french (for those I contributed, please use Google Traductor) : https://vintage-audio-heritage.fr/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=3629 A good software, exPressit SE : https://qpdownload.com/expressit-se/ For 6 labels, you can use rather an Microsoft Office template, Corel Draw, etc. : search on Youtube. also old sofwares like MiniDisc Label Projector Program / Minidisc Cover Maker can be usefull... if they are still working on your PC
  7. Just go to the browser of minidisc.org
  8. I suppose that you will find here http://forums.sonyinsider.com/files/ for your Mac OS Ask again if you do not find. I am not a MacOS specialist.
  9. PhilippeC

    AIWA XR-MD200

    squirrelled away = buried ?
  10. PhilippeC

    AIWA XR-MD200

    The web site is open, just ask to the administrator.
  11. PhilippeC

    AIWA XR-MD200

    So klwk need to find the manual on line.
  12. You got also a good PS2 like gaming machine. How much you pay and what PC is it exactly ?
  13. Just in case : upgrade to Windows XP SP3 : https://ccm.net/download/download-2494-windows-xp-sp3-service-pack . An old PC would work also much faster with Linux (light version) and Sonic Stage work also with Linux. But in fact I never tried it, Linux and Apple-McIntosh are alien worlds for me.
  14. PhilippeC

    AIWA XR-MD200

    Just find the manual with Google and get information from minidisc.org
  15. I regret not working on DOS anymore...
  16. No even a small twinge ?
  17. Sony forever... https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/model-home.pl?mdl=NWE2&LOC=3#/downloadTab* http://www.oldversion.com/ will be an Ali Baba cavern for you but as you know, do not reinstall too much software as an internet connection is not recommended anymore under Windows XP. I guess you can also connect a bootable USB key with a recent anti-virus in order to check this old computer : https://www.lifewire.com/free-bootable-antivirus-tools-2625785 An old computer like that is perfect if you have a SPDI/F audio optical output. Or, a not-so-old good external USB audio card, like an old SPDI/F Hi-Face or a DAC like the Creative X-Fi Go Pro! USB key. I think that an audio player like foobar2000 will be fantastic also. It is able to read SACD files ! Even (Heaven) a digital 5.1 receiver...
  18. Fantastic ;>) You just need to download the complete version of Sonic Stage and the drivers (for XP 32 or 64)... If you need Office 2013, ask me ! Or any XP program that you are not allowed to download in your country.
  19. Don't forget here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/minidiscgroup/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/1724662671086339/
  20. The MZ-NHF800 is a recorder so it can record live with a microphone as any CD or Line in music. But it cannot record the radio station sound, except if you connect an external radio.
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